Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live to blog


I know I just posted about this subject not too long ago, so for all of you faithful readers, sorry for the digression.  But I feel that now, with Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Challenge getting underway, it’s a good time to touch on the subject again.  I’ve noticed quite a few ‘newbies’ that have stated that they don’t have a blog, and basically wanting to know:


I know I’ve already listed all the reasons I blog the last time I talked about it.  It’s the virtual on-line version of journaling.  It’s marketing strategy.  It’s information sharing, and if used properly and regularly, it can keep you visible – keeping your name (or at least your blog title ‘name’) on the top of the search engine heap.  
So this post has me thinking, and wondering about the history of the blog.  Who first started them, why and when.  I suppose I need to go GOOGLE that! 
Was it for personal gain?  Just ramblings about life, love and living in general?  Or was it as a precursor to a corporate website?  There are sooooo many bloggers out there today – with so many reasons to do it.  Fashion blogs.  Recipe blogs.  Mom blogs.  BEAD blogs. Some have thousands of followers, and even world renown.  Some have just a few followers, and keep the subject matter to a specific genre.   I have an entire favorites folder FULL (say that three times fast) of blogs that I enjoy visiting and reading on a regular basis – and finding more to add everyday thanks to the likes of both Facebook and Pinterest.  (If haven’t “Pinterest-ed” yet – time suck warning.  Just sayin.). 

All in all…

blog2(ALL images courtesy of Google Images)

And I hope you do too.  If you haven’t started one yet – Blogger (which this blog is made of) is SIMPLE.  SIMPLE.  Trust me.  If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.  In fact – at one point I attempted to switch my blog to a website/blog that was supposed to be user friendly, and have shopping availability too.  NOT.  Needless to say – I am still counting on this very blog – and ETSY(for now) – to do it all for me.  Can’t say Blogger doesn’t have it’s issues – but it’s easy to use.  And if you’ve got Windows running on your PC – you’ve probably got LiveWriter – making it even easier to babble on about everything – and nothing – and put it out there for all the world to see!  LOL!
Looking forward to hitting all the bead soup blogs on the reveal dates.  Some of those usually end up on my Favorites list – will one of them be yours?
Peaceful beading-and blogging,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Thursday Girls


There’ve been songs and sitcoms, movies and books devoted to the friend.  Everyone has them.  And I dare anyone to say they aren’t grateful for at least one of the friends in their life.  In my case – I have about a dozen – give or take.  In the form of what I like to call ‘The Thursday Girls’.
I wish I had a group photo of them – but have never quite had the opportunity.  The original intent of the group was prosperity and positive thought – and all of the meditation, study and thought processes that went along with it.  I joined the group after it had been established for a bit – some of them I have known and admired for years – some I had never met.  There was even a man in the original group – making my name for them somewhat silly.  Some have gone their own way since (including that one and only man), and some new friends have joined. The original intent to meditate and concentrate on true prosperity has swayed a bit.   But there are those that have remained all the while; and remained true to the prosperous thought and happiness of everyone.  We share our joys, our grief, our sorrows with each other.  I even chose to leave the group behind for a bit late last year.  And realized not long afterward that I NEED them.  For encouragement, support and just plain girl talk.  So I’m back.  And this last week – I received from many of them just that – encouragement, support, love and a show of faith.  After the disappointing and financially devastating first few weeks I’ve had – I took a chance, and offered a tray or three of jewelry pieces to them at a special price.   I never expected so many to take me up on the offer. I expected 1 or 2 sales – maybe a pair of earrings or a bracelet – or two. So many wonderful pieces are now on the ears, wrists and necks of those that I am close to – or someone that they are close to. Either way – the energy of love and thankfulness accompanies each one. And that’s a good thing.
I’ve also got a custom order and a sale made for next week already.  So grateful.  I would never ask or expect them to make a regular habit of it – nor would they feel obligated to do so.  So here’s to friends


those true & blue.  I so love and respect each one of you…
Peaceful beading,


Saturday, January 26, 2013




Or in this case – lots of beads!

