Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Happy Holiday Test

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Festivus, or whatever it is you are celebrating this time of year!

It's been awhile again since I last blogged - someone mentioned that Blogger had made some changes, so I thought I better hop over and make sure I still CAN.  PLUS -  I'm still not sure that blogging without purpose (no tutorials, recipes, patterns, etc. to offer) is the IN thing to do these days, so it's kinda taken a back seat to one of my new passions - crocheting.   Mostly infinity scarves, and cowls - for myself and for friends.  Just warm fuzzy hands busy fun while watching my new guilty Netflix pleasure (for the 4th time beginning to end) Gilmore Girls!  

This style is really fun and FAST - started at kick off of the Sunday Detroit Lions football game, and finished in the fourth quarter....  :D

My favorite - and most challenging success - my lacy purple infinity scarf.  Had to tear that puppy out twice before I finally got it.  And I love it.  

 But don't get me wrong - BEADING is still "A" NUMBER ONE.  In fact, I may blog again regularly just to be able to have an alternative way to offer my newest creations - COOL CLOTHES.
I'm hitting the resale shops, the garage sales, and asking my friends for their gently used denim jackets, vests and lightweight women's wear.  I am going to be giving them new life and "enlightening" them with beaded embellishments.  I'm hoping by finding low cost clothing, that I can then pass that on in the form of a lowish price when I present them during show season this year.  

This was the first one, the experimental one, that I am quite pleased with.  There will be a variety of sizes and styles - I sure hope my customers find them unique enough.... most of them won't fit me!

I feel I've come full circle with the bead adventure, too.  When I first began doing beadwork, it was mainly on a loom, with a Native American edge to it.  I ALSO, along with those loomed pieces, embellished clothing - t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc - with beads and sparkle paint.  Just a LITTLE BIT (read this with a very sarcastic edge) cruder and no where near as professional as those being done today.  But that was almost 25 years ago!   I've come a LONG WAY, baby!

So I hope to see you over here on the blog a bit more in the new year.  2017.  Numerologically - it breaks down to a 1 - NEW BEGINNINGS.  And personally, I also have a few favorable astrological aspects hitting right now and into the new year too - so I am very hopeful that this year of new beginnings will bring me just that - some positive, prosperous NEW prospects and beginnings.

Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy OCTOBER!!!

HELLO!  It's been months and months since I've been here.  A quick recap, and then I'll post my events through the end of the year - 

Well. If you hadn't noticed - it's been raining.  

For almost all the shows.  The July one that had beautiful weather predicted? Rain moved in the night before, we were soaked to the skin, and of course, because of the downpour, attendance was way down.
There were just 2 others with no rain, one was wonderful and well attended, the other - beautiful day and event that no one came to.   The rest were either completely cancelled due to rain, or low attended wash outs.
So not much to crow about I'm afraid.  I'm hoping that these next few weeks of INDOOR shows will make up for the dismal summer of 2016.   Here's the schedule as it stands right now -

THIS SATURDAY - OCTOBER 15 - the 24th Annual HOLIDAYS IN HASLETT craft show, Haslett High School  9am to 4pm.

Saturday, Nov. 12 - DeWitt Holiday Craft Show - DeWitt JUNIOR High School.

Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19 - I will be an artist in one of the Dimondale Holiday Home Craft Show homes.  Look for maps in the Lansing, Holt and Dimondale area very soon.  Not sure what the home number is yet - will update soon.

November 13-December 31:  Shiawassee Art Center Holiday Market
.   You'll find several extra Cool Moon designs throughout the center, along with my usual Gift Gallery display.  If you haven't checked out this beautiful facility, especially during the holidays -- make this the YEAR!  GO!
ENJOY!  It's an awesome place.... here's the link for all the details.

Saturday, December 3 - St. Davids Episcopal Church Annual Holiday Bazaar.  Elmwood Rd. in Lansing, North of the Lansing Mall....

There may also be a City Market event on Saturday, December 10th.  Details to follow when I have them.

I hope to begin using this blog again on a regular basis once show season is done.  I'll post new pieces, older pieces that I want to clearance, and maybe a fun giveaway or contest too.

Here's a peak at a few things I've done in the last few months:

If you see anything you're interested in, please email me at or message me through Facebook.  ALL of the above pieces are currently available, either through the Shiawassee Art Center, or in my current inventory.

Hope to see you all again VERY SOON....
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


As you may have already guessed from the date of my last post - there hasn't been much to blog about in Cool Moon land.   No-show shows, rained out shows, a bit of brain freeze in the idea department.

So no news is no news for the blog.  Gonna give it a rest for a bit.  Hope I can come back after what I HOPE will be a good rest of the show season (Saturday in Williamston looks to be perfect - low 80's sun, and low humidity), maybe with another new look, and a lot more to say.

