Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are seed beaders still in the minority?

Despite the fact that there are books, magazines, and tons of other resources devoted to patterns and techniques - it seems as though we seed bead artists (and that's what we are, artists) are still among the minority, bead-wise.  As I hop through the Blog Party blogs to see what the swappers came up with, I have seen very few seed beads, and even less weaving.  Am I the only one that can whip out an entire cabochon rich, seed bead detailed necklace AND earrings in less than a week?   All I know is, if I am ever lucky enough to be chosen to participate, whatever I receive as beads to work with from my partner, WILL have seed beads, and weaving.  It's what I do.
It just seems as though many of the party participants, even though they requested to do so, didn't have time to devote to putting together something worth while.  So far, the only pieces I'm impressed with are the pieces done by the woman who lost a close family member in a car accident in the middle of the creative process (yet still managed to finish & post on time), and Lori's, of course.  Come on girls - step up to the bowl!  Stir that imagination a little more!  Add some spice!  Now granted - I haven't even made it half way through - so I may be premature in my 'critique'.  I'm headed back there now, fully intending to be blown away by some of the awesome beaders I know are out there. 
Just my observations on a windy, snowy and as of yet sufficiently caffeinated Sunday morning.  =@)
Peaceful beading - and by the way - 'Call of Wild' WILL be finished TODAY.


flyingbeader said...

you know I decided to not do the blog party because of the fact that it seems to not be for seed beaders. I don't string and my work does take me days/weeks/months instead of hours to finish. I'm not bad mouthing people who only string here, but there should be different categories during these swaps so like minded people can be put together.

Bryna said...

So, here is an idea, why don't you form a seed bead swap/hop instead of saying hurtful things about other artist's work? Personally, I don't care for seed beadwork. As you can see each person has their own preference when it comes to the items used in their designs.

coolmoon said...

@Bryna: I did not say hurtful things about their WORK - I just feel like much of it was rushed - and noticed that many of them didn't even take the time to use most of what they received. It is my understanding that THAT is what a swap is all about - creating something with as many of the beads you receive as you can. It would seem rude not to, in my book. And I don't know how much of the hop you've attended - but some people didn't even POST - which is even ruder still. Sorry you felt that I was being hurtful, I NEVER intend to do that, and I do know that everyone has their own way. I just think more thought could have gone into many of them.
@flyingbeader: Glad to know I'm not the only one thinkin' that (about the categories). Lori would probably go completely bonkers keepin that all straight, though. She does a great job organizing, and I don't think I could ever do it. (Which is why, Bryna - I don't 'organize my own').
ALL of that being said - I love beads, and I love seeing what everyone does with beads, and the great creative energy behind IT ALL. Some is not my cup of tea, necessarily, and my work may not be yours, but we're all in one big bead world - together.

Bryna said...

I didn't mean to come off so strong, I kept thinking about deleting my comment. I have only been in one actual bead swap and can tell you my partner didn't use half of what I sent her but she still put a lot of thought and effort into her creation. It is not a requirement to use everything, just the focal and the clasp. Actually, I noticed my partner from the last swap reused the clasp I sent her last time for one of her creations this time. I do think someone needs to organize a seed headers swap so you all can enjoy each others creations/techniques.

All that said, I think if people from the swap read your post, they will get their feelings hurt because you read as basically saying they didn't put any effort into it when most of them, from their standpoint, felt very challenged using items they don't normally use.

And, I do agree with you about not posting being disappointing. If they weren't going to follow through there were so many of us that wanted to be a part of the swap they could have backed out and let someone else take part.

coolmoon said...

Thank you, Bryna, for taking the time to comment again. You may have noticed if you're back that I posted a second time, and I did give a thumbs up to several of the swappers. We agree on many of the same points, though - and not posting at all if they committed to swap would be the biggest disappointment to me if I were the one they swapped with.
I also want to thank you for putting the seed bead swap idea into my head! Still not sure I'm capable of that much organization, but I'm thinking about it - so you never know.
Thanks again - and I hope you come back and comment soon. I do appreciate it.
Cool Moon