I MISSED the turn over sometime last night during our night out with friends.  My choice to wear heels was not wise, so between sore feet and knees and a late night, I didn’t get a chance to check until today.  And WOW.  We’re at 16,029!  So with that, I announce that the winner – OFF by a count of just 26 beads – is TIFFANY SMITH of Southern Gals Designs.  So TIffany, if you’re reading this, and you haven’t checked your blog comments or Bead Soup Café on Facebook – email me your info!
THANKS to all of you for participating.  The magic number was 1,321.  And YES, I counted every single one. 

I hope you all have hopped over to Lori Anderson’s blog and signed up for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  Tomorrow will be the LAST CHANCE to get in on THIS YEAR’S event.  You snooze….you STARVE!  LOL.  Here’s the link if for some reason you missed my previous ones….

Looking forward to a calendar with absolutely nothing on it this weekend.  Bead time.  Read time.  ME time. 
Peaceful beading,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Gate Keeping

bunnies(courtesy of Google Images)

Two bunnies – two HOPS. And a spring teaser, of sorts…my latest project definitely has the look of not only spring, but full blown bring it on summer.  Not even Groundhog day yet, and I can’t wait for spring.  I’m COLD!  ME!  I’m never cold.  
So just finished this last night:   “The Garden’s Gate” necklace – which I’ll be wearing to a fancy schmancy party that my hubby and I are attending tonight:


I just started it on Monday, and can’t believe that I actually made all the flowers and ‘fiddly’ (as The Beader’s Floral book calls them) frills and got it all together before the big night.  Definitely need to make a statement with the wives…this oughta do it!  The key is an actual vintage (VERY vintage) skeleton key from my favorite antique market The Little Red Schoolhouse and the flowers are a mix of designs from Diane Fitzgerald’s The Beaded Garden and from The Beader’s Floral –a UK published book full of frilly fun flowers by Liz Thornton and Jill Devon.  I’m growing addicted to that antique brassy look – I’ve never been a gold wearing person, but this I like.

Time is winding down for the give away – hop down and add your guess, I should reach 16,000 THIS WEEKEND!

AND  -  speaking of HOPPING – this is the first of the three sign up days for Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  This is the ONLY ONE this year!
I’ll be stickin’ my spoon in the soup as soon as the sign up sheet is ready!

I’m off to start getting ready to dress to impress….with my usual unique flair.  It’s an all day process – pressing, and polishing, and flattening, and plumping.  Why do we do it? Cuz it’s exhausting!
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Only 108 to go!

We’re almost there, and I have a feeling we’ll get there well before the Feb. 1 date I’d hoped for!

images(photo courtesy of Google Images)
Still can’t wait to see that magic 16,000 number roll over and I hope I don’t MISS IT!
I will try to post some fun and interesting things between now and then, to keep you coming back -  but can’t think of a thing to amuse you with at the moment.  The coffee cup is only 1/2 gone (is that half full or half empty?) and I haven’t done my daily crosswords puzzles yet.  Maybe later when I’m more alert I’ll come up with something witty…but until then - hop down to the FREE BEAD post and give it your best shot!  It’s cold.  It’s snowy.  Why not count beads? 

Peaceful beading,


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are you ready to party?


Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party sign ups are coming up fast! is the link.   I thought I was going to have to sit this one out – but now that half my winter plans have fallen through – I’ll have more than enough time to bead – so why not do it with Bead Soup?
Lori will probably put the announcement up first thing on the 25th – so be prepared to PARTY!  Sign ups start the 25th, and go til the 27th. 
Last years was the biggest one yet, and although my partner had to back out for personal reasons – I was still able to participate, and make some great stuff with what she sent me.  

Stars of the Sea

Like ‘Stars of the Sea’.  Living in Michigan, I haven’t had much opportunity to wear this one – but can’t wait to head for the resort towns this year.  There were also two bracelets, and earrings to match the Stars of the Sea necklace.  AND I STILL had beads left over!   Can’t wait to see who I’m partnered with this year!  And I hope they’ll be able to create something cool with what I send them!
Be sure you’ve got a blog, and that you sign up for the Bead Soup Café on Facebook for the quickest way to get the announcement.
The hardest part about Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party?   Waiting until we post all the blogs when we do our reveals!  It is torture, because soup has never been so YUMMY! 

