Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun?

Mostly. For awhile. As one of our popular newspaper columnists has pointed out in today's paper - summer in our area is questionable....
But we did manage to enjoy our annual family BBQ Volleyball bash before the rain washed out the bonfire. I posted a couple of photos above - the tall drink of water in the center in white on the near side of the net would be my DH. He's really complaining about his sore body today - but they had lots of fun - until the rain came in....and it is again raining - big fat blobs as we blog. So much for that fishing trip this afternoon....
Back on a beading note - my somewhat weak sales for the month have suddenly gotten hot - thanks to a regular big buyer and my in shop creative work. I love it when someone comes along and sees what I'm working on, and loves it to so much that they purchase it on the spot - before I've even finished it! I also figured out a way to turn that same creative project (a bead embroidery piece) into a class - which already has two takers! So it's been a pretty great weekend so far - and now the sun is shining again!

Friday, July 24, 2009

i want an iPhone

I've never been much for all the new fangled gadgets - my laptop w/wifi has pretty much been the exception. I just forced myself to get a debit card, and only have 1 bill that is automatically deducted from our account. I am pretty much still 'old school' when it comes to every day tasks.
BUT - if I were to wish for just one fancy gadget - it would definitely be an iPhone (or maybe a Blackberry) with all the bells and whistles. As long as I didn't have to pay the monthly bill, of course!
It was another hairy scary hospital week in the Stephens family. My dad is still doing great, and in fact, his in home therapist is only coming one more day. YAY! However - my mother in law AND my brother in law were both hospitalized a day apart from each other (just briefly) for shortness of breath and chest pains. As an astrology minded person - and without their chart details - all I can say is that Pluto (yes, we still consider it a planet) and Saturn and the eclipse of the sun are kicking major butt! And Pluto is SUCH a slow mover - it's a generational energy. It affects a lot of people - forces them to make those tough choices and changes. Saturn is just plain ornery. I like to defer most of my astrological musings to my friends at the bookstore - and attempted to do so earlier this week, only to find out they're all off playing this week - hopefully somewhere that Pluto and Saturn can't find them! And as if the family health problems weren't enough - one of my knees was causing me problems for the entire week - only to miraculously crack itself back into place late yesterday. Just in time to walk blocks and sit in my not so comfy lawn chair to enjoy another night of Blues on the Square. And that's how I got on the subject of the iPhone-I really wish I had one so that I could just snap some photos of the band and crowd. Easy. Peasy. Unless you don't have one....alas. Maybe someday. When my beads can pay.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

A sudden rush of creativity

Even though I have about 6 boxes and/or trays of projects at some stage of completeness - my brain still manages to pump out more. As I'm sitting among my beads at the shop last week, I had a sudden need to create something with spiral peyote - but after about 6 inches, I got bored with it. So I set it aside, and opened one of my begging to be completed (or started for that matter) projects - and an idea was born. Thanks to all the wonderful Green Girl components that I've been hanging onto for a few months - I KNEW the right projects (or PROJECT) would arise. This creation is called 'The Reflecting Pool'. This piece was completed in just 3 days. I used the spiral peyote piece on one side of the neckpiece, and added embellished spiral rope to the other - another assymetric masterpiece!

Not sure why some projects call to me and come together so quickly, and yet others languish in their boxes for months if not YEARS before completion. None the less - I have already worn it(didn't think I would part this baby, didya?) and had TONS of compliments on it. And I think that's what it's really all about. It's the ego boost. It's the thrill of all eyes on you and your beautiful creation. And the new haircut on Friday helped too!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New friends knowing old ones - or - The Gift of Pam

It truly can be a small world sometimes. I made a new friend yesterday - one that I believe has been brought to me by wonderful spirit energy, knowing that my love and yearning for daily contact with the new age world has been somewhat lacking lately....
Her name is Pam. She's our new candle vendor at The Schoolhouse. I've been watching her, along with her husband, as they created the space and completed the booth. I hadn't actually met her until she came to work her first 6 hour shift yesterday - and she came and introduced herself to me. Very easy going, very HAPPY (instant bonus) and nice person - within 5 minutes, we found a common thread that makes me truly trust in faith with the universe.....
she is also a lover of all things new age, and began to tell me about this wonderful store she'd been going to, and all the wonderful people - especially one in particular, that helped change her life. I was so joyful to be able to tell her that it just so happens to be the same place and people that did the same for me - Coyote Wisdom - the store where I worked, that I frequent, and where the heart of me lies.
It's also where Carole, and Connie, and Phyllis, and all the other great metaphysical souls have come to roost. We all came together through Mountain Books - the original new age store in town that everyone knew and loved. (Long story short - new owner, different artistic views, separation into a new and better place - Coyote.)
Carole is my great friend and mentor - and the person that also so greatly moved Pam. Of course she has. That's her thing! So now Pam and I have quickly bonded over our passion, and mutual love of metaphysics. There are NO COINCIDENCES, folks. Pam was my gift from
spirit - someone that, even though she's only there a few hours a month - will add the great spirit energies to the place with her presence, will also help keep me grounded in my Schoolhouse space - and is someone I can now call a friend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in the swing

