Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's not because I don't love you

Honest.  I appreciate and love every visitor I get to my babble-y little blog.  But it seems that there's an issue with the comments that I truly don't understand.

I know that Blogger is Google based.   Which in and of itself is a pain because they also run the show at my OTHER email address - so it's log in/log out/log in/log out every stinkin' time I wanna blog.
But unless and until I get someone (besides the UNHELPFUL desk.  Been there.  They are NOT) to show me the ins and outs and tells me WHY it's so important for me to +,  GFC and RSS, and all the other initial stuff they're asking for - please forgive me if you aren't able to comment.  I DO have my email address listed, so feel free to email me.  I also welcome comments to the FaceBook post that I share regarding my blog.  So if we're friends - you can always comment there.  And if we're not - ask to friend me!  If you love beads, or dogs, or gardening, and/or LIFE, chances are - we're buds!  (But if you're looking for a game friend - sorry - no FB games for me.).
So anyway - I don't mean to offend.  Or diss. Or leave anyone out.  Heck, I can't even comment on my OWN BLOG if someone DOES comment.  So how screwed up is that?  I hope I can find a way to fix it.
So everyone will be happy and commenting.  ALL THE TIME.

Peaceful beading,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

100 days of HAPPY

If you're a fanatical Facebook fan like I am, you may have seen the new concept being shared around called "100 days of happy".   Basically - you sign on through a website that monitors your progress - and then commit to posting a photo - either on FB, Twitter, or other social media site - for ONE HUNDRED days in a row.  I signed on on Wednesday.  So that will take me to JULY 2!   I have calendar pages printed out and sitting next to my laptop - and so far, so good.  I'm not sure why I committed to something so lengthy - I admit sometimes I'm not so good with follow through, but this just seemed FUN to me.  And since a post a photo of some type ALMOST everyday anyway - it seemed like an easy goal to achieve!  Combined with the abundance and prosperity and general good feeling teachings I'm studying right now (anybody familiar with Abraham?) it just seemed like a good fit.  I have even gotten several of my friends to join in - informally, and on their own, without the commitment to the website (if you achieve the goal, there is a congratulatory memo book at the end).  Either way -  I am just glad others are joining in!  I have promised not to post DOG photos everyday - but with a face like THIS - how will I ever be able to resist?

So if you think you want to join the fun - and commit to being HAPPY with photos everyday until JULY - (and I bet by then you'll be addicted to HAPPY!) here's the official site link:  #100HappyDays

Another part of life that makes me happy:  my beads, of course.  I've been playing with some new things, as well as relying on my true love - bead embroidery.  Here is a bit of what's transpired in the last week or so:

These bracelets are a whole new line geared toward the UpMarket recycled art event I'll be participating in later this year.  I am definitely not waiting until then to introduce them though - and in fact, have special orders to create TWO similar to the first photo right now!  They are called 'Enlightened Denim' - denim made better!.  I totally LOVE how they're turning out - but after making three in a row, I couldn't wait to get back to my passion:  the embroidery.  This piece is still unnamed - usually they've named themselves by now.  Hoping it will come as I progress with the strap portion....

Here's to another 96 days of happy BEADS, happy DOGS, happy SPRING - happy LIFE!

Peaceful HAPPY beading,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's all about the bead!

I don't know about you - but my life is pretty much revolving around the bead these days.  A bit too early for gardening - although I have been dreaming and planning a bit in my head. And still WAY too cold and snowy to enjoy my deck with a book.   Besides - with 12+ shows this summer - AND an art gallery that needs 10 or more NEW pieces every three or four months - AND an Etsy shop to fill - well - beading is a full time JOB!  It's the 'funnest' job I've ever had!  But even those of us with fun jobs still need a little after hours mingling....
So last night I hosted our twice a month bead group - Women Who Bead.  You may recall that I blogged about them all last October when we road tripped to the wondermous Bead Haven in Frankenmuth to take a class.   Just about everyone joined in the fun last night - don't think I could have made room for one more - even without Bella in the room!

It's always fun to see what everyone is working on - and of course get the latest scoops about family, jobs and life.  I need me some girl time once in awhile - and this week - I have TWO opportunities!  My Thursday group is full of wise and wonderful women too - can't wait!

So about that full time beading job.  I don't think I've shared the last few pieces I've completed.  As you can see - spring, flowers, and brightness on the brain.

 These cuff bracelets are quite popular in the bead world right now - and of course I add my own unique touch of beaded beads to them rather than just the sliders.  These are the little spinner beads I learned from Rachel Nelson Smith a few years ago through The Great Lakes Bead Guild in Detroit.  So fast.  So sparkly!

And now that last weekends show is over, I can concentrate on creating even more new pieces for the NEXT show; Celebrate! Okemos in JUNE!
Speaking of last weekend's show, here's what my table looked like when all was said and done.  

Unfortunately, there weren't many customers to see my beautiful work.  This is the second time I've done this show, and the second time that there was little or no advertising OR signage - despite the fact that many of the previous vendors (myself included) indicated it was an issue the FIRST time.   :(  
Despite the fact, however - it was still a fun day.  I was surrounded by vendor friends new and old - one of which I discovered was a former student, who was quite successful selling pieces using the technique I taught her!  Makes you feel pretty good to know someone actually USES and enjoys the info you gave them.
I did end up doing quite well by the end of the day - all but one sale came in the last hour!  Mostly earrings and rings this time - I sure would like to send some of those statement pieces out the door!  And the scarf slides.  I know I see ladies wearing scarves all year round, but I just can't seem to get them interested.  Maybe next time...

