Monday, November 28, 2011

Last blog post

Since I've had no comments since well back into summer, and not having a laptop makes the posting process difficult and sporadic, this will be my last blog post for awhile.  They've already been few and far between, but honestly - no news is no news.  I wish I could say that my presence on the blogs or even on Facebook has made a difference in my sales, my recognition, or my life - but it hasn't.  I'm sorry I'll miss the next blog hop, though, but really, with so many to look at, I think I would have gotten lost in that shuffle too.  I'm not going to delete the site just yet, as the links may still be of interest to some people. 
Still beading, still creating, just doin' it for me....
TaTa.  Goodbye.  It was fun while it lasted...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prep pep

Down to my last day of prep for my open house sale tomorrow.  It's going fairly well so far - the front room, escentially the formal living room I never use, has been completely transformed - everything fit and worked exactly as I had hoped in that room.  The dining room, however - not so much.  I'll be working on squeezing table number 3 in there today, and table number 4 will just have to remain in the trunk of my car.  I supposed I could set it up in yet another room - but that would have to wait until last minute tomorrow if I decide to.
I'll take photos when I'm done - but it's turning out quite nice.   I just hope I have some peeps.  Boy, there sure are alot of my friends and family 'busy' on Sunday.  Mmmhmm.  Whatever. 
Still plugging away on this ancient desktop.  For whatever reason the words I type on the keyboard don't flow automatically to the screen - I have to stop and wait for the computer to catch up with me.  Frustrating.  Maddening.  I think I've pretty much decided to go with the original offer by the Vertex guys on the purchase of a new laptop - but I'm still nowhere close to having the funds for that.  I'm not going to take anymore out of savings for things like that.  It's bad enough we had an unexpected vet visit this week. Poor Bella.  Confined to her little white head cone for a few more days.  She somehow and for some reason scratched herself raw by one ear.  No ear infection.  Just a few soon to be dead pesky fleas.  Poor baby.
And for those of you that are here because you went to the website.  Sorry!  I attempted to update the site yesterday, and found that I've misplaced the password, and that Wordpress won't accept my email request for a new one for some strange reason.  So - it may be back to the drawing board on the website thing.  But glad you stopped here.  Keeping this maintained lately has been touchy too - I'll try to do better!  I'm thinking of posting 'a piece a day', complete with price and email for purchase request.  Or maybe a second blog devoted specifically to that.  Like I said - thinking.
Off to enjoy an hour or two of quiet beading before the remaining room prep begins.  Tomorrow morning will be devoted to food prep and ME prep. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

No show go

Well, poop.  I received a call from the museum event coordinator yesterday - they are CANCELLING this years event due to lack of interested vendors.  Apparently, in the 10 years they've been hosting this event, this is the first time that they had planned to require the artists to be available in person during the show.  DIDN'T work out quite they way they hoped.  Turns out most of the artists would prefer to pay a small commission to NOT have to be there.  And since I was going to have to schlep tables, chairs, displays, merchandise AND drive 40 miles one way two days in a row - I think I would have preferred that too.  So they are rethinking next years event, notifying us early of June's Art and Wine event, and refunding our jury fee.  There were only 6 of us to reply.  Sad, relieving and stressful all at the same time.  Sad, because it sounds like it's been a successful event in the past (not sure why they messed with it), relieving because now I don't have to worry about schlepping those tables, chairs and stuff and getting there in a reliable vehicle, AND not to have to worry about having enough museum quality work, but stressful because that was my last hope for a holiday show besides my own.  I DID have an offer from someone to allow me to put a 'tray' of items at their booth in next weeks Mason show, but 1. I don't know the person,  and 2. I prefer to display my items more professionally than a tray.  I am getting many offers to participate in events NEXT year, so I guess I'll have to set my sights on those, and just bead, bead, bead. |
And on a related note - I'll have a brand new photo soon of my space at Coyote Wisdom.  We've made some changes, added some shelving, and I'm in the process of doing what the girls at the shop call "Sheryl-izing".  haha.  I will be clerking all day tomorrow, and will probably have plenty of time to work on it.  I definitely need to add more merchandise!  And I had a decent sales month BEAD wise last month too - for a change.  I had thought of pulling them out, but now, with the new display, I may stick it out a bit longer with them.  
Off to the bead table early on a Friday morning - my favorite time to bead - when the dogs and the hubby are quiet, and traffic hasn't started speeding by, or backing up during drop off of the kids at the school complex across the street yet.  Shhhhhh......beading.
Peaceful beading to you too..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Overwhelmed and under appreciated

