Thursday, May 31, 2012


Things are changing for me again.  It's too soon to tell whether they will be cleansing, clearing, happy path changes - or changes that send me into deep despair.  '
On a happy change note - I've placed my jewelry for sale in a newly opened boutique here in town, and am also selling some of my no longer worn clothing there - it's a 'resale' boutique - but only for mens and womens clothing and accessories, and high end ones at that.  We'll be doing the consignment route - and I'll give it a 6 month whirl.    If you're ever in Holt, check out Off~Rack Consignments 2068 Cedar Street, next door to Domino's Pizza (and just north of Biggby Coffee).  Tell 'er Sheryl sent ya!
As far as selling jewelry elsewhere - I think I'll be taking a break.  I'm committed to about 1/2 dozen art shows and fairs over the summer, and that's it.  I've decided not to pursue other venues, or look for other opportunities right now.   It's been on my mind for several weeks now.  I've had three different people ask me, when the subject comes up that my sales are lackluster, WHY do I continue to do it?  And I finally had to ask myself the same question.  I used to be able to answer it with 'because I love it', but this time, I had to face the fact that I am never going to be the in demand, popular jewelry maker.  I just don't seem to have what it takes to bring buyers to the table.  And that makes me not love it anymore.
What will I do?  I have no idea.  I keep hoping and ASKING that a fun, part time clerk opportunity will enter my path.  So far, no luck.  Will I keep designing?  Probably. Maybe.  But just for myself, and my mom, and for gift giving needs.  I find myself once again at the lost mojo stage - which has happened so many times lately that I wonder if it might be gone for good.  I've never had such a stretch of time when I was unable to be creative and design something on my own.  Instead I find myself referring to the mags, and letting someone else's idea and vision help me create.  And I suppose there's nothing wrong with that, it's nice to have someone else's brain to do the creating once in awhile, but at this point in my 'career', I should be designing and creating from my OWN brain, consistently and without fail.  Something has clicked off in there somewhere, and I need to find the on switch, or find another path.  Simple as that.
Will I stop blogging?  Hey, lucky you, dear reader- probably not.  I still have a garden, and life happens, so I will continue to babble - but probably fewer and farther between.  Writing is another one of those things that I have always loved.  I had thought I might try my hand at a project book, having already self published two books (a 'How I did it" and a photo journal).  It was really fun - but self publishing gets you NO exposure, and that was a bomb as well.  Then I start seeing that it seems as though everybody and their beading brother are putting books out there right now, so again, I'm lost in the sea of other people's successes, and don't feel it would even be worth it to try. 
I hope my future is not as gloomy as it seems right now, and I'm sorry to put such a wet blanket on my usual bubbly posts.  It feels as though someone has popped those bubbles - and it may take me awhile, if ever, to get back up to the bubbly stage again.
TTFN, I hope I'm back with brighter beady news soon - getting ready to do a show next weekend - so maybe I'll have LOTS to post about after that.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Michigan is burning

Totally non bead post again today.  Our great state is on fire.  The Seney Wildlife Refuge in the Upper Peninsula has been burning out of control for days.  Although they say it's now 70 percent contained, it's consumed much of our beloved forest, as well as Rainbow Lodge, a VERY popular establishment, and is threatening one of Michigan's most beautiful natural resources - Tahquamenon Falls and it's surrounding park.  Here is a link to a youtube video showing just what's at stake.  Pray that all is not lost.....

Tahquamenon is very near and dear to me, although it is a half days drive away, and over the bridge too.  I remember every year our family would make the trip, and take the train through the wilderness, where the bears (unbeknownst to us small kiddies) were baited so that there would be bear sightings along the way.  Then to the trail to the most spectacular falls.  Those didn't really seem so great until I got old enough to appreciate their beauty.   Even once I'd married, my husband and I would make a regular camping trip or two to the U.P., and usually included Tahquamenon in those trips.  It's been a few years, but I still remember so much about it.  We've driven through Seney many times too - miles and miles and miles of nothing but trees, trees, trees, and the occasional critter or two.  Mother Nature must have a grand plan in mind, so much has been lost and will need to regrow.
So much to love about Pure Michigan - I hope we don't lose too much of what makes us a GREAT Lakes State....