I DO have a fun up north trip planned with a friend (hubby couldn't get time off - and that's not gonna stop me!)  so maybe I'll throw in a fun follow up to that.

I'll understand if you give up on me.  I'll be grateful if you stop back once in awhile to see if I'm still here.   I DO link my postings to Facebook, so if you're a friend, it'll give you the heads up.

Now off to finish pricing those garage sale items!  PRAY FOR NO RAIN.

Peaceful beading,
TTFN but not forever....

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A new season

And so it begins.    SATURDAY is the kick off of what I hope will be a kick ASS season of shows.

Because it's the last gasp.   It's do or die.  I MUST SURVIVE.

I have some fun opportunities on the horizon (a night time market with prizes for unique lighting and display, etc), and out of town ones too - so I'm stepping up my ego, putting the question out there for HELP.   Which is hard for me.  But without my own transportation and helper (hubby not available for night time or out of town experiences) I am going to be left in the dust.

I HOPE I can find a fun, upbeat, HAPPY person with a creative mind to join me.

Wish me luck.

Peaceful beading,

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The TEST of contests

I'm not really sure why or even when I decided to start entering the beading contests.   I think I was prompted by a friend - and then somehow, miraculously, happily - I WON as a finalist my very first try.   "Mariposa" - over on the right hand side of the page - is still one of my crowning achievements.

As a rule, though,  I am not normally a competitive person.  Never a sports player - always picked LAST in school for gym teams, etc.  My only successful 'sport' is music trivia!

And honestly - I don't take rejection well.  I think that joining, entering, taking part has been a challenge to MYSELF to try NOT to be so sensitive about LOSING.  BECAUSE:

If I've got one ounce of confidence about anything - it's that I 
that my beadwork kicks major butt.  I am in the 'advanced' category that some beaders only dream about.  My love, my passion, my 
for doing bead embroidery is a part of my soul.  
The detailed, intricate work I do is a cathartic, meditative thing.  
Unfortunately, it's also what makes it an expensive, ART related thing that most people unfamiliar with art and beading, are unwilling to PAY good money for. 
I can't just slap a garage sale or flea market price on what I do.  In my area, however - that's pretty much what people are looking for.   

So in order to feed my need - I continue to create the big elaborate pieces for contests.  And then afterward, I usually show them off during show season, maybe take a piece or two to the gallery - where they ARE appreciated and sometimes purchased - and then they go on display here in my home - and sometimes on my body.

THIS particular piece was just rejected by this year's Fire Mountain's Seed Bead contest jury.

"Color Me Happy"

It's the second year in a row I've been rejected - even though I KNOW the piece I'm submitting goes beyond what I've seen others do that win.  It's a head scratcher, for sure.  

I have also decided to sit this year's Battle of the Beadsmith out, because that one?  I am coming to realize I think there are some politics involved.  THIS piece - still beloved, still worn, still AWESOME - was my 2015 entry - made it 2 rounds:

I know that there are other contests out there that I can enter.  I haven't decided yet whether to try any more next year.  This year's show circuit - which officially starts in just 8 DAYS - will be a big part of my decision about my beads period.
I will probably always have that 'need to bead' - but whether I continue to do it on a large, get out there in front of the people scale - or do it


remains to be seen.

Peaceful beading,


Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Musings

First - a little note about the last blog and the tree thing - they did a better job than I expected them to do, and even had someone come along and clean up the cut wood.  So it's a thinner but still beautiful stand of trees.   Yay for Mother Nature....

NOW - This part of the blog I probably shouldn't be blogging.  Or at least posting.  I should probably get a journal to write in, to vent in, to rant in, to be upset with everyone around me in.  But here goes:

I think the year 2014 spoiled me.  It was a magical year.  From start to finish (I keep track) it was custom creation requests, individual sales, practically every piece posted on FB was sold to a friend, I was winning contests, my art fair opportunities and sales were awesome - and I WAS ON FIRE.   

For one stinking lousy year.

And then it was gone.   Last year was a lousy horrible make me want to give up everything year.
In fact, I almost did.  No custom order requests, few sales all year - whether it be friends, shows, fairs, wherever - I was left in the dust.  No winning.  No nothing.  A DUD.  And I lost one of my fur children on top of it all, leaving a huge hole in my already shaky heart.  NOW add to that some so called friends that had the nerve to tell me (at an already particularly bad part of the year and life) that no one wanted my jewelry anymore, and I needed to find 'something new to do'.  That statement - that PERSONAL attack (at least that's how it felt) about threw me for a loop, and yes - threw me into a depression to go along with drab, dreary winter months.  Thank goodness for TRUE friends - the few that have been there at shows, offered me solace, ears, and occasional girls days out - LIFE SAVERS for sure.  AND I discovered coloring books, and love to work crossword puzzles - they were my sanity, along with that tiny little inkling in the back of my brain that still leaks beads - the one that said "SCREW YOU!" I'm beading anyway, and spent the entire winter, on and off - creating THIS - for ME - just because I wanted to:

