Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun?

Mostly. For awhile. As one of our popular newspaper columnists has pointed out in today's paper - summer in our area is questionable....
But we did manage to enjoy our annual family BBQ Volleyball bash before the rain washed out the bonfire. I posted a couple of photos above - the tall drink of water in the center in white on the near side of the net would be my DH. He's really complaining about his sore body today - but they had lots of fun - until the rain came in....and it is again raining - big fat blobs as we blog. So much for that fishing trip this afternoon....
Back on a beading note - my somewhat weak sales for the month have suddenly gotten hot - thanks to a regular big buyer and my in shop creative work. I love it when someone comes along and sees what I'm working on, and loves it to so much that they purchase it on the spot - before I've even finished it! I also figured out a way to turn that same creative project (a bead embroidery piece) into a class - which already has two takers! So it's been a pretty great weekend so far - and now the sun is shining again!

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