Hop IN this year! 
Peaceful beading,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Outside my window

Granddale for Facebook 020

This isn’t exactly what it looks like out there anymore, but it is still mostly white, icy and down right cold.  I really miss being able to sit out there and soak in the sun and sink my fingers into the earth, walk my garden path and feel the energy of new spring growth. 
It’s been a rough month for me.  It started out on a great note – riding high on the love I felt from the Shiawassee Art Center, all the opportunities that seemed to just flow in, one right after the other.  And then came the crash.  One right after the other.  Falling through.  Falling apart.  NOT the way I had thought it would be at all.  I actually have another blog post all ready to upload  that I think I’ll just skip at this point.  You don’t need to feel the depression that went along with it.  I’m slowly sliding out the other side, starting to bead a little again – although I have absolutely no plan or idea where it’s going to go.  I guess it doesn’t really matter.  When it comes right down to it…


There’s still a question when it comes to tax time, and whether or not to continue what I do as a business.  After much soul searching, and questioning, and talking to others about the choice – it comes down to the fact that I would very much like to. I still want to do a few shows this year (if I can come up with the table fees and transportation), as well as do some teaching, and try to stick my foot in the door of some more opportunities.  Like casino gift shops, summer vacation destination towns with gift boutiques, etc.  That’s a little more than a hobby in my book.  I’d also still like to find a way to be a bead shop again someday – when Michigan’s economy isn’t in the crapper.
As far as the Etsy shop – eh.  I think I am going to close it in a few weeks.  There is just way too much competition from other bead sellers, and other beaders, period.  My items are just not unique enough to be noticed on a consistent enough basis.  I have no desire to jump on the ‘tutorial’ wagon – which seems to be what sells right now. 
So outside my window, and inside my creative mind – it’s a bit cold and snowy right now.  I bit iced over.  Not really finding the creative spirit that was flowing so easily just a few short weeks ago.  But my conversation with a few of the prosperity group girls yesterday convinced me that it’s OK to just sit back and rest right now.  Play a little.  And just let the things that are going to happen – happen.
Sometimes it’s easier than others to go with that flow…
I hope the ice melts – inside and OUT – soon.
Peaceful beading,
And P.S.  Don’t forget to hop down to the next post to enter the contest for the free beads!

Monday, January 14, 2013


It’s every bead lover’s favorite headline!  From now until the day my visitor counter reaches the magic number of 16,000 – I’ll be having a contest, and one lucky reader will be the winner.  The rules:  The photo below is MOST of what you will receive as your prize (I couldn’t get them all in and visible).  BUT – I need YOU to count the beads, and tell me how many individual beads and findings you think are in the loot! 


NOTE:  THERE ARE NO seedbeads in the pile, simply because I didn’t want to spend until Valentine’s day counting them!  You can’t see ALL of the beads, so it will be a bit of a guessing game.   Count them if you dare, and then leave me a comment with your guess – and the CLOSEST ONE will be the winner.  ONE guess per person, please.  And although I would love and appreciate it if you would share this with your friends and fellow beady peeps – it won’t count as an extra guess.  SORRY!
ALSO – My Etsy shop has been up and running for awhile, and it needs a good cleaning.  So, from now until whenever – use coupon code coolclear1, and you’ll receive 20% off.  And I ALREADY do free shipping on the beads!  WHAT A DEAL!  I just relisted a bunch of previously expired stuff – so if you haven’t looked in awhile – check it out.  I probably won’t add many NEW items until I’ve cleared out a few of the old – so count the beads here, leave your guess, and then head over to Etsy and take advantage of the sale!  It’s a WIN-WIN!
Have fun counting!
Peaceful beading,


Oh, baby!