I had hoped that 2016 would bring fresh promise.  I don't have quite as many opportunities lined up, but I'm not giving up on the art fair gig just yet. I kept beading like mad, and have some very unique pieces to show for it, too.    I tried to start out the year in the same fashion as those previous - with my home open house - a two day event this time -to cover those Sunday working or Saturday plan bases of all my friends and family.   Facebook invites.  Postcard invites.  In person invites.
I didn't keep it quiet.
ALAS - it's the last home open house I'll have.  FEW friends (again, those that are true blue - and I CHERISH YOU) and ONE family member.  On ONE day.  The second day was a total bust.
I tried to keep my chin up.  I still had another spring event in the wings at a place that has been near and dear to my heart for so many reasons:  Coyote Wisdom.

Unfortunately for me - I believe that dearness, that thought that I had people there to support, that loved me, loved my work, always say they WANT my work - only exists in my brain.
ONE CAME. Again that one true blue friend I can always count on for support. And the afternoon store clerk did make a purchase.  THAT'S ALL.

 I wonder if anyone knows (or cares) what kind of work goes into a show like this.   Having all this (there were 3 more tables) lugged up the stairs, and unpacked, designed, laid out perfectly.  
To be admired by NO ONE.
It is heartbreaking to realize that no one cares.

It makes me wonder if they would care more if I put $5.00 on everything.  Never mind getting what I'm worth, what my other art friends are worth, just sold it all cheap as if it meant nothing.
If that would make customers happy.
I know it would again break my heart to know that no one respected ME, respected MY work, (and trust me - although it's a passion - it is hours and hours and hours of WORK) or even respected the art world.
But maybe that's why they don't show up.

The 2016 outdoor art fair season officially starts on June 11.  I am crossing every finger, every toe, every strand of beads that it only goes UP from here.  I think I have decent prices based on what others around me are charging.  I KNOW I have a unique product that no one else around me is selling.  I am ALWAYS friendly, and love talking to happy customers.
Now I just need to get them to stop and look.  AND BUY.

My friends and I have pondered what that secret formula is for getting people
to buy at art fairs.  We were in a group for awhile that spoke much about some customers seeming to think we are like carnival workers, like a caravan, carousing and being rude during the off time, trying to cheat people with our wares during the day. Customers that are rude and disrespectful, while we have to put on those happy faces and thank them for stopping by.

Is it really all worth it?

2016 will tell me that.

And I hope I have many loyal, happy, wonderful customers that will tell me YES. IT. IS.

Until next time,

Peaceful beading,

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tree Hugger

Or maybe the title should be 'An Ode to a Tree'.  Many odes, words, and stories have been written about the tree.
The majesty of Mother Nature.
All year round.

So that's why hubby and I are weeping a bit today for the township maintained stand across the road.
Off with their heads, arms, and basically anything that comes anywhere near the power lines.
Those trees have been there way longer than the power lines.  That particular stand of trees has NEVER been the cause of any outages in the area, but ok- I GET that there needs to be maintenance, to keep the power on.
But do they have to be so destructive?

They don't just chop them down, which would be much kinder.
They strip, hack, twist and mangle so that only a deformed stump will be left over.
It will make us want to cry even more...

Michigan has such beautiful tree seasons - it just hurts our hearts (not to mention our eyes)
to see these so called PROFESSIONAL tree services do such a bad job.


So because I'm trying NOT to look out the window at the devastation before us, I'll be doing a lot of beading today.....  which at least be somewhat peaceful - if it weren't for the noise.....

Peaceful Beading.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Group Hugs..... and shrugs

I'm not sure what the mentality is when it comes to WOMEN needing other women around them.  I don't think it's just because we need to talk about personal female things that men don't want to hear about - I think it's much, much more.    

And there can be such a love/hate relationship among the women in those groups.

Can you say DRAMA QUEENS?    Most groups have at least one.  Many groups have more than one, which often ADDS to the drama.

I have enjoyed the groups of women that I've had in my life for many different reasons.  Some of those women are still in my life - and a few of them have gone on as a group without me - or just gone on and found new groups.  We have each other for a reason, sometimes for season  -  and sometimes for a lifetime.  

I am still in search of the perfect group of women to bead with.  Although - I have to say - I do my best work when I'm alone with my thoughts.  But once in awhile - it's nice to meet and greet.  The area group meets a few times a month - but after trying for a year or three - just didn't seem to be right for me.  I speak to a few now and then.  I'm sure they're beading on just fine without me....

