Saturday, March 31, 2012

It wasn't me

Alas, another super huge lottery jackpot goes to someone else.   Ain't that always the way?  lol.  Seriously, I've never been a huge gambler.  I'd buy a scratch off occasionally, and the only time we even go to the casino (about an hour away) is when there is a concert in the showroom.  Last time we did though, on my 49th birthday - I won $250.00.   Doesn't make me want to head right back up there and try it again, though.  My husband is the lottery ticket buyer.  And he KEEPS every ticket stub.  Winner or not.  He says if he had a dollar for every stub he'd be rich again.  But he keeps trying....and it's not that I wouldn't love to have a little bit (ok, a lot bit) more cash to play with, but I don't put huge effort into it either.  I feel lucky in other ways.  I'm fairly healthy, nothing major - just the aches and pains of growing older, my husband is my BFF (and as HE claimed just the other day, I am HIS), my dogs are happy and loving, and my family all seem to be happy and fairly healthy too.  Although my parents are aging, they have no other health issues besides the eye sight and the hearing that comes along with being over 70, and in my Dad's case - over 80.  I am grateful that I have quality friends.  I don't have a huge QUANTITY of pals, and don't really have a girlfriend that I chat with, hang with, shop with, and tell my every secret to.  Not since high school really.  It's just me, my hubby, my dogs, and my beads.  Everything else - is just icing on the cake.  :0)
As far as bead project news - I'm afraid my mojo has taken a bit of a rest, or a vacation.  I'm sure it's just temporary, and with the prep for the big show coming up, it's probably just as well, so that I don't have to leave a big detailed piece in the middle. 
I hope to have some press release and marketing details soon from the director of the gallery where the event is taking place.  Can't believe I haven't heard from her yet, actually.  I sure hope she's got everything ready to hit the major papers this week.  I've been trying not to obsess about the fact that I haven't heard from her, after all, she's been doing this a long time, and knows what she's doing.  But if it were ME, I would have started advertising a WEEK ago.  AND let my vendors know I did it.  Patience, Sheryl, patience......
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tucson Treasures...and a surprise!

Finally had a chance to catch up with the owner of Coyote Wisdom yesterday. She's been back from Tucson for almost a month, but between her hours and my illness and other commitments - it's been awhile since we've had a chance to talk. Not only did we talk, but she finally had time to offer me some of the great items she got in Tucson - she picked these out just for me! Naturally I loved them all!  Above, some beautiful Malachite, which, coincidentally, is exactly what my next project is being created with.  The two above will probably both get combined into the same glorious piece.  The creative wheels are already spinnin' up there!
These two below are simply agates.  But they are absolutely gorgeous, and there is nothing SIMPLE about them.  The blue one reminds me of a starry night sky, so you can bet that's the direction that one will take - probably sooner rather than later.  Not sure about the pink one yet.  But I loved it, so home it came.

Here is my current project, a big chunk of Malachite being caged and embellished for an embroidery piece.  The unique bone piece in the center is also something that Connie brought back from Tucson for me.  It will become a part of this embroidered piece as well.  COOL, huh?  Not sure what this will be yet - probably a pendant, but the strap has not been imagined as of yet....nor the name.

You may have read a few days ago about the piece I started during my not so fun evening on Monday. I wasn't even sure I wanted to finish it. I sat down and looked at it on Tuesday afternoon, and decided to just keep going - and see where it would take me.
THIS is where it went. THIS is 'Color Tour':

I decided to make it a brooch.  And I LOVE how it turned out. 
All in all, it's been a pretty creative week.  Today is my hubby's birthday, so I've also 'created'
Red Velvet double chocolate (white and dark) chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,  I 'created' pancakes and sausage for his birthday breakfast,  and I'm 'creating' one of his favorite casseroles for lunch - Chicken Noodle.  (sort of like Tuna - but better). He didn't want to take the day off work though - so the celebration - and the feasting - will only last until about 2.
Anyway.  Have a wonderful day.
Peaceful beading,
P.S.  I hope to have pre and post show display photos for you SOON!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Bead Table Wedneday - again!