It's been one of those weeks - worryin about my dad, slow sales, uncooperative beads - but it was all worthwhile when the hummingbird came to call....I have tried without success to 'camp out' on the deck to get a photo - but since I never know when the quick & quiet little flying flower will show - it's been a futile attempt so far. Now that we have this new fangled fancy camera that's supposed to do great zoom and close ups - I hope maybe I'll soon have success. I also will soon have photos of my 'clematis flowers' necklace - partially finished. Actually, it's not even in necklace form yet. I've got just the 3 flowers, and all the beads chosen for what will be the necklace and vines. Like I said, uncooperative beads....anyhoo - hope to have better luck pulling it all together this week. I think I'll need to work with just the 3 full flowers, and then make some 'buds' to complete it with fringe beads. Just can't seem to find a match for those purple delicas....
Speaking of purple....beautiful purple-y red raspberries have ripened around here, a few on our own home bushes, and LOTS at the Farmer's Market! A trip on Saturday yielded a pint of beautiful raspberry goodness, along with a quart of strawberries too. (and potatoes, and peppers, and green beans...I LOVE the smells of the market!) I'm in the process of whipping up a beautiful berry trifle to take to the girls at the shop today - white cake squares, vanilla mousse, and lots and lots of berries! yum!
TTFN - check back for those Clematis photos - and maybe some of my beautiful hummer as well!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Things are looking up!

First of all - update on my dad. He came home on Wednesday - and is doing quite well. He has surprised us by being particularly cooperative about doing his exercises, something he was just plain ornery about in the hospital. His home health care aid was there today, and although I haven't heard the final outcome - my guess is she won't need to see him for very long. Now if he can just follow the rigid, downright impractical starvation diet they've given him. YUCK.
And now on a beading note - got my issue of BEADWORK today. All I can say is WOW! There is no way I'll be able to finish all the wonderful seed bead projects before the next issue arrives! Especially since I'm in the middle of my own creative endeavor right now - a beaded Clematis Vine Necklace (yes, Beverly, I DID it!). I've completed 3 flowers - but run out of the perfect color of Jackmanii Clematis purple Delicas. I'm debating on leaving it at 3 flowers, and doing a choker type herringbone rope with curlyque vines - or getting more of the purple Delicas for more of a lariat type piece....hmmmmmm.
And it's funny how great minds think alike. I was just getting ready to begin this post about my love of seed beads and what can be created with them, when I stopped to read Marcia DeCoster's blog ( GREAT MIND! Her blog is asking the question "why seed beads?". I found her list of possible reasons to be every single one of mine. Plus therapeutic, color blendable, portable and just plain obsessive if you want to know the truth. There are very few pieces in my gallery and shop that do NOT contain seed beads in some way, shape or form. They add a certain unique quality that is just not seen much anymore in mainstream jewelry stores. The 'weaving arts' are the only beading classes I am teaching right now - there are so few out there that have the skills, and I love to share....
My only "issue" with this issue I guess you could say, is that they ONCE AGAIN - put the WRONG ad in for my shop listing. Urgh. Even after a CONFIRMATION email. But at least the address and the phone number are correct - I suppose that's something....
TTFN. Happy beading, everyone! If you haven't seen a copy of the new August/September 09 issue of BEADWORK - get thineself to the nearest magazine seller! It is truly wonderful......

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few less posts

As I mentioned in my previous post - my posts will be a little less colorful - and as it turns out - less plentiful as well. My father had a serious heart attack on Sunday evening - and I've been spending my hours and time at the hospital and transporting my traffic shy mother back and forth since then. He is still in the hospital after having a stent inserted immediately after arriving by ambulance on Sunday night. He is balking at the "therapy" and is becoming quite the irritable patient - so may not get to come home tomorrow as we'd hoped. If he would cooperate - he'd get out sooner - but he would rather fight's very hard to argue with a 77 year old man that has wires coming out of everywhere and several different people poking him and prodding him every single day. He will need another stent in 4 to 6 weeks - with another 8 weeks of recovery and therapy after that. They had planned to head home to Florida in October - and the fact that they may not be able to return has added to his frustration. My mother is exhausted - and tomorrow we plod on.
So TTFN - it may be a few days or more before I have a chance to blog with an update....wish us all well, and for my dad a speedy and un-irritating recovery.....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photo-less blogging....

My blogs will be a little less colorful for the next few days - hopefully no longer than that. My husband had a particularly bad day yesterday, culminating with the SMASHING of the lens face of our Olympus digital camera. This was also not a particularly good time for adding a new camera to our budget - and in fact, the entire NEW camera purchase came from MY bead shop budget. I had hoped to attend GLW in a few weeks. But alas - since he needs the camera for his business, and didn't have the funds readily available - spend I did. We have purchased one with lots more bells and whistles, that I believe will take even better jewelry photos than our old one did. So since he has promised to pay me back at least a portion of the purchase, and I'll get better photos in the long run - I guess a bead sacrifice or two must be made. :0(
I sure hope today goes better for him - he may be getting the night off, making it a 4 day weekend - so THAT should cheer him up!
Can't wait to start using the new touchscreen camera - then you'll probably be sick of seeing all my photos!