Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beads and blahs

Sorry no posts for a few days.  Parents arrived home on Sunday, and at dinner that afternoon, Mom and I both decided we needed new dresses for Saturdays' wedding.  So we've been shopping and dropping for two days, and although we didn't exactly find dresses (I fear this is going to be an ugly dress summer) we both found great things that will work - and everything on sale!
As far as the beads are concerned - they haven't been calling me still, and the repairs keep rolling in.  It is a little depressing that I've had SEVEN of them in the last week or so, but none of them were really from anything that I did, but rather because folks are hard on their jewelry.  I've got two more to repair tonight and tomorrow - but won't be back to Coyote again until next week to return them.
Blahs - yeah, you could say that.  Just losing the mojo again so soon after finding again is a blah in itself.  Hope it comes back soon.  I thought maybe doing the repair jobs would be enough to kick in the rest - but not so far.    And more blahs because my daily routine has been altered by the decision of the local newspaper that my brother writes for to not allow us to read online for free anymore - and I'm sorry, but $24 a MONTH to read Marks column?  Sorry, Bro - love ya, but NO.  And then there's my husbands decision to try and cut cable, so he's hooked up a lousy rabbit ear antenna (yes, they still make them) and it gets very little reception.  So I'm news less, and tube less, and bead less, and well, you get the picture.  Wish I DID.

So here's something pretty I pulled of Pinterest just to fill the space and make my post worthwhile - I do hope to have something beadworthy to post soon.  I'll be pretty busy with family obligations this weekend, and then hubby and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  He's taking a couple days off at the beginning of the week, so some garden planning, and planting, and garden center trips will surely be on the schedule.  Beads are way down on the list next week.....blah.
LOVE these purple window frames.  Wish my hubby would let me do that.  I thought I had him talked into purple shutters, but now think they'll end up remaining maroon.
Peaceful beading,

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