And I know I've spoken of my Thursday group in the past.  We're a group of women (and there used to be a guy too) from the metaphysical bookstore that get together weekly for the MAIN purpose of talk about positive affirmation, meditation, and prosperity.    I've been a part of the group on and off for over 5 years.  I've been a part of the metaphysical world for much, much longer than that.

But even with a group of loving, caring, positive thinking women - we can have drama. And some of that drama affected me personally last year.  Enough to make me walk away.

I felt the loss.  I mourned the loss.  I MISSED that group, and the love, support and laughter (and sometimes even the talks about politics) that many of them brought me every week.

So in my effort - my RESOLVE - for the new year to BE ME - despite what others say, think or DO to try to change it - I went back.  It's been a smaller group, but in just a few short weeks it's brought me the sense of comfort, calm and fresh thought that I so desperately needed.

The other groups I am involved with are FACEBOOK related - and the reason I came up with this (now lengthy and babbley) blog post.   I belong to THREE bead related groups on Facebook.  I joined each, again, for the companionship, the talk, the PHOTOS and the POSITIVE kudos about beading.  A couple of them have taken a turn for the negative of late.  One is simply too filled with people that don't seem to want to be creative - but COPY others creativity instead.
So as of today - I say buh-bye to each of them.  I have my personal FB peeps, who ALWAYS love and support, and my Cool Moon Creations & Beads page where I can post my newest designs, dilemmas and disasters.  Along with the Thursday Girls, and my cherished personal friends, it's going to have to be enough for me.

Besides.  With show season just around the corner, I need less maintenance and more LOVE.  :D  And hopefully more blogging - and MORE SALES!   I still haven't re-started a page of pieces available here, simply because when I do shows - EVERYTHING goes with me.  And because I'm so OOAK (one of a kind for those that don't speak bead-ese) I don't want to run the risk of selling something online that I sell at a show.  That would be bad.  For all of us.

Do you have a group you enjoy doing things with?  Comment and tell me about it.  I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the coming spring.... and everything it brings!

Peaceful beading,

And P.S.   Let me know what you think of the fresh new Babbling Beader Blog look!

All images courtesy of Google

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Breathing new life

With the new life of spring comes some thoughts of 
new life into this blog.

Need to give it a fresh look, and some fresh content.

Need to be ready to commit to actually BLOGGING.  And trying to decide if it should be ONLY about beads, or if I should continue to babble on about life.  Period.  The dog.  The days.  The garden. The frustrations involved with life.

For now though - BEADS.  Here are a few things I've completed over the course of the winter....  some are for sale, some are going to the gallery, and some are just plain MINE.  Enjoy the eye candy along with your peeps and jelly beans.... and I hope you're glad I'm back... at least I'm trying to be....

A tray FULL of brand new hot off the bead table denim designs.

And here's an exciting thing:  picked up a copy of the magazine "Real Simple" today.
DENIM and chambray are going to be HOT trends this year!  I am hoping this is a GOOD thing for me!

So happy that it's finally sprung.... it's in the air.... it's bringing us those flowers....

Until next time - which I hope won't be far away...
Peaceful beading,

Monday, January 11, 2016

Something had to give....

My jewelry sales on line have never been quite what I wanted them to be - and are low priority compared to the mountain of growing projects, proposals, and organization that I have in front of me at the moment.

I'll understand if you stop coming back...

It may be awhile.

Apologies to those that enjoy my babble....  I may be back.  SOMEDAY.

Peaceful beading,  stay warm.  Cozy.  Happy.

TTFN  but not forever....  If you REALLY want to know what's up with me - go to the Cool Moon Facebook page link on the top right in the sidebar.  

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 16!!!!

From Cool Moon Creations!

I have a feeling of fresh new energy, and am already coming up with fresh new plans and ideas - I hope some of them at least, will appeal and excite you!  Among a few of the plans - another venture into Bead Soup!  And hopefully, nervously, into a few more contests too.

I've already removed the Jewelry and Event pages from the blog.  Since my events are largely local, there is little need of them on the blog - my local peeps can get all that from Facebook.  There is a link to Facebook on the sidebar, just in case you'd like to know, too.
As far as the jewelry - you'll start seeing a featured piece or two a week - always with the link to Facebook - where there will be even more.  Watch for it in coming days -  still need to get some things photographed and ready.  Besides - Mercury goes retrograde TOMORROW.... anything could happen.

Not sure what the best solution is for online sales - so still dabbling - and babbling - for now.

I hope you are having a wonderful, beadiful new year already, and will help me in spreading nothing but love and good cheer throughout the new year....

As always,
Peaceful beading,