Here's what's going on with my bead table this week - more re-design.  I had been thinking of using one of the little shelf units that was holding much of my table mess as part of my table display for shows this year.  So when the tube of glue leaked all over it, and left a gunky hard crusty mess, it was time to yank that puppy out of there.  It can be salvaged, in fact, it gives me the incentive to cover the flat shelf portions with some pretty paper before the show.  So thanks, glue tube.  I owe ya!  lol!
I want to show you a before photo - of what it looked like when I moved everything around just 4 months ago or so, but alas, cannot find the photo file anywhere.  So here's what it looks like now.  I basically took the blond cabinet that was standing, and laid it on it's side - and removed the purple shelf unit.  (More about that later).

Each tray is mostly seed beads, and is labeled with the color.  There are TWO trays for the purples!  Also, there are two 5 drawer rolling carts out of camera range where I keep the other beads - all the czech glass, crystal, and other goodies.   Because I removed 3 shelves, though - I'm still not quite sure I have everything accessible to me as I work, so I'll have to live with this for a few days and see.  I haven't had time to actually sit and BEAD here since I changed it.  But when I do, THIS is what I will be working on:

It is going to be a brooch.  Still un named.  The top portion will be full, a sort of oblong shape - the bottom will remain JUST the oval portion.  I THINK.
And I still haven't had the inspiration to start this one:

It's kind of got an air of romance (name?) about it, very vintage-y with the rose and the bronze/gold.  I have a general idea of what I think I want, but not sure of the stitch yet - spiral, RAW....hmmm.  Maybe by the time I'm done with the brooch, I'll have a plan.  But by then, I'll have to stop beading, and start getting things around for my big event coming up in a few weeks.  Picked up a few new display pieces yesterday.  I'm thinking of only using a tad of the purple, and going mostly pale yellow, and a very vintage beige/tea stained effect.  And probably some black.
Off to an afternoon at Coyote today.  Finally.  I haven't actually WORKED a shift in a MONTH, and will make up for that by working TWO this week.  I sort of got used to my every Monday routine while the owner was away, and really miss the place and the people that were becoming my regular customers.  I'm still having a pretty good month, though - even if I haven't been around!  I'm going to have to beef up my Metal-icious line, cuz they are flyin' out the door!  Another item flying almost faster than I can make them:  little 'pocket power' charms that have a lobster claw on one end, and the changing color beads in them here and there.   They can go in a pocket, on a purse, a zipper.  They've been pretty popular!
Wow.  That's enough babble for one day, I guess.  Thanks for reading.  I can't believe I'm at over 8,400 readers! And growing!!!!!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Not a particularly beady Monday

The day didn't start out well bead wise, and sort of went down hill from there.  Projects not coming together, fumbling beads and snapping threads;  missing the customer who owes me $$ for some custom work, which, by the way, I SWORE I wouldn't do anymore - precisely for that reason.  Top it off with a peculiar, even stressful night at bead group - it just wasn't a very beady good day.  Bead group is supposed to be FUN.  I love most of these girls, hence the reason that I continue to grit my teeth and attend, although there are those that do and say things every time to annoy me.  I'm trying to 'rise above'.  I'm trying to stay quiet, stay focused, and stay near those that DO have similar likes and common interests.   TRYING.  Tonight basically just TRIED my patience.  Wore it thin.   And I'm ready to snap.  So I'm HOPING that the piece of apple pie I've got warming in the microwave, which will be topped with some creamy whip topping, will make everything right with the world again. 
So sorry there's no beady photos.  I DO have some new projects ready.  Like the pretty rose/golden shadow/gold color combo, or the one I started during group tonight -  pale greens, and bright popping orange.  Different.   And because of the stress I was feeling while I was there, I may have to take another look at it in the light of day.  It may not even end up being finished. 
Let's hope Tuesday goes much better.  A few hours of 'work' at the soon to closed shop in Dimondale, and then I have the rest of my day FREE.  Hopefully to bead, and bead successful.
Here's to peaceful beading,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daydream is reality

Daydream Believer is done. Although I just posted an album to Facebook, I want to post it here, too. Not sure if this is a keeper - or a seller. I guess I'll let the necklace decide....
If you remember, THIS is what it looked like before I worked my magic.  Because that's what it really feels like I've performed once the transformation is complete.....magic.

Abracadabra.....Voila.   DONE.

So satisfying to complete something, AND have it turn out even close to what you envisioned.  This one has.  I love it.
Off to my LBS for seed beads for another project....or two, or three.....
Peaceful beading, everyone.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Believe it

If you've been following, you saw where I was with "Daydream Believer" yesterday.  I expected to be just a tad farther - but alas, haven't felt my best the last day or two, and decided book reading was better than seed beading....but I'm back at it a bit today, and here is my progress.  First photo is where I was early yesterday.  Second photo is where I am with that same section today.  Pretty snazzy huh?  All that fringe and fun sure does make a difference, doesn't it?

