Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Hoppin - and Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild teaser - only because the photo won't go where I want to put it!
First of all - I admit that I was premature in my 'critique' of the most recent blog hop.  I'm still not done hoppin' through them all - but there ARE some pieces that'll knock your socks off.  Sorry if I offended.  I am not an official critic, nor do I expect people to really take me seriously.  I'm just spoutin' out loud and spilling into cyberspace - something that I do more and more often as I age.  So lest I offend again:  Here is my list of favorites from what I've seen so far (if you're not on it, sorry - doesn't mean you didn't do the work, just means it's not my fave):
As with last year, my over all favorite is EVA KOVACS!  Seed beads, of course.  And weaving, so you know that I'm going to love it.  Seed bead shout outs to Laurie Keefe-Cecere, Ginger Bishop & Martina Nagele (also blog partners), for their unique use of seed beads too.
I also give two beaded thumbs up to Marjolein Trewavas for the air of romance that her piece gives.  So pretty;  Cory Celaya and Cassie Donlen are the most unique pieces I've seen so far, and WIRE!  LOTS and lots of wire this time - my favorite wire WOW?  Dana Hickey.   Not done hopping yet - but that may be my last post about it.  Like I said - I don't intend to be, nor want to be an official critic, nor want people to start hating on me for speaking my mind.  Lori Anderson does a fantastic job putting this all together, and I don't want negative vibes to start shadowing our blog/FB friendships either. 
So, that was the TELL.   Now - on with the SHOW: 

"Call of the Wild"
You may remember the last time you saw the focal - there were no 'feathers'.  Once I completed the whole thing, I realized it just didn't look balanced without them. 

I even 'feathered' the bottom part of the chain ring/toggle clasp.  Again, I thought it needed the balance.

So there it is.  Call of the Wild is truly one of the wildest pieces I've ever done.  I think I'll show it off at the bookstore for a month or so, before I take it to the Art Gallery Show in April - IF it makes it that far!  $220.00 though.  Not sure my bookstore clientele will go for that.
Anyway.  On with my day.  A quick trip to the bookstore, then I think I'll treat myself to an afternoon at another bookstore - Barnes & Noble, hang in the cafe, browse the stacks, maybe find some fun new bead books to buy.
Peaceful beading - and blog hopping!

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