Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DEFINITELY No turning back now!

Practically the moment I hit the SEND button for the FMG contest - I found out that I'd been accepted into ONE MORE!

I had sent my application to Battle of the Beadsmith MONTHS ago; sort of forgot about it, set my sights on Bead Dreams, gave that up, set my sights on Fire Mountain (plus another local competition), completed and entered those - and forgot about BOBS.  Thank goodness for GOOD Facebook friends!

So starting tomorrow - April 1 - the RACE IS ON!  I have until around the first part of June to complete, and PROFESSIONALLY photograph the piece.  And I'm starting from scratch, of course.  At the time that Renetha informed me I was on the list - my brain was still in the FMG contest zone.
Had to come up with an entirely different, new, unique and totally COOL plan.  Lucky for me - I was able to dream it up!  FIRST the NAME CAME - and then digging in the drawers (even in the early wee hours while waiting for the coffee to be done dripping) came up with the components.  Ready, set, BEAD!

I don't think we can reveal too much about our pieces - but mine is "Michigan themed".  That's all I'm sayin'.

So fun and games time, girls.  Play days, open house, the Battle, and finally,


Peaceful beading,

Monday, March 30, 2015

No turning back now!

It's done.  Finished.  Sent.  No going back now.  I've submitted my 2015 Fire Mountain Gems seed bead entry.  So now we wait.  Does it make the cut?  Nail biting suspense!!!!!

Here's a teaser - and the only one your going to get since I can't reveal until they've made their decision - which won't be until DECEMBER-ish!  Yikes!  

Wish me LUCK.

Hope you're spring is bringing you sunshine and early blooming surprises!  I've seen some crocus, and some tulip leaves poking out here and there.  I think we finally made it.  Soon Memorial Day will be here, the official summer kick off.  I'm ready.  How about you?

Peaceful beading,

Monday, March 23, 2015

New week, new work, new fun

Just a quick post to say there's a NEW piece or two on the Cool Jewelry page - hop over and take a look if you are so inclined.
I've also got some new Etsy listings this week - so you'll want to head over there as well.

A reminder that I'll be kicking off this years show season with my annual Cool Spring Open House here at the house on Sunday, April 26th.   I am going to FILL the house will my ENTIRE inventory (and hopefully some more of the bead inventory too) and see if we can clear some of these babies out of here!  They need to FLY! FLY! to a new home.   

I have so many new ideas in my head - and already flowing out of me.  I haven't photographed very many yet - I think I'm going to reveal them to all but my closest friends on the day of the open house.
Hope to see you there - or if you aren't local - drop me a comment and let me know you've checked out the Cool Jewelry or Cool Events pages.  Always great to hear from you - fellow beaders or no.  

And if you're like me - you will believe

It's my mantra... my motto.... my life.

Peaceful beading,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mood Indigo

First - let me introduce you to Indigo Turtle Art.  I'm providing you with links to both their Etsy shop AND their Facebook page.  PLEASE go check them out.  Not only do they have these great designer worthy cabochons - they have finished jewelry too!   I'm honored to have been chosen, and hope to work with another Indigo Turtle cab again sometime....

So without further ado....

Isn't it beautiful?  

This is "Indigo Blues" - my creation using the cabochon I won 

As you may recall - I entered their contest - and was rewarded with this beautiful cabochon.

I pretty much planned immediately to incorporate it with my denim line - probably as a bracelet.
It tried to fool me for a minute - thought it might become a pendant - but it ultimately spoke bracelet.
I like to use those bar clasps - but don't design for them very often.  THIS was a perfect opportunity!

And of course, an Enlightened Denim bracelet wouldn't be the same without just a POP of bling!
So glad I found those big rose montees on my Southfield roadtrip a few weeks ago. 

Very happy with this one - and THIS ONE is MINE!

I hope to wear it to this weekends Bead Bonanza in Southfield.  Put on by the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild twice a year - I've not gone since October of 2013.  So excited!
It feels so good to finally FEEL active again!  Spring is springing.  The birds are singing.  My friends and I are starting to come out of our self imposed hibernations and are BE-ing!  And it can only
get better from here!

 Peaceful beading,

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Can it be?  

Is it true?

I think we finally made it!

SPRING is almost - finally - totally HERE!

It's a corner turned, that's for sure.  Now I'm ready for barefoot on the deck.
It will be here before we know it.  And with that comes less time at the bead table,
and more time in the rocker, enjoying the peace and beauty that IS my yard and garden each year. 

I call it my Happy Place.  :)

So I guess I should take advantage of the waning cold and dark days and create with
my IndigoTurtleArt Cabochon.  The photo definitely doesn't do it justice.  It has a beautiful rainbow sheen to it - and it will be perfect for a denim cuff focal.

I'm also making significant headway on that Fire Mountain contest piece that was
messing with me.  It's definitely taking shape - but still hasn't decided on the perfect name (there are 3 of them in the running.)  Maybe a peek in a blog or two...

And stay tuned - I also did some UFO finishing this week - and I THINK we're going
to give ONE of the pieces AWAY!

Have a beautiful, beady day!

Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winner winner chicken dinner!

The year is starting out with a bang for me again as far as contests go.  I entered - and am ONE of the winners of Indigo Turtles cabochon giveaway!  I linked you to their Facebook page - where you'll find all the info about them you need, as well as a link to their Etsy shop.  These are really cool porcelain cabochons and focal pieces; can't wait to get mine and start playing with it.  It will give me a good excuse to finally STOP the madness that ended up being my Fire Mountain entry.  There's one good thing about these contest entries - you don't have to commit until ALL is said and done.  Even after TWO separate orders to make sure I was meeting the criteria for the contest, one complete design idea change, and countless hours already spent beading, beading, BEADING - I don't think I like it well enough to submit it for a contest.  Not even sure I will finish it in it's current form.   Maybe next year....

So what's next?  Besides the Indigo Turtle piece?   Probably more denim.  It's been a piece or two since I played, and I really could use some more earrings.  Still working with those in denim form-should they be long and fringe-y?  Short and stiff?  Belt loop size?  Half a belt loop size?

As you can see, I've actually created ALL of them in some form of denim design or another - but I've only sold 1 or 2 pair.  Still need to come up with that ONE unique idea for those too....

Hope you're finding time to bead and play during what seems to be a snowy season  for most of the nation.
Bella's making doggie snow angels!  
If you're in the south - I envy.  If you're anywhere else - I feel your pain.   But from what I HEAR - Spring is coming soon.   So let me leave you with a springtime teaser.... The first bloom of my favorite garden flower - the Bleeding Heart.

Peaceful beading,