Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Almost soup!

Just a few more days before the FIRST reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party Challenge!   I’m sure there’s gonna be some yummy designs – always fills me up with joy AND ideas!  MY reveal date is the second date – Saturday, April 6th.  So save room AND time for more!
Most of you that are Facebook friends and followers have already seen this – but here is the finished “Mariposa” piece:


And, yes – I surprise myself again.  I had no idea where it was going or what it would look like when I began – other than having to use 50% seed beads.  Several false starts later – here she is.  Still need a more professional photograph before submitting – but I have 2 whole months before the deadline.  My hubby brought home some nice white foam board, and we’re going to build me a light box.  It’s on the ‘honey do’ list for his week of vacation next week!  LOL!
I’ll also be switching out art pieces at the Shiawassee Art Center this weekend.  I showed you in the last post a few pieces I’ll be bringing home; here are a few of the pieces I’ll be dropping off:

Earth Moon Cuff.jpgrio.jpg

I’m anxious to see how the clientele react to the new pieces.  Although they didn’t purchase any of the 22 previous ones – I have been told that almost everyone has wanted to try on at least one piece!  So it’s encouraging, and it’s getting my name out there.  A BONUS even without the sales in my book. 

I hope you’re staying safe and warm wherever you are.  I see a few more signs of spring with each venture out of the house – birds chirping louder, buds on the trees – daylilies, crocus and spring bulb beauties poking out just a bit to test the air.    So stay calm and bead on…..spring really IS here.
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A full plate

Sissinghurst Anthropologie Plate

Sissinghurst Anthropologie Plate courtesy of Google Images

First of all, just let me say how much I LOVE this Windows Live Writer.  SOOOO much easier than logging in and out of my Google based blog every time I want to update you on the latest!  So here goes!  Are you ready?  Lots of things to say today!
There are a few changes to my layout – upfront and center – the Etsy shop.  I’ve been listing new BEADS daily – mostly semiprecious, a few glass pendants thrown in here and there.  Still some great stuff to clear from my inventory – so be sure you’re checking those listings often. I’ve added the option to pay directly by credit card through Etsy – and it’s made a world of difference in the sales.  TRY IT!  So easy!  You may not find quite as many jewelry pieces in the coming months though – as they expire – I’m pulling them out for the show season. 
I’ve also added the link to SmittenDust’s blog.  It’s where I’ll send you, linkwise – to get all the info you need, and to register for my upcoming classes and workshops.  Right now, we have TWO planned – “Unlock your Passion” key charm pendant workshop will be Saturday June 29th from 10 to 4 – and includes a yummy lunch!

Unlock your Passion Key charm Photo

There will also be a fun fringe bracelet class in July, as well as other plans cranking through my brain for future dates.  It’s a really, REALLY cool place.  I am so glad I found it!
Next up:  I’ve come quite a long way, and am closing in on the final stages of “Mariposa”:
Mariposa Progress Embroidery1

All it needs now is the back portion of the straps, the closure and a bit of stablizing accent to hold that bottom wing in place.  Should have it done this week – I didn’t really intend to rush it – but with all of these other things starting to pile up – I thought I better get it done, and inspiration sprang forth!  As soon as it’s submitted to FMG, then it’s KIT MAKING TIME!
I also don’t think I’ve posted since my fun little excursion to the Bead Bonanza in Detroit on Sunday.  I hadn’t planned to even go – like I NEED more beads Smile  but the girls convinced me on FRIDAY, and we carpooled.  I took what I thought would be part of the Mariposa piece with me to work on (didn’t like it once it was done, but it kept me busy) – and only bought from FOUR vendors.  It’s a record, for sure.  But it was fun – and I still brought in quite the haul:
I plan to make some cute lucite flower earrings for the show at the church at the end of April.  Speaking of which….I’ve never done a show in a church before.  My previous jewelry inventory was geared more towards the mystical – faces, fairies, goddesses – stuff that didn’t quite fit the ‘church’ crowd.  But now that I’ve branched out a bit, I think I can come up with some items that they’ll like – and affordable ones too.  Eyeglass chains, scarf jewels, cute earrings, and purse charms….with angel wings, of course!