Still have a long way to go, with a queasy tummy and a stuffy house, so not sure how far I'll get even today. 
Can't wait to show you the whole thing when it's done.  Hopefully SOON.
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Believin' in Daydreams on Bead Table Wednesday

Boy.  Say THAT three times fast.  I got started on this piece yesterday, after gathering pieces and parts since buying the focal and tube polymer clay pieces at The Great Lake Beadworkers Guild Bead Bonanza LAST OCTOBER!  Wasn't quite sure how I wanted to 'fancy up' the strap, and at first had in mind a spiral rope.  BUT - fringe was in back in the day.  And so it will be for this piece.  Here's what it looked like BEFORE I started fringing....

And for some people, maybe for teenagers, that would be enough.  But not me. 
I've just started the first pass, so I have at least 4 more to go - here's what just ONE section looks like so far:

I still have a blue, white, yellow and maybe some green to add in there!  And since this cold bug that I caught from a bead shop owner a WEEK ago is still kickin' my butt and making have to cancel everything I had planned for today, I'll probably get quite a bit done on it.
That's all for now.  I'm sure I'll come up with something to babble about later.  It's what I do....;0)
Peaceful beading everyone,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trends are hot...and I'm not.

I just can't keep up with them all.  The wire - the wrapping, the knitting, the crocheting, the chainmaille, the polymer, the lampwork, the silver clay - and I know I'm not naming them all.   Is it really necessary to learn and KNOW how to do it all?  I have some friends that feel it is.   Me - I would rather concentrate on the things about beading that I DO know - and do them well.  I know practically ALL of the weaving techniques, and can teach them if I am asked.  The only 'stitch' to elude me so far is bead crochet.  And you know what?  I decided I'm fine with that.  I can make a strap for most of my fancy bead embroidered focal pieces using net, or herringbone, or spiral rope, and any of the other glorious patterns and techniques.  I'm not going to sweat it anymore.  I do what I do, and I LIKE what I do.  And because my imagination seems to be running amok lately - there seem to be no shortage of original, unique items to make from the things I DO know.  But just so that it LOOKS like I'm keeping up with them - I have been trying to 'work in' little touches of trendy-ness - like vintage items, or some steampunk.  But my tried and true is - and will be for the foreseeable future - seed beads and all that they imply.
How about you?  Are you feeling the itch to learn a new stitch or technique that's completely out of your box?  Or are you happily stuck in your rut? 
I'm stickin' with my rut for now - and my sales, at least at the bookstore shop, are happily showing for it.  Connie informed me today that I sold TWO more of my mid-priced necklaces - so I guess it's a good thing "Midnight Brew" will be taking center stage on the display tomorrow.
Peaceful beading, whatever your technique may be,

Midnight Brew

Although I pretty much saturated Facebook with this yesterday, I felt the need to feature it here too.  This piece came about by accident (of course, don't they all?).  I had been beading with a friend who was drawing out ideas for projects, and among them was a moon shaped/themed 'thing'.  Neither of us knew at the time exactly what that 'thing' might be.  I had originally thought a 3-D type piece, which is where the makings of the brooch I posted a few weeks ago came from.  Once I started that piece, they quickly became two, and the smaller one came together much quicker.  This one was simmering for awhile, though.  I made a few trips to my LBS' looking for just the right components, and I think that yellow toned bone face was my last one in stock.   So here it is ~ 'Midnight Brew'.  The only thing that would make it better that could still be added if I find one, is a coffee or tea CUP charm.  You would think with the popularity of coffee shops that one could be found.  NOT.   

