Saturday, January 26, 2013




Or in this case – lots of beads!

I MISSED the turn over sometime last night during our night out with friends.  My choice to wear heels was not wise, so between sore feet and knees and a late night, I didn’t get a chance to check until today.  And WOW.  We’re at 16,029!  So with that, I announce that the winner – OFF by a count of just 26 beads – is TIFFANY SMITH of Southern Gals Designs.  So TIffany, if you’re reading this, and you haven’t checked your blog comments or Bead Soup Café on Facebook – email me your info!
THANKS to all of you for participating.  The magic number was 1,321.  And YES, I counted every single one. 

I hope you all have hopped over to Lori Anderson’s blog and signed up for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  Tomorrow will be the LAST CHANCE to get in on THIS YEAR’S event.  You snooze….you STARVE!  LOL.  Here’s the link if for some reason you missed my previous ones….

Looking forward to a calendar with absolutely nothing on it this weekend.  Bead time.  Read time.  ME time. 
Peaceful beading,


Unknown said...

*Happy Dance * Yippie I am so excited!!! Sheryl thank you for hosting this giveaway.

coolmoon said...

You're welcome, Tiffany. It gave me a chance to destash some cool stuff, to make room for MORE - of course!
They'll be in your mailbox soon!