Purse Jewelry.jpg

I’ve also got several road trips in the works – THREE just to Shiawassee Art Center, alone!  I’ll be switching out the old inventory, and taking them some new ones.  I still haven’t sold anything there – I am just happy that they seem to like my work, and want me to stay on, regardless.  And although it would be even more ideal to actually sell these pieces – it will be nice to have them back for show season:

One World full.jpg

Peacock on Ice.jpg

I’ll also be making a separate trip to take an actual exhibit piece, AND to attend the open house in relation to it.  Want to take a few friends to see the place too – so Owosso, here we come – A LOT!
Last but not least – because you’re probably bored with the babble – don’t forget that NEXT WEEKEND – Saturday, March 30th is the FIRST REVEAL DATE for The Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  There are three dates – mine is the second one, that first weekend in April.  So cancel your plans, make a big pot of java, and settle in to browse.  The wealth of craftiness always amazes me – and now that I think about it – I don’t even think I made it through the entire hop the LAST TIME!  OOPSY! 
Hope your plate is full of all your favorite things.  I know mine is!
Peaceful beading,
And a quick P.S.  As soon as the Bead Soup Blog Challenge is OVER, I’m going to switch my comments section back to accepting the Chaptka.  I know they’re difficult to read sometimes – but with comments set to moderation – I’m literally swimming in email spam – sometimes 20 at a time – every day.  I also think that moderation keeps some folks from commenting – and I miss them.
So be aware.  It’s for my sanity.  Princess

Friday, March 15, 2013

A peek at Mariposa

YAY!   Fire Mountain says I can share my progress photos!  I am so happy with how this piece is turning out – and it just keeps getting better.  Every day when I sit in front of her (definite female energy) I picture a new design element in my head – sometimes beaded beads, sometimes another embroidered component – I cannot wait to see the finished piece – but will be a little sad when she’s done at the same time.  I’m enjoying this one – and hope that Fire Mountain at least considers her for a finalist.  Here is the focal portion, as it is today:

Mariposa Focal.jpg

My first instinct was to go with the name Metamorphosis – but I came across Mariposa today – and think it fits much better.  There is still so much more to do on this piece-  the deadline – the very last day I can enter – is not until MAY 31 – PLENTY of time!  And in the meantime – I also have yet another gallery entry application ready to send!  The Shiawassee Art Center (see link at left) has invited me to be a part of their Member Art Exhibit/Sale that runs from April to June – ONE piece per member – and there is PRIZE MONEY involved with that one, as well.  I sat down to fill out the paperwork, and write the check – only to discover they wanted to know the exact piece being entered RIGHT NOW.  Hm.  I actually had to think about that overnight.  Many of the pieces that would be worthy are already there (deeming them ineligible for this particular show) or at another gallery.  Hmm.  BUT WAIT!   I KNOW!  TADA!

Stars of the Sea

Last year’s Blog Challenge piece, with soup provided by Sally Bohner Anderson, will be the entry.  Just in time for summer….
So between those events, the school district enrichment classes, the SmittenDust class, and the April show that cropped up, and oh, yeah – a trip to Bead Bonanza on Sunday (yeah, I’ll TRY not buy it all) I’mma gonna be busy!
Peaceful, beautiful beading,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Luck of the Irish?

Not sure to whom I owe the credit for the GREAT luck I’m having lately.   I’m a little afraid to shout about it actually – don’t wanna jinx it!

Several Etsy sales, a large art jewelry piece sale (ok, a layaway – but I KNOW she’s seriously gonna get it), yesses from galleries, yesses from inquiries-and the opportunity to do another show –to make up for the one that got cancelled.


So feelin’ pretty confident – and for those of you that “do Abraham” – totally in the vortex, and living with a full and positive grid.   YAY!  
Tonight, I show all the lovely ladies in my Monday night bead group these cute little earrings:
Bella Kisses Earrings.jpg

They ARE an original design – made up of several different techniques that I’ve learned from other teachers and mentors along the way.  Should be fun!   I made up little kits in a bunch of different colors –can’t wait to see which ones they choose…

I’ve also gotten quite far with my Fire Mountain Gems seed bead contest piece. I don’t think I’m supposed to reveal any teasers, so just gonna have to take my word for it when I say it’s ‘flyin’ along nicely’.   Another one of those cases where there wasn’t really a set design – just a color scheme and specific focal pieces- it’s just kind of flowing on it’s own.   Most of my favorite pieces have come about this way….can’t wait to be able to show you.  It’s quite divine….
Here’s that piece I just laid away for a friend:


She’s been wanting this piece since I had it on display at the bookstore in the fall of last year.  Finally – manifestation for both of us!
Hope you’re living your beady dreams- I know I am!
And don’t forget about Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Challenge – first reveal is coming up in a couple weeks, and the second reveal (the one I’m in) is the first weekend in April.  Be sure you hop by and check out all the yummy soup pieces!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Zeus has a pretty good handle on what the day has been like around here:


