Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Only 108 to go!

We’re almost there, and I have a feeling we’ll get there well before the Feb. 1 date I’d hoped for!

images(photo courtesy of Google Images)
Still can’t wait to see that magic 16,000 number roll over and I hope I don’t MISS IT!
I will try to post some fun and interesting things between now and then, to keep you coming back -  but can’t think of a thing to amuse you with at the moment.  The coffee cup is only 1/2 gone (is that half full or half empty?) and I haven’t done my daily crosswords puzzles yet.  Maybe later when I’m more alert I’ll come up with something witty…but until then - hop down to the FREE BEAD post and give it your best shot!  It’s cold.  It’s snowy.  Why not count beads? 

Peaceful beading,


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