It seems I am a GREAT aunt again for the fourteenth time.  Little Leighton Kandace Mayes was born yesterday, the first GIRL great grand on the Mayes side of the family.  I will be blessed AGAIN, for the FIFTEENTH time on February 5th, when Asher Stephens makes his way into the world.  Certainly a year of birth in our family  -- and hopefully a sign of hope, and new beginnings for me in general.  The teaching proposals are going off to the school district today, so wish me luck. 

x fingers(photo courtesy of Google Images)

THAT is a gig that could keep me solvent for the entire summer – if not longer – if they accept them.  Beading and teaching all at the same time.  It’s my dream job!
Expecting a busy day today, with the usual errands, hopefully some bead time if I can pull myself away from that dang jigsaw puzzle long enough – and I still have to photograph and announce the giveaway!  So enough of blogging…my day simply must begin!
Peaceful beading,


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday should be a fun day

Instead – it’s been paperwork day.  I cannot TELL you how much I hate paperwork.


That sort of sums it up.  I don’t care how many loving, caring people tell me to keep better track – it just isn’t going to happen. I am a shoe box filer, and probably always will be.  Numbers and math just stress me out.   I AM going to try and do a better job of keeping track of jewelry inventory as far as what I used to make each piece, and the price involved – just so I know I’m pricing things accurately.  I know I’m pretty good at ‘guesstimating’ – I’ve been doing this a long time, and also know my clientele, and have used an inventory program in the past - but now that I’m dealing with higher end customers at art galleries, and wine tastings,  I need a better idea.  THUS part of the reason for the screaming.  I HAD Jewelry Designer Manager for several years – and then when my old laptop bit the dust – this one isn’t compatible, and truthfully, I’d gotten lazy at that too.  I really don’t want to spend the funds on another inventory program – but that may be the way I have to go. Or create one in Excel.  Which could lead to more screaming.
So when the time comes that I have sit down and sort paperwork, and add receipts, and add the numbers, and figure out sales tax –well – it’s like hitting my head on a brick wall – and OWIE.

And the only thing worse than finishing totaling everything up after 3 hours in front of paper and calculator is to open a cupboard and find – yep – you guessed it – another box of receipts.  For last year.  Drat.  More adding.  And counting.  And did I mention how much I HATE paperwork?   See scream above.

calc(all images courtesy of Google Images)

All I have left to do is filling out of the forms and finding out the damage (aka total) – but I am SOOO DONE for today.  There is a Sunday crossword and a glass of iced tea waiting for me, and I plan to meet up with it SOON.  Not to mention I need to post that giveaway info.  You’ll probably find it here tomorrow – or perhaps later tonight.  It will be fun, but alas – more counting. 

Smile with tongue out

Peaceful beading,

Friday, January 11, 2013


Once again, my comments get spammed by the most ridiculous unreadable gobbledgy gook that someone could come up with.  WHY?  It’s just plain stupid and rude.  So unfortunately girls – I may have to turn that annoying – but necessary chaptka BACK ON.  I know you hate them.  I agree they are annoying – but the spam – my gosh, the spam. 
And as long as I am on the topic of annoying – WHY does it cost $70 for a new HP color ink printer cartridge when almost all other types, brands, etc – cost way less?  Absolute madness.  My hubby found a FREE refill card for one of the refill ink places around town in his wallet – not sure they even still honor them – but I’m going to give it a shot this time.  NEVER seem to be able to get the color right, so I will probably be sorry – but hey – it will be FREE.  I HOPE.

If you happened to be scrolling through my bar over there on the left – take note that I’ve updated the Off~Rack photo – which means new merchandise!  If you happen to be local – head on over.  She’s clearing out a LOT of winter items, but still has a lot of cool stuff left – at really LOW prices.  Like a Coldwater Creek velvet embroidered jacket that was probably well over $100 for about $20.00.  And an Ann Taylor embroidered sweater for a BUCK!
Can’t beat it – and the music and atmosphere is way better than any Good Will store you might find.  Tell Sharen that Sheryl sent ya!

Hope you have a very peaceful beady weekend,


Thursday, January 10, 2013

16,000 here we come!

It’s getting higher by the minute!  That visitor counter over there shows me that you are indeed continuing to put up with my babble.  So here’s the deal-io…GIVEAWAY TIME!!   This will be a de-stash, but also a contest of sorts, in that I will get a pile of beads and findings all ready, and take a photo of it.  You will then have to GUESS just how many beads are in the pile to win!  Sounds easy – but as my customers found when I did this in my shop – beads can be deceiving.  Small things come in big packages, and vice versa.  I hope to have the contest and photo and better details, up and running by first of next week – cuz 16,000 is almost here!