An absolutely lazy, do nothing, non productive TAKE A NAP kind of day. The only strenuous activity was recording our tax refund in the DEPOSIT column of the checkbook, accompanying my husband to the credit union, thus moving a small amount of said deposit to the DEBIT column, and doing the dishes.  Otherwise, it’s been nothing but puzzles (although crosswords keep me sharp so I don’t apologize for those), mindless games, and a NAP. WITH A DOG.
But I think everyone deserves a day like that once in awhile.  My day yesterday was a full one, with several errands (Including mailing yet another Etsy sale – my 4th in a WEEK), and dropping off 10 pieces to another gallery – The Absolute Gallery in Old Town.  It’s one of the areas most well known-and I’m excited to see how well I do there.   THESE are the pieces that I left with the gallery owner – for a 3 month stay to start. 

Absolute Collage.jpg

My 3 month stay at Shiawassee has now turned into NINE – this will be my third 3 month stint there too.  Smile Even though I have not sold anything there – YET – there must be some good responses, or they wouldn’t be keeping me on.  It’s just a matter of time before something sells.   Especially when I take them ALL NEW ITEMS.  
I broke down and ordered my FMG seed bead contest beads today, too.
So that’s just another reason to spend a lazy snoozy day – between gallery stocking, elaborate design creating, and class instructions and kits to create up the whazoo-   I’m gonna be BUSY!   In a good way!  YAY!
Peaceful, joyful beading,

Monday, March 4, 2013

I’m Smitten

Forgive me FB friends and followers if I sound like a broken record, but I just have to shout out again about ANOTHER great opportunity that came to me this weekend.  I was invited by a knitting friend to accompany her to something called ‘Craft 911’ – in that little town called Dimondale where I used to sell things at the now closed Grand-dale Shoppe.  I was surprised to see that something having to do with crafts and art was happening in that town, because let me tell ya – after being at Grand-dale for almost a year – I thought NOTHING seemed to happen there.  It’s a little 4 corner blink and you miss it place, but it’s pretty, with a beautiful park and bike trails, and cute little stores IF they could keep people there to shop – everyone seems to head for the big boxes a few miles away.  So I went – apprehensive, wasn’t sure about something so exciting in a town that decidedly hasn’t been in the past. BUT WOW!  I guess it just takes the right person with the right contacts and marketing know how, cuz SmittenDust Studio is AWESOME!  The group of ladies that are the initial operators are into ‘salvage art’, ‘altered art’ – and all sorts of art pursuits.  Our group yesterday consisted of a knitter, a couple scrapbook/journalers, a sewer (she even brought her sewing machine!), and a couple others that were into anything and everything.  We shared food, fun, ideas, and information.  I will be teaching a cool class there later in the year – probably in June.  It will be based on this piece:002

The class will consist of teaching the peyote tubes, and also how to wrap them around vintage skeleton keys, and then adding some charms to it.  Funky.  Vintage.  Coolness.  So excited.
I also have my meeting with the premier number one gallery in town – even more premier than Lansing Art Gallery I think – The Absolute Gallery.  I’ve been trying to talk to someone there about showing my work for YEARS!   I’m also staying on at Shiawassee Art Center for 3 more months, with brand new pieces to showcase.  Hope I’m not spreading myself too thin!
Wouldn’t want to need a reason to bead more stuff!  LOL!
So if you get a chance to hit the link for SmittenDust – (it’s her blog – but it’s full of photos and info) – you’ll see what it’s all about.  She even took a half way decent photo of MOI.  Wonders never cease.  Smile 
Peaceful beading,

Friday, March 1, 2013

Stick a feather in that big fat cap

My meeting with the Adult Enrichment class director yesterday was a great one.  They’re basically hungering for something different than dance and computer classes – so I can pretty much write my own ticket –


(Photo courtesty of Google Images)

I get to decide what, when, where, who and for how much.  But boy – now that I have a deadline (TWO if you count the FMG contest) and realize I have to write instructions, and make up samples, and kits – OMG-busy.  But it’s busy doing what I LOVE. And that is the best part of the whole thing.   So exciting that it’s going to happen!  I absolutely LOVE to teach beading, especially seed beading – and getting paid to do it too – well.  Golden ticket with sprinkles on top…..
So no more dilly dallyin’ on the blog!  I’ve got class prep to do!  And a contest piece to start – and a BLOG PARTY to finish pieces for, and two art galleries and a boutique to stock!
Peaceful beading,