Saturday, May 26, 2012

No babbles are good babbles

Not trying to ignore my reading public, just haven't had much to babble about in the last week or so - except my garden.  That's pretty much all I've been spending my time on, and where I love to be this time of year;  everything is so green, and new, and it's exciting to watch the changes everyday - the opening of a flower bud that you just discovered yesterday, the sprouts of the impatiens seeds you strewed in the big pot way out back.  GROWTH.  Renewal.  It makes me happy.

Many of the plants in this photo from a week ago are already larger - and flowery-er. :0)
So much to be grateful for in this garden of serenity.
A few more changes and additions yet to make - new 'seats' on the garden chairs for pots to sit on, and I'll be combing some yard sales in the next few weeks looking for the perfect lounging chair for my little nook space.  FINALLY got my hubby to clear some of his things out of it, so that I can use it for relaxing - as was intended.  I'm considering painting some simple flowers on the door - and I'm not even a painter!  But it's part of the vision I have for the space, so I may have to at least try....
Peaceful beading everyone, enjoy the gardens in your life,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching that brass ring - Bead Table Wednesday

It's an old legend about good luck and fortune - catching the brass ring on a circus carousel.  Carousel horses were a favorite obsession of mine for a number of years, and I had (still have packed in boxes) a collection of over 100 of them.  Yep.  Over 100.  But some reason, the obsession waned, and I no longer collect them.  I do still believe in the beauty and the legend though, and so it seemed an easy transition to 'fix' the Laura Mears porcelain unicorn without his horn.  Of all the carpet in the room, the poor thing had to hit the chair leg on the way down.  It was a clean shear, and I think this will make for a much more meaningful creation.  Here are all the pieces and parts to start - minus the brass ring chain that will become part of the necklace.  Can't have that carousel without brass rings, now, can I?

This is my Bead Table Wednesday posting, and one that can only have a magical end result.  There has been a lot of magic happening around here this week - mainly in the garden.  Still prepping, and have more planting to do, but the faeries needed a garden of their own, so I made them this one:

And since the morning after I left it for them, I was rewarded with a hummingbird sighting - I think they just might like it.
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer prep

Lots of prep work going on this week - not just for my upcoming summer shows and fairs, but getting the flower AND veggie garden spaces ready.  We haven't been able to have a vegetable garden for several years - the spot we chose for it, in a big sunny spot in the back corner of our lot, in reality was much too close to the HUGE black walnut tree that graces the back of our lot as well.  Things never grew well, so we tried and tried and TRIED tomatoes in pots.  Most were lost to critters - wild and our own - our old golden girl, Kaya, LOVED green tomatoes!
Finally, this year, we decided that besides all the other green changes we are making, we'd attempt another garden space - only this time in a different spot, in a raised bed with fencing to keep out OUR critters at least.  Started the veggies - tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, (and something else I think) from seed in our own home made greenhouse, and they are, for the most part (except for those silly peas) sprouting like crazy.  So now we've got to get their 'bed' ready, so to speak.  All this while also preparing my perennial path and patio space with canopy, arbor, and ALL my garden decor.  It's a several day job, and one that was going to take even longer this year because of my busy schedule, or so I thought.  I came home after working a long, hot, stuffy but profitable day at the bookstore, to find that hubby had planted all my new perennials, put up my canopy, and was busy scrubbing the patio furniture!  See what happens when you leave a man alone for a day!  And I thought he'd go fishing!  lol!
I'll have photos when we're done.  I never 'decorate' my garden the same way twice, so here's a little taste of what LAST years' garden space looked like.  I should have photos of THIS years by mid-week.

Looking forward to a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday full of beads.  YAY!
Peaceful beading, and WEEDING,  :0)

Friday, May 18, 2012

What comes first - the chicken or the egg?

