Thursday, March 24, 2016

Breathing new life

With the new life of spring comes some thoughts of 
new life into this blog.

Need to give it a fresh look, and some fresh content.

Need to be ready to commit to actually BLOGGING.  And trying to decide if it should be ONLY about beads, or if I should continue to babble on about life.  Period.  The dog.  The days.  The garden. The frustrations involved with life.

For now though - BEADS.  Here are a few things I've completed over the course of the winter....  some are for sale, some are going to the gallery, and some are just plain MINE.  Enjoy the eye candy along with your peeps and jelly beans.... and I hope you're glad I'm back... at least I'm trying to be....

A tray FULL of brand new hot off the bead table denim designs.

And here's an exciting thing:  picked up a copy of the magazine "Real Simple" today.
DENIM and chambray are going to be HOT trends this year!  I am hoping this is a GOOD thing for me!

So happy that it's finally sprung.... it's in the air.... it's bringing us those flowers....

Until next time - which I hope won't be far away...
Peaceful beading,