Sunday, May 27, 2012

Michigan is burning

Totally non bead post again today.  Our great state is on fire.  The Seney Wildlife Refuge in the Upper Peninsula has been burning out of control for days.  Although they say it's now 70 percent contained, it's consumed much of our beloved forest, as well as Rainbow Lodge, a VERY popular establishment, and is threatening one of Michigan's most beautiful natural resources - Tahquamenon Falls and it's surrounding park.  Here is a link to a youtube video showing just what's at stake.  Pray that all is not lost.....

Tahquamenon is very near and dear to me, although it is a half days drive away, and over the bridge too.  I remember every year our family would make the trip, and take the train through the wilderness, where the bears (unbeknownst to us small kiddies) were baited so that there would be bear sightings along the way.  Then to the trail to the most spectacular falls.  Those didn't really seem so great until I got old enough to appreciate their beauty.   Even once I'd married, my husband and I would make a regular camping trip or two to the U.P., and usually included Tahquamenon in those trips.  It's been a few years, but I still remember so much about it.  We've driven through Seney many times too - miles and miles and miles of nothing but trees, trees, trees, and the occasional critter or two.  Mother Nature must have a grand plan in mind, so much has been lost and will need to regrow.
So much to love about Pure Michigan - I hope we don't lose too much of what makes us a GREAT Lakes State....


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flyingbeader said...

I love the UP. Spent a vacation up there & the Falls are lovely. It has been so dry down here in Ohio too. I actually wanted rain on this holiday weekend, but alas...none. Hope we all get some better Spring weather.