Thursday, January 3, 2013

Leaps and bounds

 I was just remembering today how last year started out for me - having to give up a coveted part time position at the bookstore in favor of JURY DUTY for a rape trial. It was not a fun start to the year, and I'm afraid it set the tone. So that's why I'm excited that I'm starting out on such a positive note this year.   Only 3 days into 2013 - and I'm still feelin' the love!  Attended a somewhat smaller prosperity group than normal today (only 4 of us until a late arrival made it 5-the usual is 12).  Had a nice catch up chat with those in attendance, and shared my happy, positive, manifesting, prosperity stories.  They really are supportive and positive - one of the key reasons I'm not ready to give up on them all the way yet.  I quit for awhile due to religious and political ranting (so NOT prosperity driven), but find I need the like minded company of women once in awhile.  Spent a few nice hours there, and then made a quick stop at Off~Rack Boutique on the way home.  Yet MORE prosperity, in the form of a commission check!  YAY!  And there will be one more coming from the sales I had at the Shiawassee Art Center the week of Christmas.  I feel like I'm being a horrible person by bragging about my success of late, but I really must shout it.  Cuz it's been a loooooong time coming.  And I'm savoring it.  At the top of my lungs!
Another big leap today - I sent TWO project proposals to Beadwork magazine.  One for earrings, and one for a bracelet.  Both original projects that I've come up with in the last year or so, both fairly simple with not alot of supplies needed.  Cross your fingers and beading needles, girls.  I would love to be published again.  The next leap - I'll be checking on teaching beading classes through the school district for their adult community ed program.  There are already sewing, quilting and zentangle classes, so why not beading?  I'll get more information when school's back in session next week (I'm pretty sure the offices are closed during winter break).  And the biggest leap - I'm in the early stages of a BOOK that I want to actually find a publisher for this time, rather than self publishing.  It's on displaying and setting up for craft shows and fairs- the do's, don'ts, photos for inspiration and general things I've learned from my experience along the way.  I have no idea how long it will take me - finding a publisher that's interested may be the toughest part.  I think that's gonna be more like a hurdle!
Oh, and I'll also be showing my work during a special Valentine's show at the local Lansing Art Gallery in February - and picking up the show season again starting in April. 
Hope you're leaping to new heights this year too.    I'm ready to leap even higher!
Peaceful, prosperous beading,

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