That's about the jist of it.  I will feel either more or less so after Friday, when I find out whether or not I'm accepted into the Ella Sharp Museum show.  I'm not even sure I have enough high caliber items to take.  Many of them are already committed to the art market at the LAG and can't be removed until after the holiday season.  And I still haven't even made my way to Owosso to check with the Art Center there.  THESE are the types of commitments that I WANT to make, but all of a sudden, I'm finding myself freaking out about them.  And there's my nitwit idea to have a home based open house show right in the middle of it all.  It sounded like a good idea in my head.  I got the post cards printed, which are kick ass professional, and I've been handing them out to specific friends and friends of friends, along with an email invite and Facebook invite.  And all of a sudden, the week before the event, all I'm hearing are sorry's.  Great.  Going to alot of trouble (and going through a lot of guilt - long story for a different blog) to prepare, and I may end up with just 3 people.  That are coming more for the one on one time and catching up, rather than shopping.  ~SIGH~.  I always put myself through major panic when I plan these, and yet - I continue to do it.  ~double sigh~.
Off to the LAG today for more volunteer hours and to check in my holiday market pieces.  Let's hope it's a profitable market.  I did pretty well last year....
Sorry for the absence on the blog - still no laptop, and lots to prep for, so it's been kind of nice to step away from the keyboard for awhile....I miss this, though...
Til next time...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anybody miss me?

 It's been over a week!  No good news on the laptop front other than I WAS able to get it to gasp long enough for me to transfer some files to my flash drive.  So I at least have photos to use for submissions, etc.  What I miss MOST is my photo cropping and finishing software.  I may need to figure out a way to get it on this old desktop.  But for now - between my Nook and it's WiFi connection, and this ancient desktop, I THINK I'm keeping up with the world digitally.  Keeping up with the world person to person, however - that's a different story -  and the reason for the following rant:
I KNOW it's fun to 'shock the adults' with PDA's when you're a teenager.  The teens at the next table at Barnes & Noble's cafe tonight were all over each other.  Gross - but I remember being a teen. It's exciting.  BUT - when ADULTS that are OLDER than I AM go at it in the chair right next to me IN THE STORE (HE was on HER lap) - that's MORE than gross.  That's obscene.  I really wanted to tell them to get a room - but chose to give up my cozy armchair instead (which he immediately took possession of).  I'm sure there must have been other places in the store with two chairs together, people - but was that PDA really called for?  Almost made me lose the pumpkin cheesecake that I'd just savored.  No wonder I much prefer the company of my dogs and the cozy quiet of my house lately.  Cuz being out in public is just plain scary these days! 
Hope you've all been happily beading - I know I have.  Not having internet access as often has left me with more time to bead!  So here's the latest  - all whipped up since last Wednesday:
"One World" - started Thursday.  Finished Sunday.  When they come to me, they come to me.  This is Azurite/Malachite and Turquoise.  Not sure where it's 'going' yet....

Peacock on Ice now has matching earrings....

And "Alaskan Moonlight" is finally finished.  It is destined for the Lansing Art Gallery Holiday Market inventory next week. 
Hope to blog again real soon with news of another wonderful opportunity I was presented with this week.  I don't know if I quite dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's correctly - I'll know by November 4th!
Until then - have a wicked fun weekend and Happy Halloween!  MWWWWAAAAAHHAHAHAAAA!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, October 17, 2011


What a great day.  Sunny, fall colors peaking, a little jaunt to one of my favorite clothing stores.  Big sale.  Big savings.  Fun lunch.  Warm enough to sit and enjoy one of my last days out on the deck, and was visited by this:

What a wonderful gift from Spirit.  Obviously a little late with the migration, there, bud - but I am glad you chose to visit me on your way!
Then I had a 'stealth' gift delivery from a friend - left a little giftbag hanging on the door, and hurried off before I could talk to her - always in a rush!  My hubby even surprised me after our little shopping and lunch trip with the gift of the Lady Antebellum CD I wanted!    Then an afternoon and evening of peaceful beading time, so "Alaskan Moonlight" is ALMOST finished.  All in all - a pretty perfect day.  LOTS of wishes on Facebook - I need to get over there and thank everyone!  
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I miss my laptop