SparklebeadsHad a wonderful day with the Thursday group girls today.  They ALWAYS help to bolster my courage and ego – who wouldn’t love that?  I am continuously grateful to them for helping keep ME REAL, and keep me focused on what I WANT to be – an artist and a designer.  Love you, girlies! 
Off I go to start that de-stash – keep checking back for the contest!
Peaceful beading,


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The importance of being a blogger



Do YOU blog?  I sure hope so.  To me, it is sort of like a modern day ‘journal’, and why I ultimately chose to name my blog “The BABBLING Beader”.  Because although I try to add content that I think YOU might be interested in, and of course photos of fun and exciting things like my dogs and my garden, and my jewelry (I hope you realize that I’m using the words fun and exciting quite facetiously here Smile) I mostly do it for ME. I BABBLE.  It sort of like venting, sometimes helping me to sort out problems, think things through and make decisions about whatever it is I feel may be blog worthy.  That being said – I am very grateful to each and every one of you as readers, who take the time to at least scan my words if not find something in them to help you live and grow.  I’m not sure I’ve ever posted anything thought provoking or tear jerking as some of our other eloquent blog writers can so lovingly do, but I try to post truth and even humor on occasion.  And as much as I LOVE reading comments, as I’ve said before – just seeing that number on the counter rise with every blog post is good enough for me.

So if you blog – feel free to share your blog URL with me in the comments.  If I’m not already a fan (Renetha and Patricia), I will add you to my favorites list.  I keep an entire folder of blog sites that I try to read at least on a weekly basis, if not more often.  The longer it gets though – the harder it gets to get through them all!  And I need BEAD time.  And READ time.  I’m trying be a better reader this year, delving into actual fiction and literature other than romance novels and mysteries.  At least until the next Nora Roberts book comes out! LOL!  And of course – the birds are still angry.  In all four of the games that I own.  Open-mouthed smile
So blog on, bead on, live, love….and breathe.
Peaceful beading,


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back in Business

We have water.  Yay.   The gentlemen that came today to finish the job that the other guys started did a much more thorough job, because, hey – that’s what THEY do.  The guys yesterday weren’t even plumbers, and didn’t even know how to run the equipment.  Talk about the wrong man for the job!  Final dollar result was much less too – because they decided to write in part of yesterdays ridiculous total for today.  Damn straight. 

I still spent most of my day today with my friend Sally, beading and planning for a prosperous bead and jewelry future.  I took some things with me, thinking I’d be making some earrings to card up and add to the Off~Rack inventory.  THIS is what I ended up creating instead….


I’m calling this one “Steel her Heart” – for the steel silver color, and because the red – the heart and all the other beads – were all STOLEN (with her permission!) from Sally’s bead stash!  This one is $50.00 and will probably also go to Off~Rack.
I did come home and create some earrings, a simple seed bead embellished 3 tier RAW that I’ll take pictures of tomorrow.  But THESE are the colors I used:


WHA!  Talk about pink!  Make you blink pink!  I love how they turned out though – and I think people will like them.  I did one pair with burnished gold, the other with silver.  I’ll probably make a few more pair – a metallic bronze, silver and copper pair, and probably a black.  Then when those are done, I’ll decide what to do about the spiral rope necklace I started with the beads above.  I don’t really like it, but hate to waste the Fireline – so I’m trying to figure out what to create using the section I’ve already done.  Hopefully something will come to me tomorrow.  I had planned to hit Off~Rack tomorrow to switch out Christmas stuff for Valentines – but that was before the big water drama.  I will get there one day this week…
Peaceful beading,


