Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tree Hugger

Or maybe the title should be 'An Ode to a Tree'.  Many odes, words, and stories have been written about the tree.
The majesty of Mother Nature.
All year round.

So that's why hubby and I are weeping a bit today for the township maintained stand across the road.
Off with their heads, arms, and basically anything that comes anywhere near the power lines.
Those trees have been there way longer than the power lines.  That particular stand of trees has NEVER been the cause of any outages in the area, but ok- I GET that there needs to be maintenance, to keep the power on.
But do they have to be so destructive?

They don't just chop them down, which would be much kinder.
They strip, hack, twist and mangle so that only a deformed stump will be left over.
It will make us want to cry even more...

Michigan has such beautiful tree seasons - it just hurts our hearts (not to mention our eyes)
to see these so called PROFESSIONAL tree services do such a bad job.


So because I'm trying NOT to look out the window at the devastation before us, I'll be doing a lot of beading today.....  which at least be somewhat peaceful - if it weren't for the noise.....

Peaceful Beading.


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