Or in my case - the outfit or the jewelry!  I can't believe how many times I make jewelry, only to discover I already HAVE the perfect thing in my wardrobe to wear it with.  Such was the case as I began creating this beauty today:

I realized about half way through that I had the perfect top (which it is being displayed on) to go with it.  Just have to add the suede and edging, bail and necklace portion.  It doesn't have a name yet either.  Since it's mine - I may not give it one.  This piece was a simple oval paua shell cab on Nicole's Beadbacking when I took it with me to open the bookstore this morning.  I expected it to be slow to light customers while working my 11 to 2 shift.  Well- NO phone calls & NO peeps until after ONE oclock!  Talk about a slow morning!  I was sooooo glad I had this with me to pass the time, but before I knew it - I had gone as far as I could go with the beads I had brought along with me.  And lucky for me to have my own little bead shop right there in the bookstore - because when it came to the perfect accent - I had to 'borrow' the turquoise rondelles and the pink pearls from my stock!  Glad I did though - really sets off those colors in the top.  I plan to wear the finished piece when I work again on Sunday.  If I remember - photo op!
The second part of my day consisted of a trip to HOMEGOODS.  I have a love/hate relationship with that store.  I love it so much, but hate that I never have the money to get ALLLLL the things I simply HAVE TO HAVE!  I was lucky enough today to have a bit of extra cash, and I went peacock box CRAZY! 

These will all become displays somehow for my tables at the shows this summer - especially the big one.  It's just as pretty on the inside.  I'm thinking of stringing and affixing some ribbon across it somehow, so I can stand it up and open it.  The small one is the same, with a slightly different color motif, and the oblong one IS a jewelry box - no creativity needed!  There are a few other pieces that go with these that I would LOVE to have - maybe next week.  Because one thing I've discovered about Homegoods - get it fast - or it's GONE!  They change their merchandise constantly!
Hope you all have a wonderful, beadiful, peaceful weekend,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beadless post

More of a vent or a rant, and definitely nothing to do with beads.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we found out early in the week that my husbands aunt, his mom's sister, has cancer.  We found out today that it is stage 4 lymphatic and lung cancer - probably untreatable.  The next doctor (or the one after that, or the one after that) will be giving her that information.  From the get go, Aunt Nancy was adamant that no matter what, she would just keep doing what she's doing - no surgery, radiation, chemo, treatment whatsoever.  Frankly - it's the same way I feel.  I would do the same.  IF I were ever to know.  Because that's where my rant comes in - not only does Nancy know, but it seems like EVERYBODY and their brother now knows, and is convincing her that it's the most dire of circumstances, and either calling her to do the 'Oh, boo hoo, poor Nancy" bit, or PREACHING.  For gosh sakes, people.  She's not in pain, she's not immobile.  She'd be better off NOT knowing, as far as I'm concerned. There is much to be said (and studies written) on the power of the mind and disease.  Many of the relatives are not happy with me and my attitude.  They think I am uncaring or unfeeling.  Not true.  It is sobering to know that someone I care about is in this situation, and there isn't anything that I can do to fix it. And yeah - I'm uncomfortable about what to say.  Kind of seems silly to say, Hey, how ya doin', Nancy?   But constantly calling her and crying about it, obsessing about it, is not doing anything for her state of mind.  NOW she's decided she thinks she wants to do all the radiation and chemo, at 75 years old (if in fact it can be done).  And if she decides to do that, we will support her.  But we don't plan to be a part of the decision, which is what everyone else seems to be doing with the phone calls. I do NOT want to be a part of helping her make a decision that could ultimately alter or change her life, and then be one who is blamed for a less than positive outcome.  SHE has to make the decision on her own.   Her son, who I am not a fan of, has finally decided to join the ranks of reality and accompany her to her doctor visits.  And as much as I am NOT a Nick fan - his feelings about this are much like my husbands and mine - once he realized that it was a reality, he's pushing alternative medicine, alternative energies, organic food, and POSITIVE thought.  It will go a long way - even if it's just for her state of mind.  I plan to do some Reiki healing,  IF she will allow it.  But if not - I won't continue to force the issue, unlike those that have been calling to preach, and preach and preach.  Give it a rest already. 
So thanks for giving me my space to vent today.  The beads will be back soon.   I'm going to start another cab project soon - when I'm not working at Coyote or in the yard.  One little teaser - IT'S PURPLE!
Peaceful, HEALTHFUL beading everyone. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buddha full of joy