I love the way the necklace portion turned out.  The right side is a netted 'rope' that is actually Bead Infinitum's Crystal Bangle.  The left side is simply three strands of seed beads.   Perfect.
Off to Coyote it will go, at least until the show in mid-April.
This was the piece that was originally supposed to be a part.  They could be companion pieces, however, IF the brooch hasn't sold yet.  I haven't been into the bookstore to check my space in about a week!  Dang gas prices, anyways!
So on to the next project.  It probably should be peacock themed - but I'm feeling drawn to a cute patchwork pastel and daisy piece that has already been named 'Daydream Believer', for obvious reasons.  A fitting tribute to the late Davy Jones, and to the carefree days of my youth.  I'm thinking embellished spiral, but haven't yet begun, so who knows where it will take me....
Another gorgeous day  - the official FIRST day of spring (looked at the wrong calendar page yesterday.  My bad).  Another day of close to 80 degree temps. 
Enough with the babble.  On with my day.  And for the independent web design/SEO peeps reading this blog - I am happy designing it and writing it myself, and am reaching the exact audience I want to reach with it.  So go away.
Peaceful beading,

Monday, March 19, 2012


For the perfect privacy fencing solution.  Checked on this at Home Depot today:

Bamboo fencing.  Not a bad price, but still not quite what Hubby thinks will work.  We're also going to check on just using the slats that you weave in (not what I want, but may be more affordable), and I'm looking into getting a couple more of these shutter/planters to set up along the fence too:

Along with some tall sedge grasses, and I don't know what else - she's a small dog - so it doesn't have to be overly TALL - although I think it would look nicer to cover the entire chain link.  All I know is - I'm at my wits end with the barking.  Something WILL be done.  SOON.
Beautiful day, all.  Enjoy it however you can.

Can it be?

It seems that spring truly has sprung.  I just checked the 10 day.  Never a temp below the mid 40's.  Which, while being a bit nippy - is not snow temps.   So I'm trying to remain positive, and remember what it's like to have a garden that will hopefully, once again, look like this:

Isn't it wonderful?  I love my garden space.  One thing we WILL be changing and adding this year is to somehow privacy fence the chain link fence across the back of the  yard.  The neighbor's dog is about to drive us insane.  If she can see us, or our dogs, she is barking.  And barking.  And barking.  So incessantly that it's starting to make us angry.  It takes away from the whole ambience of the space above.  We've mentioned to the lady in the past about the barking, and she just says that it's because she wants to 'play' too.  She does nothing to stop her.  EVER.  So I'm hoping that if she can't SEE us, she won't bark as much.  HOPEFULLY.  I am an animal lover, of ALL animals.  But I tell ya, my husband and I have both had some very unpleasant thoughts for what might shut that little yappy dog up.  And they ain't pretty.  (For those of you who don't know me - DEFINITELY KIDDING.  Would never harm another animal.  EVER.)  Just gotta do something to save the sanity.    The fence is very shaded, so growing something on it is going to be difficult, and take too long.  I'm looking into some sections of bamboo fencing, along with more well spaced louvre door planters to break up the line.  I am willing to shell out a little bit of cash, but I want it to look nice too.  I think a trip to Home Depot to check it out is in order today.....
So here's to spring everyone....the official start is Thursday.  Can summer be far behind?

Peaceful beading (didn't mention them once in this post, can you believe it?)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Perfect Vintage

While digging out beads for yet another project, my brain came up with the idea for this: 

I just listed them both on Etsy today.  Visit my shop with the link to the right - shescool is my shop name, they are listed separately - The Perfect Vintage Necklace and The Perfect Vintage Earrings.
Getting ready to enjoy an afternoon of Biggby Caramel Mocha, probably iced, cuz it's a scorcher, and reading with the book club girls. 
Peaceful beading,

A Crafting Superstar!

My little Nook has once again offered me a great deal, and a great read!  Yesterday's 'daily deal' was this:

"Crafty Superstar" by Grace Dobush.  It has TONS of information - some of it I knew, some of it doesn't really help me, but MOST of it is very valuable.  LOTS of info regarding Etsy, which, even though I just opened my shop for the second time, I still don't know a lot about.  There's also a LOT of information regarding displays and art fairs.   I haven't finished it yet - but I'm sure I will enjoy the rest, and because it's in my Nook - I will always have it handy!  No more wondering "Now what did I do with that book?"  lol
On a related note:  I have a feeling these little 'Drops of Joy' are going to sell like gangbusters at my shows!
As I mentioned in my previous post, I sold two pair before I could even photograph them, and after my sister in law read my blog (because I link it to Facebook-yay!) I'll probably be selling a few more.
I was fortunate enough to find more of the little silver cap bases, so onward with as many color combos as I can come up with! 
I also forgot to post about the special bracelet that I made recently:
My niece, who is an avid biker, and a nurse, just became engaged to another avid biker, a fireman.  I decided to put together a fun little 'charm' bracelet for her, that includes a fun bike charm, along with some others, and she can have charms added as she wishes. 
She absolutely loved it, which of course, was the plan!  I am considering do a few more 'theme' type bracelets for shows - but haven't quite found an affordable source for those charms!  PRICEY!
Anyway - looking forward to another absolutely gorgeous WINTER day here in my neck of the woods (sorry, Al).  We broke a record yesterday with 79 degrees, and it will be that warm again today.  Next week, we are heading for the 80's.  I expect snow for Memorial Day.....~sigh~  lol!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Bead Table Wednesday

"Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way!"  No, I'm not auditioning for Oklahoma! - but it's how I'm feeling this morning.  It is already absolutely gorgeous outside, in the middle of March in Michigan - the temps will be almost 80 today!  The sky is already clear blue, AND - the best part - I finally muddled my way successfully (I think) through Gwen Fisher's anniversary beaded bead from this month's issue of Beadwork.  BAH!!  This was a tough one; very challenging.  And it's for SURE not exactly perfect (those thread paths are killer for lefties, Gwen!), but I think I have a very close facimile, and can't wait for the next issue to see what the next one will be.  Is anyone else planning to complete all them and enter the contest?  This is my Bead Table Wednesday submission - (along with the remnants of yesterday's beauty, that you'll see later - "The Perfect Vintage"):

  I didn't realize until I was 1/2 way through that I chose the same color combo as the bead I made from last months issue - 'Seeing Stars' (I think by Melinda Barta-I can't find the mag!).  So I will definitely have a theme going on with the rest, so I better make sure I stock up on those purples and golds....

In yesterday's blog I mentioned that I was having a little 'earring show' for a friend.  Here's what the table set up looked like; very informal, didn't have to clear clutter or clean for her - but I like how it worked out, and she bought FIVE pair!  Decided not to make her own - I had plenty to please her, but we just may plan a 'just bracelets' party for her, and a few other friends, in the near future. 

Why not try that yourself?  If you have friends that don't wear necklaces, or LOVE earrings, have a show featuring JUST the things they love the best.   Then offer a few kits or packets of beads from which they can 'create their own' should they wish.  Great fun!  I can't wait to do it again!
Off I go to enjoy my day.  We may have to drag out the patio chairs...cuz I'm definitely giving our deck some love today!
Peaceful, beautiful beading everyone,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I finally had an earring making day!  AND - one of these little beauties is being submitted as a project to the bead mags!   I really wish I would have taken the photos yesterday, because, upon getting together with my little merry band of bead girls last night - one of them bought TWO PAIR!  I told her it would be easy enough to show HER how to make them (she IS a beader, after all), but she had too many projects and a special gift to buy - so she decided to just buy them from me.  OK!  One pair were orange, of which I'll be creating a second pair (something I rarely do), and a purple pair, that can't be duplicated because I don't have enough of the little accent beads I used.  So anyway - here they are "Floral Joy":

Aren't they cute? And so simple to make-let's just say you'll never look at bead CAPS the same way again! I wish I knew how to create the kind of file that can be downloaded for a tutorial and sell them on Etsy - but I'll just have to settle for local and kits, as well as the finished product for now.
Here are two more different types - I made SIX pair in all!

The reason for the need to create some new and different earrings is my good friend Sandy is coming today for an 'earring day'.  She loves earrings, in fact, it's the only accessory she wears.  She's not fond of bracelets, and only wears a special keepsake pendant from her late mother, but she does bling it up when it comes to earrings.  So we're doing a special Sandy show, and she may design a pair of her own as well.  Should be fun - and it was a good excuse to clear the clutter of mail and junk on the table again!  lol!
Off to whip out a couple more pair - and maybe give the vacuum a ride!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Babbling about blogging