Monday, January 7, 2013

Positive I’m positive

So that’s why it’s so hard to take when something unexpected comes along to throw me for a loop.  I have been especially positive, or ‘in the vortex’, of late- things humming along, opportunities arising, sales coming slowly but surely – and then WHAM!  Not just a curve ball – but a full on out of the park slam bang issue.  Once again, we’re unable to use water of any kind due to sewer line back up at the house.  It happens occasionally– because we choose to live amongst the trees, most likely.  But usually,  Roto-Rooter is able to ‘send out a guy’ and have us back up and running in just under an hour.
Not this time.  :0(.   And it’s gonna cost us, not just money, which is a biggy for us right now, because we don’t have it, but in time, and our daily routines.  Right now I’m sitting at my mother in law’s dining room table, 30 miles away from my own, waiting on 3 loads of laundry, so I can have access to water for washing hands, brushing teeth, taking a shower and flushing toilets.  Day to day things that you only become aware of when you DON’T have them.  And I’m still trying to figure out how & why this kind of stuff has to happen.  I guess you can question it forever and not know.  It’s just frustrating.  And costly, as the case may be.  We’ve already shelled out almost $200 dollars – which was unsuccessful, so the next step adds another $250-$300 to the bill, with over $1,000 added to that if it’s what they suspect – broken sagging drain tile between the road and the house.  I asked my husband what limb he was willing to part with to pay for all this; we’re trying to keep the mood light, but are both concerned, as rightly so – about how we’re going to pay for it.  It has to be done – so we’ve got to find a way.
During my Thursday group meeting last week, I pulled a card that basically said “rest and wait”.  So I guess that’s sort of what I’m doing – didn’t bring any beads with me today, just computer, book and crosswords.  But since I think this thing is going to be semi long term – I’ll be spending a beading day with Sally tomorrow, using her facilities and making use of her home for awhile.  Then after that – It’s anybody’s guess.  I just don’t like not being home all day – for one thing – I miss my babies!  It’s not really practical or even easy to bring them over here- mom doesn’t really have a dog friendly house, plus I’ll be schlepping 3 baskets of laundry back home with me, and tomorrow  -  Sally’s little chihuahua isn’t exactly dog friendly – so I’ll be missing ‘em like the dickens!


So I’m pretty positive that we’re gonna need a miracle – or at least maybe some big Etsy sales.  Like HUGE ones.  SOON.
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Got milk?

Cuz I am sharing a new, made-it-up-off-the-top-of-my-head cookie recipe here, for those of you that are cookie lovers.  Not sure what to call them except YUMMY!

Preheat oven to 375.
2 sticks butter, softened
3/4 C. sugar
3/4 C. brown sugar, packed
1 tsp. Vanilla
2 eggs
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 full C. all purpose flour
1 C. chopped pecans
1 12 oz. bag butterscotch chips
Beat together butter, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla until smooth.  Add eggs one at a time.  Add the baking soda, salt and cinnamon, mixing in thoroughly.  Add the flour, 1 cup at a time until smooth.  Mix in pecans and butterscotch chips.
Drop by teaspoon full onto  ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake about 13-14 minutes until golden brown.  Remove quickly from cookie sheet to cooling rack or paper towel to finish cooling.  ENJOY! 
I think it’s the cinnamon that does the trick – these turned out really yummy.  So Yummy Butterscotch Drops it is!   This is what happens when you WANT oatmeal raisin, but have no oatmeal, so change your mind to chocolate chip, only to discover what you thought were chocolate chips in the cupboard were really butterscotch.  So I improvised!

Now onto other not so yummy parts of the blog post – we’re in the midst of sump pump pipe back up into the basement again.  Sink gurgling, icky water dumping from somewhere onto the washer, and the floor-instead of into the pump and outside.  I am so glad that I didn’t start laundry while hubby was hunting this morning – because I wouldn’t know what to do.   Unfortunately this means a call to the Roto-rooter guy – on a weekend.   Not so yummy.

Just one little bead project to show you this time around.  Haven’t really beaded a whole lot – between my shift at the gallery yesterday, which it turned out is actually closed (I just did check out of artists work from the Holiday Market) – but was 2 hours longer than I expected, and just plain laziness.
But here is what I’m going to call “Saloon Girl” – a part of the Just Pendants line – giving buyers their choice of ribbon or cord – or none – when they purchase.

Very simple.  Very ‘saloon girl’ish”, don’t you think?  Just $30 INCLUDING RIBBON.  Simple and quick, and pretty.

Hope your day is going well.  Ours was great until the water started rushing in.  We may be using our Bravo Italiano gift card sooner than expected – because now I may not be able to use water anymore today.  So no cooking.  Which would normally be a YAY! – but for the reason behind it – not so much.
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Live wonders!!

