Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in the swing

It's been one of those weeks - worryin about my dad, slow sales, uncooperative beads - but it was all worthwhile when the hummingbird came to call....I have tried without success to 'camp out' on the deck to get a photo - but since I never know when the quick & quiet little flying flower will show - it's been a futile attempt so far. Now that we have this new fangled fancy camera that's supposed to do great zoom and close ups - I hope maybe I'll soon have success. I also will soon have photos of my 'clematis flowers' necklace - partially finished. Actually, it's not even in necklace form yet. I've got just the 3 flowers, and all the beads chosen for what will be the necklace and vines. Like I said, uncooperative beads....anyhoo - hope to have better luck pulling it all together this week. I think I'll need to work with just the 3 full flowers, and then make some 'buds' to complete it with fringe beads. Just can't seem to find a match for those purple delicas....
Speaking of purple....beautiful purple-y red raspberries have ripened around here, a few on our own home bushes, and LOTS at the Farmer's Market! A trip on Saturday yielded a pint of beautiful raspberry goodness, along with a quart of strawberries too. (and potatoes, and peppers, and green beans...I LOVE the smells of the market!) I'm in the process of whipping up a beautiful berry trifle to take to the girls at the shop today - white cake squares, vanilla mousse, and lots and lots of berries! yum!
TTFN - check back for those Clematis photos - and maybe some of my beautiful hummer as well!

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