I just spent about 1/2 hour 'blog hopping', and I realized something.  In the course of a year, I've gone from not blogging at all, to blogging almost every day - which is more than most of my fellow bloggers do.  Is there supposed to be a success formula for blogging?  Is there a 'stress the hoppers' factor when it comes to blogging? Can you blog TOO much? I know I probably bore many of my visitors most of the time, and get very few comments.  But that doesn't mean they're aren't at least reading.   I also know that blogs are one of the easiest ways to find people out there in etherland, even more so than websites, it seems.  I definitely wouldn't want to overload my ready peeps, but then again - I know, as a blog hopper, that I HATE when I go to what is supposed to be a popular blog and find that they haven't even blogged in ages!  Oh well.  Too many thought rolling around in this head before 7am - and no caffeine.  The DOGS haven't even asked for their breakfast yet.
One topic I've noticed on more than one of my fellow beady peep blogs - is their dedication to shows this year.  OR NOT, as one case may be.  But I would imagine, that doing constant shows all year long for several years would get a little old.  One would need to take a break - and hopefully be able to AFFORD to do so.  I feel their pain.  Shows didn't used to be my favorite, in fact I had (with prompting from my husband) sworn OFF shows for a long time, which I now realize was a big detriment in getting my name and my unique style out into the area.  He still refuses to help me for the most part (he WILL drive me to local shows so I don't have to worry about parking) but help with set up, hauling, tear down, and sticking around for encouragement is NOT going to happen.  If I want to do shows, which I'm discovering that I enjoy (except for that nasty hauling/set up/tear down part), I have to either do them by myself, which is difficult to do in popular venues, or find like minded peeps to share space with, something that many of the larger venues won't allow.  Not sure why.  I am willing to pay a 'shared space' fee, or even the full vendor fee if need be, and follow the same rules as other vendors.  Not sure what they are afraid of when we want to be in the same space.  It's more fun, I'll tell you that.  And so far, at the outdoor shows we HAVE been allowed to share space in,  it hasn't been all that confusing for the customers.  We each (ideally, there are 3 of us - one on each 'side' of the tent) have our own signage, and handle our own money.  The only other factor that comes into play with shows, especially here in the middle of the mitten - is the weather.  Mother Nature is quite fickle when it comes to Michigan seasons - so we are gambling every time we sign up for an outdoor event, and even an indoor one.  If the snow is knee deep, it makes it difficult to get your wares to the space, let alone get customers there.  That's why I'm crossing my fingers that our mild winter (it'll be in the mid 60's all week this week), doesn't turn into a frozen spring.  My first - and my most important - show of this season is coming up the weekend after Easter.  It will take place at and be promoted by The East Lansing Pubic Art Gallery space in East Lansing.  The director is enthusiastic, to say the least.  There is always, ALWAYS major marketing in relation to anything that takes place at that gallery.  It's my first two day event - leaving the space set up overnight.  But if there is snow (yes, it does happen in mid-April in Michigan) or even lots of rain - it's going to be difficult for all of us - vendors and customers alike.
So anyway - that's what my head is about today.  Aren't you glad you hopped by?  :0)
Off to create coffee and jewelry, in that order.  Maybe I'll treat you to a second blog later that will include a few new earring pics....
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Serenity Saturday?

Hubby was gone.  Dogs were gone.  It was a nice, quiet afternoon for getting things done. Only problem is - my mojo went with them!  I tried two different projects while they were gone - and neither one would do what I intended, with no help from the pieces themselves for a change.   I did, though, manage to get lots more Etsy photos taken, and the cropping and organizing done.  I think that part takes longer than the listing.  Listing has changed alot in just one year - it's really easy, all on one page now!  And quick links to Facebook AND Pinterest, too.  I think I'm going to like Etsy much better this time around....
And on a non-bead related note -  although I'm not really an Oprah fan, I do like some of her principles and life goals.  One of the things I remember she talked about, and did a segment on during her TV show a few years back was the Vision Board.  I remember doing one of those back when I was first introduced to metaphysics, and although I have no idea what happened to the board I did - I remember it being quite fun, and also thought provoking.  Well, while working at the bookstore yesterday, I came across an article in one of our local new age publications talking about a "Soul Mission Collage", which is virtually the same thing.  So it got me thinking - I think it would be fun to start a 'vision board' group.  The initial meeting would be to receive your board, and talk about the goals and visions that we each might have in mind, and maybe do a meditation.  Then we would go out into the world, do our things that we do, allowing life to flow as it may, adding items to the board along the way, and then meet again a few weeks later, and see what has transpired.  Sort of like my book club - only a board club.  I may put up a flyer about it, and see if anyone is interested.  I just thought it sounds like fun, and like something that might get that positive thought flowing regularly again.
Anyway....nearing the end of the day.  Dinner time.  New recipe night.  Thank you, Pinterest, for "Pizza Casserole".  I'll have to let you know how it turns out....
And last but not least....
I also took the time today to make the submission of my essay to Bead Design Studio.  No turning back now.  Cross your fingers. 
Peaceful beading,