I don't know how many of you have been long time readers, but SOME of you may remember the saga of the Joyful Buddha.  He was, and still is, one of my favorite pieces that I've ever done, and I will never get to make another - the plated pewter buddha head is just no longer to be found.  Anywhere.  I've been looking for a couple of YEARS.  Anyway.  There is so much meaning behind this piece.  The word "joy" on the band portion, the oriental scroll designs that blend in the with whole 'joyful buddha' feel.  Even the amethyst and rose quartz lend to the energies being created with this piece - as a whole.
I placed it for sale at Coyote, and soon got a call from a customer, who was interested in purchasing the piece - provided that I would REMOVE THE BUDDHA.   HORRORS!  I blogged about it at the time, and asked for opinions from my then readers as to whether or not it would ruin my credibility, or hurt my business to refuse to change the piece.  I got (and felt) a resounding NO, that I shouldn't change a thing - and so I declined.  Within days of doing so, my joyful guy found his forever home with a good friend of mine (only I didn't know that at the time).  A very close friend of hers bought it for her for a gift - not knowing that she and I knew each other, and had past history, in fact. 
But my friend knew as soon as she saw it, that this was a one of a kind, Cool Moon Creation.  It needed a bit of adjustment, she being such a tiny little thing - and he's been back a couple of times for link replacement.    Last weekend he returned AGAIN - she's worn it so often that the links just aren't holding together.  So I reworked the join spot where it counted - and behold
The Buddha is again JOYFUL.
So glad she enjoys him - and so glad that I didn't give in to compromising my work.  Many of my pieces have meanings, and stories and specific energies that are MEANT to be in the form they are in.  Changing them just wouldn't be right. 
Peaceful, joyful beading,

Monday, May 14, 2012

A little at a time

That seems to be how everything is going lately.  Our garden is coming together - a little at a time.  My newest bead project - "Plumage" - is going slowly - but turning out beautifully. 

Unfortunately, it's also how we're finding out about some serious family illness issues - a little at a time.  It seems that just one doctor no longer wants to be responsible for delivering bad news.  The first doctor has you contact a specialist, who then sends you to a special specialist, who then assigns his peon assistant the job of telling you what is wrong (poor assistant).  Then THAT specialist assigns yet one's agonizing for the patient, to say the least, even before the grim diagnosis.  So we're a bit down in the dumps around here right now, hoping that things will be brighter with the next appointment for our dear aunt.  And coincidentally, her sister, my mother in law, has also been given the same song - she sees the guy that assigns the assistant to give news - on Wednesday.  We're ALL hoping her news is not so grim.
Anyway - trying to stay happy.  Hubby has taken a few days off to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I know there should be more pomp.  More circumstance.  More excitement and celebration.  Alas, it's not our style.  We'll be making a day trip to a few of our favorite places, and then a quiet dinner for two.  Back to the grind on Wednesday....

Have just one more oval turquoise piece to complete, and then add a bit more 'plumage'.  It will be done and ready to be revealed by Haslett Good Old Days in Lake Lansing Park on the 9th.
I wish you peaceful beading, and ask for a prayer or two,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beads and blahs

Sorry no posts for a few days.  Parents arrived home on Sunday, and at dinner that afternoon, Mom and I both decided we needed new dresses for Saturdays' wedding.  So we've been shopping and dropping for two days, and although we didn't exactly find dresses (I fear this is going to be an ugly dress summer) we both found great things that will work - and everything on sale!
As far as the beads are concerned - they haven't been calling me still, and the repairs keep rolling in.  It is a little depressing that I've had SEVEN of them in the last week or so, but none of them were really from anything that I did, but rather because folks are hard on their jewelry.  I've got two more to repair tonight and tomorrow - but won't be back to Coyote again until next week to return them.
Blahs - yeah, you could say that.  Just losing the mojo again so soon after finding again is a blah in itself.  Hope it comes back soon.  I thought maybe doing the repair jobs would be enough to kick in the rest - but not so far.    And more blahs because my daily routine has been altered by the decision of the local newspaper that my brother writes for to not allow us to read online for free anymore - and I'm sorry, but $24 a MONTH to read Marks column?  Sorry, Bro - love ya, but NO.  And then there's my husbands decision to try and cut cable, so he's hooked up a lousy rabbit ear antenna (yes, they still make them) and it gets very little reception.  So I'm news less, and tube less, and bead less, and well, you get the picture.  Wish I DID.

