Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog News

Things are just not going all that well for me this summer - between personal home issues, family issues, and business issues - I'm a little overwhelmed right now.
So something - namely my blog - has got to give.   There may be a posting every once in awhile - and I guess I can't be a Rings & Things blog partner if I can't afford to buy from Rings & Things.  Besides that, the "Poor Beaders Club" blog event I tried to plan didn't really garner much interest at all.  So all in all, my email, my Facebook and my physical bead shop are enough for me to handle at the moment.  I realize that this is a total turn around for someone that planned at the beginning of the year to blog 365 - but life happens....
I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed.  I will try to blog if and when I have HAPPY, important news to report.
But between the hot flashes and the housing issues - it may be few and far between.
So TaTa for what may end up being a long, long while....thanks to those of you who have read my blog.  I hope I'm not gone forever.....
Cool Moon

Friday, July 9, 2010

Little glitch in the plan

I had planned to start listing strands of semi precious beads as well as some pendants and cabs on Etsy in the next few days - however -
Glitch number1 - I have to have the laptop repaired. Part will be in first of the week - probably won't get it back until Thursday. 
Glitch number 2 - somehow, someway, for some unexplained reason - my wifi connection AT HOME has stopped working.  The fact that it works here at the coffee shop tells me that at least it's not this poor worn out laptop that is causing the issue.  I hope we figure it out - fast.  What will I do with myself at 4am!?!
So for now - all work will have to be done at the coffee shop (like I needed a reason to spend time there), or at the bead shop, where I prefer to keep it all beads all the time.  I won't get anything done if I am on line - but I suppose this Etsy thing is important - so anywhere I can manage to find access....
I babble.  I stop now.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I THINK I'm a blog partner

I asked about doing this so long ago - I forgot about it.  And I'm not sure WHERE I'm supposed to put the logo, so if anyone else is doing this - and I'm doing it WRONG - give me a shout, will ya?  It's a partnership program with Rings N Things - they send cool stuff, and I blog about it every day.  Cross your fingers that this poor old struggling laptop holds out.  I took it to the laptop hospital this morning - parts have been ordered, but a new one is just NOT in the cards-or the budget-at the moment. 
Just a quick heads up to everyone that I will soon be selling BEADS on my Etsy site!  I'm taking the entire week off from the shop next week to list them and upload all the photos.  Today was photo cropping and inventory day.  I'll start slow - but may add more if I find people are interested - and BUYING.  And I keep meaning to buy some cool stuff I saw, too.  I just am a little apprehensive about that when I'm having computer issues that have me freezing up and unresponsive in the middle of doing something.  PayPal is the LAST place I want that to happen.    My site address is if you want to give it a look....
Last but not least, and totally unrelated to beading - another great night of free music.  It was 95 in the shade - but there was still a huge turnout - just not as many dancers as usual.  TOO HOT!