Friday, March 9, 2012


A few glitches to work out, but I am open again, and have ONE item for sale on my site.  I'll add one more every day for a week or so, and then see how much traffic I'm getting, and see if I can tweek some of the tags, etc.  I still have to figure out the banner thing - I made one, and I like it, and it's in JPEG form, but I can't get the sizing right and it won't copy over.  I also don't know how to link my actual Etsy shop to this blog - it just comes up to the Etsy home page, where you'll have to choose shop from the drop down menu, and enter 'shescool'.  When I figure it out - I will fix it!  But I am linked to BOTH my Facebook pages, my personal and my Cool Moon Creations business page.  I've been wanting to try it again for awhile, and have probably been sounding like a broken record about it to a lot of people, and I figured since I am REopening, and Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde, there was no time like the present.
Wish me luck!
Hope I start hearing about and having info to share too about the upcoming Art EXPO! at The East Lansing Public Art Gallery.  Just a month away....
That's all for now - I'm going on an earring making jaunt - I have a special friend coming to 'earring shop' on Tuesday, and I realized as I was inventory-ing for Etsy pieces that I am sorely lacking in that department!
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Cool Moon Quickie

NOT that kind of quickie!  THIS kind of quickie:

Quickly whipped up in a few hours, it's a brooch.  "Mocha Moon" is $35.00.  The face is of quartz crystal.  This one is off to my little bookstore space - I'm thinkin' he won't last long.
So that's life in my little neck of the woods today.  Reading and beading.  How 'bout you?
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Etsy dreaming

I think I'm almost ready.  I have a few more questions that need to be answered - and then I will reopen my shop!  NO beads this time (boy, that was a pain), just woven, seriously beaded jewelry -that I'm hoping will get noticed by The Beadweaving Team, and liked from links to Facebook, and of course, Pinterest, and more importantly ~ BOUGHT this time!    Wish me luck, cuz I have TONS of competition.
I'm getting ready to do something else a little different that I'll need luck for too:  The magazine Bead Design Studio has asked their readers to write a story about how their tastes and budget fit with how and what they bead, for submission in a summer issue.  And, seeing how (if you can't tell by the eloquence of this blog!) I fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith - I decided to submit one. If my article is chosen, I will also win a one year subscription to the mag, which I love!  It'll be great exposure too, of course. I'll be submitting it once I get the Etsy shop open, since I reference it in the article.  Deadline is April 1 - so that means I'll busy for the rest of the month - photo taking, listing, writing, and BEADING.  PLUS putting in a few hours in all of the current Cool Moon sales venues like Coyote and Grand-dale, and probably even the art gallery. 
So next time you stop by - you may see the Etsy shop link on the right, taking the place of the Grand-dale link, since they're closing.  I will probably start taking a few pieces - and some display items - a little bit at a time each day that I work (4 this month, and 4 the next).  I know the rule is no booth stripping - but what are they going to do - ask me to leave?  It will just be easier than doing it all at once, and at the same time completing my Art Gallery show inventory for April.
That'll do it for today - probably no Bead Table Wednesay submission today - unless I have time later!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Hoppin - and Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild teaser - only because the photo won't go where I want to put it!
First of all - I admit that I was premature in my 'critique' of the most recent blog hop.  I'm still not done hoppin' through them all - but there ARE some pieces that'll knock your socks off.  Sorry if I offended.  I am not an official critic, nor do I expect people to really take me seriously.  I'm just spoutin' out loud and spilling into cyberspace - something that I do more and more often as I age.  So lest I offend again:  Here is my list of favorites from what I've seen so far (if you're not on it, sorry - doesn't mean you didn't do the work, just means it's not my fave):
As with last year, my over all favorite is EVA KOVACS!  Seed beads, of course.  And weaving, so you know that I'm going to love it.  Seed bead shout outs to Laurie Keefe-Cecere, Ginger Bishop & Martina Nagele (also blog partners), for their unique use of seed beads too.
I also give two beaded thumbs up to Marjolein Trewavas for the air of romance that her piece gives.  So pretty;  Cory Celaya and Cassie Donlen are the most unique pieces I've seen so far, and WIRE!  LOTS and lots of wire this time - my favorite wire WOW?  Dana Hickey.   Not done hopping yet - but that may be my last post about it.  Like I said - I don't intend to be, nor want to be an official critic, nor want people to start hating on me for speaking my mind.  Lori Anderson does a fantastic job putting this all together, and I don't want negative vibes to start shadowing our blog/FB friendships either. 
So, that was the TELL.   Now - on with the SHOW: 

"Call of the Wild"
You may remember the last time you saw the focal - there were no 'feathers'.  Once I completed the whole thing, I realized it just didn't look balanced without them. 