So here's something pretty I pulled of Pinterest just to fill the space and make my post worthwhile - I do hope to have something beadworthy to post soon.  I'll be pretty busy with family obligations this weekend, and then hubby and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  He's taking a couple days off at the beginning of the week, so some garden planning, and planting, and garden center trips will surely be on the schedule.  Beads are way down on the list next week.....blah.
LOVE these purple window frames.  Wish my hubby would let me do that.  I thought I had him talked into purple shutters, but now think they'll end up remaining maroon.
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, May 6, 2012

To read, WEED or bead....

That is the question.  And so far - I've read, and I've weeded.  And will continue to weed until the NEXT time one dares enter my garden space.  I read a post by National Home Gardening Club on Facebook this morning about pouring scalding hot water on weeds to kill them.  I tried a small section of an invasive patch right in the front yard - we'll see how well that works.  It certainly is the GREENER thing to do.....
So once again, readers - no beads.  And I really need to sit and do some.  I have a repair to make and return to sender, and I have 3 custom zipper pulls to make by Thursday. And "Plumage" is just starting to take shape just as I envisioned -  but the call just isn't strong enough right now.  The book I'm reading is quite excellent - it's one of those that you can barely put down, but do, because you want to prolong it as long as possible, and will be disappointed there's not more at the end.  It's not my usual fare, but rather something I found on the book club recommendations table last week during our little jaunt to Schuler's.  I'm trying to 'branch out' in the literature department.  Raunchy novels have bored me for several years now, and the whodunits are getting old.  There are a couple of authors that I crave new work from, but then I read it, and it's done for a few years until they come through with another one.  The book I'm reading now is  called "South of Superior", and it's ABOUT Michigan, written by a MICHIGAN author.  A very good, funny, poignant piece of fiction that takes place in the U.P.,  about a young woman's search for answers about a family she never knew, and the 'family' she ends up finding while doing so.  I will probably finish it this afternoon.   I won't have to stop to make dinner - we're awaiting the arrival of my parents for the summer - they will be here later this afternoon.  Once they've unpacked and unloaded their car, they'll need to eat, so we'll be joining them.  Maybe one or more of my brothers too, if she contacted them. 
Hope you'll hop back around and read again soon - I promise there WILL be beads.  Now that Grand-dale is closed, and I've temporarily pulled out of the gallery, there's not much to take up my time but Coyote - and that only one day this week.  Pure blissful freedom - and some of it WILL be spent with the beads.....honest.
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Market Crazy

It's farmers market season again!  YAY!  I don't know why we go so market crazy - cuz it cost us a fortune.  And it's not just the fruits and veggies that gets us - THOSE we can justify.  It's the to die for lemon bars from the Mediterranian deli, it's the kettle corn that gets you with it's aroma the minute you pull into the parking lot.  And today it was also the new Mexican restaurant booth and it's wet burritos, which we discovered is an actual restaurant that opened a few months ago right by our house!, and a gourmet coffee vendor.  I was too late for my favorite jalapeno cheese bread, but the guy still talked me into regular cheese bread.  Homemade dog treats found their way into the bag, and to justify it all - a big bag of greens for tuna and salads.   PLUS - way over on the other side of town, there's the greenhouse/nursery that is also a farmers market, just not with a whole lot of locally grown stuff unless it's in season.  I went for a Clematis - and left with chips, and dip, and three kids of fruit and nut mixes, and oh yeah - that Clematis.   
So what's on your table for the weekend?  Beads - or chow?  In my case - BOTH!
Peaceful beading,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pillow Talk

This is the pillow that I just finished embellishing for my cousin and his bride in a few weeks.  I love the colors, and think she will too. 