On a final note.  Kinda disappointed that NO ONE entered my give away.  I think everyone is just too busy participating in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Challenge right now to play with anything but BEADS!  Cuz after all - it's we DO!

Peaceful beading,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Creative Spark Spring 2014

Here's the link to the wonderful new issue of Creative Spark- ZNetShows Glossi EMAG!

There are SOOOO many great designs in here!  It is so fun to see what each of us did with essentially the same beads (some in different colors, but otherwise the same).  My feature begins somewhere in the middle - but take the time to check them ALL out.... I'm glad we don't have to judge or vote on them - cuz there's NO WAY I could decide!  This was a really, really fun endeavor, and I hope I'm chosen to do it again sometime.

Now - about that CONTEST I've been promising....
I am giving away YOUR CHOICE of a pair of my ZNet Challenge Earrings:

These are "Tulip Drops" - ZNetShows sea glass arches and coins, and ZNet faceted crystal.

OR - for you gals that are bead lovers, and prefer to create your own - A SOUP!  I'm a Facebook Bead Soup Cafe member, and although I chose to sit the actual challenge out this year, I am salivating at all the beautiful YUMMY soups that everyone is just now receiving from their partners!  It made me stop and look through my, shall we say, SUBSTANTIAL bead stash, and decide what I would have sent as a soup to MY partner if I had chosen to participate.  So GUESS WHAT!  SOUP!  
I've decided that it reminds me of SUMMER; of a day at the lake - or even the ocean!  So 

HERE IS THE CONTEST QUESTION:  Where is your favorite summer beach locale?

Answer in ONE of TWO ways (because I know Google is a pain sometimes):  You can either comment here on the blog, OR you can comment to the link I post on Facebook. One comment per person, though. You have until Monday, March 24th to enter/comment-that's just one week.  I will choose a winner (BE SURE TO LEAVE ME CONTACT INFO(name/email)) by midweek.  At that time - you can tell me which prize - the earrings, or the soup - you prefer!

Now go get yourself a beverage, clear your schedule - and head over to the most recent issue of Creative Spark!  It's absolutely GORGEOUS!
Thanks again, ZNetShows for including me!
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunny Sunday

For some reason, I keep finding Sunday to be 'blog day'.  It isn't really intentional - 
it just seems to work out that way.
Heard from ZNet's media director Hope yesterday; the next Glossi emag issue of Creative Spark will be out any DAY!  Can't wait for you to see it.  I've done a once through (ok, twice through) - and everyone's pieces are absolutely AWESOME!    I hope to have that link AND THE CONTEST ready for you by next post - which hopefully won't have to wait until NEXT SUNDAY!  I've been putting together some fun bead prize things, a few of them are some of the left over ZNetShows beads I received!  Excited to share them with you....
This week will be a busy one for me - SHOW PREP.  I still have one more tray of larger items to price and put away for safekeeping.  I've already been working on (aka OBSESSING! on) my table display.  Knowing that we're going to be hauling things IN THE SNOW (yep, it's still here) down a pretty long walkway from the parking lot to the door - I'm trying my best to consolidate and make things EASY.  ALAS - many of my display pieces this time around (and hopefully all summer) are quite large - the purple earring rack, the stacking peacock books, and a few new items too:

The cork board looks awesome;  it even has some matching pins to use.  I HOPE once it is holding the jewelry items, that it stands up the way I need it to.  I also found the matching riser in the front (it's actually a WALL shelf that can sit either short side up, or short side down).  I already HAD the scroll work piece  -  the color matches perfectly.  Almost like I did it on purpose!

This is one of my favorite table layouts - from last summers Meridian Art Market. 

I also really like how this one turned out;  the East Lansing Public Art Gallery show 2 years ago....

Wish me luck - this particular show hasn't been a big producer for me in the past, so I plan to do things a bit differently this time; I've got flyers and cards to hand out for upcoming shows, and also a project 'make and take' angel charm that the customers can help create themselves.  I have a few of them listed in the Etsy shop in case you're interested...

And speaking of the Etsy shop - you've still got one more week to use the Cool20 discount code at checkout for 20% off your purchase of beads and/or jewelry.  The coupon expires on Friday, the 21st  - which is also when the shop will be going on vacation for a few days.  Look for it to reopen again no later than April 1.

Be back soon with that Creative Spark link, contest prizes and more!  In the meantime....
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Waking to the SUN!

It's almost here!  I can feel it with every added minute (and now HOUR) of daylight in the morning.  I cannot wait for spring.... I had hoped I would be able to reveal all my fun spring ZNet designs to you today - but Hope's still tweaking that Glossi!  So gonna have to be another post - which will also be the contest post.  Probably just random comment/share - but winner will have their choice of jewelry or beads.

And another development since last posting - the BEADS are BACK!  Check out the Etsy shop, and use coupon code Cool20 for 20% off both bead and jewelry purchases until Friday, March 21st.  Still listing almost daily - still have about 1/4 of a tub to go....

So in honor of the almost-ness of spring - I will leave you with a few photos of gardens past...I am always excited and amazed at what blooms and how my garden grows each year...almost as rewarding as the bead designs flowing out of my head!

Bella likes to drink from the fountain.... and smell the flowers...

Is it any wonder I get any beading done in the summer?  I literally live out here from morning until night.  I CAN bead at my garden table, and I HAVE, but most of the time the fairies and the magic keep my attention all by themselves...

I love my garden - and it loves me.....

Peaceful beading,