Thanks to a Facebook friend, I’ve got a new way to blog!  Windows Live Writer.  Didn’t even know I had it – and yesterday this finicky little laptop told me I didn’t.  But lo and behold – TADA!  So let me try a photo – nothing new, although I did do two entire projects yesterday - here goes….


This is Shimmer.  That bottom cab is color changing – heat sensitive, so it’s fun to play with and watch it change from yellow/gold to deep blue – all the hues that are in the Opal piece up above.  Kinda cool, I thought.
So here goes.  Publishing to my blog site.  We’ll see if it works!!
Off for my first volunteer shift at the Shiawassee Art Center.  Excited.
Peaceful beading,


Friday, January 4, 2013

Photo frenzy

Apparently Google is attempting to run our lives.  I now have a new way that I have to download photos - and I don't like it. 

So this is just another test - I am also having trouble downloading photos directly from my camera to my computer - thus the reason for this one.  I am a 'rock collector' - and finally have an out of the way spot to display them all without stubbing toes and tripping on them!  This gives the dogs more room behind the chair too.
So anyway - thank you, Google - for making my life harder instead of easier.  Keeps me on my toes.
Peaceful beading - cuz Google can't interfere with THAT!


This is really a test post - that I hope will include photos.  Having trouble posting photos all of a sudden - which takes half the fun right out of it!  

And today is no different - I am only able to download photos that have already been used, or from my phone (I don't have a camera phone) or Picasa, which I don't use.  Has Blogger made yet another annoying change?
And I do apologize for the non-existent photo slideshow at the top - for some reason, it will no longer detect my Flickr photos.  And I haven't been able to fix it.  So if anyone can tell me why, I would greatly appreciate it.  Cuz this is not going to be any fun at all to continue this way.
Back to beading.  That I can trust.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Leaps and bounds

 I was just remembering today how last year started out for me - having to give up a coveted part time position at the bookstore in favor of JURY DUTY for a rape trial. It was not a fun start to the year, and I'm afraid it set the tone. So that's why I'm excited that I'm starting out on such a positive note this year.   Only 3 days into 2013 - and I'm still feelin' the love!  Attended a somewhat smaller prosperity group than normal today (only 4 of us until a late arrival made it 5-the usual is 12).  Had a nice catch up chat with those in attendance, and shared my happy, positive, manifesting, prosperity stories.  They really are supportive and positive - one of the key reasons I'm not ready to give up on them all the way yet.  I quit for awhile due to religious and political ranting (so NOT prosperity driven), but find I need the like minded company of women once in awhile.  Spent a few nice hours there, and then made a quick stop at Off~Rack Boutique on the way home.  Yet MORE prosperity, in the form of a commission check!  YAY!  And there will be one more coming from the sales I had at the Shiawassee Art Center the week of Christmas.  I feel like I'm being a horrible person by bragging about my success of late, but I really must shout it.  Cuz it's been a loooooong time coming.  And I'm savoring it.  At the top of my lungs!
Another big leap today - I sent TWO project proposals to Beadwork magazine.  One for earrings, and one for a bracelet.  Both original projects that I've come up with in the last year or so, both fairly simple with not alot of supplies needed.  Cross your fingers and beading needles, girls.  I would love to be published again.  The next leap - I'll be checking on teaching beading classes through the school district for their adult community ed program.  There are already sewing, quilting and zentangle classes, so why not beading?  I'll get more information when school's back in session next week (I'm pretty sure the offices are closed during winter break).  And the biggest leap - I'm in the early stages of a BOOK that I want to actually find a publisher for this time, rather than self publishing.  It's on displaying and setting up for craft shows and fairs- the do's, don'ts, photos for inspiration and general things I've learned from my experience along the way.  I have no idea how long it will take me - finding a publisher that's interested may be the toughest part.  I think that's gonna be more like a hurdle!
Oh, and I'll also be showing my work during a special Valentine's show at the local Lansing Art Gallery in February - and picking up the show season again starting in April. 
Hope you're leaping to new heights this year too.    I'm ready to leap even higher!
Peaceful, prosperous beading,