I didn't add as much detail as I usually do, I just looked at it and it said 'done' to me.  I think Z will agree.
Rainy Friday.  New hair Friday.  Hate when that happens.  Can't go out and about showin' off a new 'do when it's rainy - it'll get ruined.  Bah.  I think I'm chickening out of my original plan to go short anyway - I'm just too large, and too OLD to pull off the style I wanted.  So trimmin' the bob - and callin' it good.
Getting ready to post on Etsy again - a few views here and there - but honestly - WHAT does it take? 
A little frustrated already, and it's only the 2nd month in.  But I'll stick it out, and may get a bit more traffic when folks that stop by my table at the shows this summer ask if I'm on line - or have a website. 
Hopin' to make some headway on my newest creation this afternoon too - a bead embroidered cuff style PEACOCK inspired bracelet.  I'm on the second cab section now - labradorite.  ;0)  Photos soon....
Peaceful beading,
(LOVE how my paragraphs centered the last line.  I DIDN'T do that on purpose -but it looks cool!)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daydream is a painful reality

Daydream Believer will NOT become a project submission to Bead Trends magazine.  I had time to think on it, and sleep on it, and re-read the rules and regulations for submission. I emailed them this morning, respectfully declining.   Here are the reasons that I am not accepting the proposal, and things that you may want to take into consideration before submitting a photo for project submission, too:
They request and REQUIRE that ALL photos of the piece be removed from THE INTERNET until the project is published, which in my case, isn't until OCTOBER.  Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm extremely proud of a piece of work, I brag about it.  Sorry, folks - I like to toot my own horn.  And in doing so - because cyber space is a wonderful world to live in - there are sources for doing so in many, many, many forms - like Pinterest for instance.  How many repins of this necklace were there?  And how do I unpin them all?  Frankly - I don't WANNA unpin them all, and the comments and pats on the back that went along.  Same with Facebook.  I have a wonderful photo album of this piece, and some nice comments that I would rather not delete.  And this blog.  And Flickr.  And probably a few others that I can't think of this early in the morning. 
Also - because I had no idea I'd be wanting or even thinking about submitting this as a project when I started, I didn't keep track of where I got all the pieces and parts - which I accumulated from several places over the course of about 8 months before I started on it.  Some were purchased from different vendors at Bead Bonanza, some were purchased at Bead Haven, some in other places, some retail, some not.  I DIDN'T keep track.  How did I know I needed to?  I've submitted and had projects published in the past, but they weren't this product heavy, so remembering where I got one or two components was easier.
MOSTLY - I guess, now that I think about it, and am faced with the whole project issue - I don't WANT this to be a project that anyone can make.  I want it to remain OOAK.  So I guess I probably shouldn't have submitted it.  My bad.
So anyway - those are a few things that I guess you really need to think about when submitting for a project (those, and how easy it is to do step by step instructions.  This one would have been crazy HARD).   I am still excited that they accepted me, and won't let it deter me from submitting again - just more carefully next time.
Off to do my daily Etsy listing.  Not sure what other tags to use to get people there - but even listing everyday - I'm not being viewed.  I'm wondering if, because Etsy has changed it's seller guidelines so that resellers can also join in at like, .99 cents for a pair of earrings, buying handmade is just not popular anymore.  Sad.
Back later to share photos of the pillow I just finished embroidering for that wedding gift.  CUTE!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

I think I know what Katrina and the Waves meant by that song, cuz WOW!  My day consisted of a great meeting with Sharon at OffRack Boutique - I'll be selling my things there as one of just a few chosen designers. She'll be ready for us, in a room all our own, by the end of June.   Her shop is very small, with the front space being adult mens and womens gently used QUALITY clothing.  Like from Gantos, and Chicos, and Hudsons - HIGH END QUALITY.  And the whole reason for deciding to have a room for artists to sell things is not necessarily to appeal to her customers, but rather to the CONSIGNERS that are bringing IN the high end clothing, that have - and will - and DO - spend a lot of money on nice, quality items that they love. And also for her professional contacts - consisting of many, many people in the music business (by "day" she's a music promoter and manager).  YAY ME!  I followed this with a quick 2 hour shift at the bookstore, and then came home to find TWO spectacular emails - one from Liz at The Great Lakes Bead Guild with the link to my FEATURE on the WEBSITE!