I even 'feathered' the bottom part of the chain ring/toggle clasp.  Again, I thought it needed the balance.

So there it is.  Call of the Wild is truly one of the wildest pieces I've ever done.  I think I'll show it off at the bookstore for a month or so, before I take it to the Art Gallery Show in April - IF it makes it that far!  $220.00 though.  Not sure my bookstore clientele will go for that.
Anyway.  On with my day.  A quick trip to the bookstore, then I think I'll treat myself to an afternoon at another bookstore - Barnes & Noble, hang in the cafe, browse the stacks, maybe find some fun new bead books to buy.
Peaceful beading - and blog hopping!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are seed beaders still in the minority?

Despite the fact that there are books, magazines, and tons of other resources devoted to patterns and techniques - it seems as though we seed bead artists (and that's what we are, artists) are still among the minority, bead-wise.  As I hop through the Blog Party blogs to see what the swappers came up with, I have seen very few seed beads, and even less weaving.  Am I the only one that can whip out an entire cabochon rich, seed bead detailed necklace AND earrings in less than a week?   All I know is, if I am ever lucky enough to be chosen to participate, whatever I receive as beads to work with from my partner, WILL have seed beads, and weaving.  It's what I do.
It just seems as though many of the party participants, even though they requested to do so, didn't have time to devote to putting together something worth while.  So far, the only pieces I'm impressed with are the pieces done by the woman who lost a close family member in a car accident in the middle of the creative process (yet still managed to finish & post on time), and Lori's, of course.  Come on girls - step up to the bowl!  Stir that imagination a little more!  Add some spice!  Now granted - I haven't even made it half way through - so I may be premature in my 'critique'.  I'm headed back there now, fully intending to be blown away by some of the awesome beaders I know are out there. 
Just my observations on a windy, snowy and as of yet sufficiently caffeinated Sunday morning.  =@)
Peaceful beading - and by the way - 'Call of Wild' WILL be finished TODAY.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Call is getting Wilder

I still have to make two more of the feather/rings, but have decided to take out the clasp/cabs and just use a bar and loop.
Photos still don't quite do it justice - the leathery cab is a pretty moss green, and there is more moss green amongst the turquoise and peridot - so it's MUCH brighter in person!
Hopefully I'll have more progress to blog about this weekend - but hubby surprised me with a day off, so a three day weekend, and no plans means we just may go find something to DO!
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"The Call of the Wild"

Or at least I THINK that's the name.  It may decide else-wise as I continue on - but here's another peak at the progress being made.  The PROBLEM with designing on the fly, off the top of your head, and whenever the whim hits, is that you have to try to REMEMBER HOW you did something in case you need to duplicate it.  Example:

I had this idea in my head, and even drew it out on paper.  I wasn't even sure I could implement it.  BUT - implement I did, and quite quickly too.  Only problem being - I need FOUR of them.  So now I'm studying this piece like mad, (and yes, I'm writing it down this time) trying to remember how I did it.  It will be a part of the necklace base that holds this pendant, which is still not really finished - it will have some gorgeous opaque turquoise daggers along the fringe at the bottom:

So next time you see it, I'll include the fringe portion too.  I still have have two more cabs to surround, and 2 1/2 more link/feather pieces to complete - but all in all - it's coming together as I envisioned.  WILD!
I should probably take this time to make a sad announcement too - I'll soon be losing one of the shops  where I've been selling my things.  The Grand-dale Shoppe is closing it's doors.  It was a great little place - in a kinda bad location; a very small town where people gathered at the restaurants, and the post office, but rarely ventured out into town to do other things.  And since they are on the outskirts, with somewhat limited parking - well, unfortunately, it was probably inevitable.  And I kinda knew that going in.  Even though the building was for sale the whole time, they tried very hard to make a go, and bring events and excitement to Dimondale.  It was fun while it lasted, and I have new friends and new opportunities because of it.  Thanks Jim and Dawn, for allowing me to be a part of your little place for awhile.
And speaking of The Grand-dale Shoppe - that's where I'm off to today, and Coyote Wisdom too.  Making the rounds, visiting my peeps, havin' some fun on a somewhat sunny day.  At least it's not snowing!
Peaceful beading,