This was followed in the same batch by an email from Northridge Publishing, tentatively accepting one of my pieces that I submitted WEEKS ago (I lamented here about not hearing from them not too long ago, in fact).  There is a question as to whether or not it's important to know my SOURCE for ALL of the components, because unfortunately, I don't.  But I'm hoping it won't be an issue - so that I can BE in an ISSUE in October.    Daydream Believer is the project though, and I didn't think about how freeform it was - writing instructions are a bit tricky when you wing things.  I also have to try to remember where all the photos of Daydream Believer are - as they REQUIRE that the piece is NOT published photo wise anywhere else before the issue comes out.  Yikes. 

I also stopped by the hair salon and talked to my stylist about the stuff on top of my head called hair.
I think I'm chopping it.  Hubby won't be happy, and I will give him a "heads" up first.  Got till Friday to decide...
So wow.  What a day.  Celebratory mozz sticks and marinara (one of my faves), and relaxing with the fur kiddoes.....

Peaceful beading, everyone - and prosperous days to you too....

Wednesday's Bead Table

This is what MY bead table looks like today.  Not too bad - somedays it's much, much worse.  Unfortunately, on the DOWN side of starting Etsy listing again, it takes up my entire morning BEAD TABLE time.  I haven't been able to break away from this laptop since about 7:15 - and it's now 8:30!.  I could have gotten sooooo much beading done in that amount of time.   Listings, photos, postings, sharings - but it's all ME related, and ME's gotta pay the bills!  lol!  My Etsy listings have been posted for the day, so if you want to see what's new - just hit the link on the right.

The above photo is actually a preview of sorts for some of you.  I used it, along with photos of some of my newer pieces, to submit to be a FEATURED artist on the The Great Lakes Bead Guild's website.
It will probably be up on the site by the next issue of the newsletter, which will go out in July.  I haven't been able to participate in any classes or meetings in the last year and a half or so - gas prices and $$ needing to be spent on other things.  But I really miss the comaraderie of the group, and since my group in this area didn't really pan out, I need beady interaction.  Plus the exposure, too.  Even if most of the members are in Detroit.
Today's the day I meet with Sharon at OffRack (why does it seem like many of my opportunities come by way of someone named SHARON?)  and then it's off to Coyote for the afternoon.  I was able to find another (the last one they had) grid rack, and fill it with more beads.  Connie was quite happy with what I've done so far - YAY!   Taking some new jewels today, too.

Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beginning anew

Whew.  What a day I had yesterday.  In a good way.  LOTS of productivity and success - on a MONDAY!   And before I forget the reason for the title of the post - beginning today, May 1, I will be listing BEADS on my Etsy site.  Just a strand or two a day, along with a piece of jewelry or two.  Don't want to sit here all day - I've got projects in progress, a class to put kits and instructions together for, a second bead rack to fill - I've just plain got stuff to DO!  But the most exciting thing about yesterday is the new contact that I think I have made.  It all began with Sundays little local community paper, which we sometimes only open to see whether or not it includes a crossword puzzle.  It didn't.  But this one also included information about an upcoming election for our district, so I found myself actually looking through it.   Imagine my surprise at finding an article - not just an ad, but an ARTICLE - about a NEW consignment and jewelry boutique that just opened right here in Holt!  Just a mile or so away!  Right on the main drag!  We just never have to drive that particular section, so I hadn't seen the sign.  I emailed her first thing in the morning, with a request for 'meet' time, and attached a photo collage of my work.  I heard back from her later last night, and we're getting together on Wednesday.  I don't plan to actually tell too many people about this, so those of you reading it here are the lucky ones to know.  I have only driven past it,  have no idea whether I will even 'fit', or what her stipulations are.  We shall see.   Trying not to get my hopes up, but staying positive at the same time.  Tricky.
Here is a photo of the bracelet I just posted on Etsy:  Alaskan Moonlight.  I'm sure you've seen it here before, but I love how the photos turned out this time.  My professional photographer sister in law gave me a few hints on lighting and backdrop - and it worked perfectly.  This one's listed for $100.  Pricey, but when you factor in the semi precious stones, and the WORK involved - probably not so much. 

Guess I better get going  -  today is my only 'free' day this week.  I'd love to have time to work on my new peacock cuff bracelet (wait til you see the CLASP) but other things like bathrooms and dishes beckon me too.
Peaceful beading, everyone,