I guess I'll have to break down and take it somewhere to find out whether it's fixable.  I know for sure that it needs a new power cord - I've just been reluctant to pay $150 bucks for a stupid CORD.  There used to be used ones available on for much less - but didn't seem to find the right thing this time.  Figures.  So I'm using my hubbys ancient desktop, with it's big bulky tower hard drive and MOUSE!  I'm so used to the finger touch pad on the laptop.  Bah.  I've been having a great couple of months - this just seems to put a black mark on it a little bit.  It seems there's always something.  Let's hope it can be repaired or replaced economically.
As far as the show on Saturday!?  CHA-ching!  A constant stream of people, about 80% women.  The other girls I've done shows with all summer, along with Tracy, were vendors too - so it was fun texting each other back and forth about our successes and odd customer sightings.  I was delighted to find that there were people that attended the Okemos Art Market all summer that came looking for me specifically.  Now, keep in mind I had no plans to do this show - and yet, here were two people that loved my things that had money reserved to spend on my jewelry if they were lucky enough to find me -they didn't even know if I would be there.  But somehow spirit brought us all together - and CHA-ching.  An excellent day, and an easy set up/tear down with help.  Someone was listening.  Thank you.  I also was asked to do two other shows, of which I had to decline due to other commitments, AND had an invitation to contact the Shiawassee Art Council about selling items in their museum.  I do believe I'll be taking a trip to Owosso very soon....
Another show 'surprise' I guess you could call it was the customer wearing the CUTEST BOOTS.  I actually stopped what I was doing to ask her about them.  They are Uggs.  So of course I figured they'd be pricey.  But they're sweater material - so they will actually stretch to fit my real size calves!  WHAHOO!  AND - they fold down if I want to wear them as shorty boots.  So they're versatile.  Hers were a heather gray.  Zappos was out of black.  I chose - wait for it - PURPLE!  Well, they call it Sangria, which is the magenta purple color that I find myself wearing alot.  They will be here by mid-week.  Can't wait.  And yes - they were more than I've ever spent on shoes or boots before EVER.  And I deserve it.  :0)
Looking forward to a fun birthday week.  I've got my actual birthday day (tomorrow) to myself - so I have shopping, beading and relaxing plans.  The perfect birthday, don't you agree?  Tuesday will be spent with friends on both a coffee date and a dinner date. 
What can I say?  Even without my is. GOOD.
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Off grid.....

I restarted this old thing at 6pm - it is now 11:36 - and I'm just now able to get it to function - glitchy R key and all. So this old laptop may be forcing me to go off grid for awhile.  The R key only works after you hit it about 4 times, and the mouse plate is pretty much see through - I can no longer turn off and restart without it taking over an hour (or LONGER) to return to a place that will allow me to access email and internet.  I can do some things from my handy dandy Nook - but I'm having trouble even with that, and writing in my blog is not a Nook option.  So this long story is my way of saying it may be a few days or longer before I'm able to blog again.  I get the feeling that I won't be missed.
I think I'll be laptop shopping this weekend.  I am working on manifesting enough profit at the show on Saturday with which to get a nice one.  Or get this one repaired.  Having no idea what's wrong with it, though - I think I'd almost rather have a new one.  We shall see.
So peaceful, beautiful beading everyone,  until we meet again....
And P.S. The kids will miss keeping you all updated. They send their love:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I must be crazy

It's the only explanation.  I've decided, three days before the event - to participate in the Holidays in Haslett show on SATURDAY.  I'm not sure why.  I didn't do particularly well at it last year, and hauling from the parking lot to the car is very difficult for me.  But the organizer swears that she WILL find a volunteer or two to help me, and I do have several friends that are participating that may be able to stop and help me too.  I'm still wondering why I'm subjecting myself - but the voices in my head last night wouldn't stop.  So here goes nothin'.  Haven't had time for Bead Table Wednesday today.  The bead table is literally buried in craft show Saturday stuff.  Maybe next week.  So wish me luck, readers.  And on with the show!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, October 10, 2011

And so it begins

Another super busy week for me. I don't know how I always manage to turn a free week into a freaky week, but (sorry, and I don't even LIKE Britney Spears) oooops, I did it again. After enjoying my day yesterday (photos of the loot below), I realized that I'm at Coyote 4 days in a row this week - beginning today! Not that I don't enjoy my time there, but Mondays are especially long because we're only open until 4, so it's one long 11-4 shift. Then I'll get home just in time to feed the furkids, maybe relax for a minute, and then off I go again to bead group - and tonight we celebrate a BUNCH of birthdays. Sharon's, mine, Catherines, Annes, and we're going to include poor Judy in there too, who got forgotten back in the busy summer month of July. Not sure how much beading will be done - but this time around I'm getting to know them all much better, and we're having lots of fun. I may have to take Sally with me one of these times....
I am also finalizing the details for the open house I'm having here. Which means I really MUST get busy cleaning and shining everything for company. It's not that we're slobs, or even super messy, but we tend to clutter, and use the front living room space as a catch all, combined with the fact that I hate to dust, and well. It's not company worthy at the moment. I've got almost a month. I've already done a little. I'll get there....
Here's all the loot from yesterday. So much for quality instead of quantity. I think it's more like a quantity of quality:

Pretty polymer
Bottle cap fun

Filigree from my friend Cindy (I added the rivoli when I got home)
This is wood and resin

Various focals - cabs and drilled.  Polymer, Dichroic, Azurite/Malachite, Petoskey, & Copper Fleck.
My biggest splurge - these little lampwork babies were expensive!

Semi Precious from S&S - sodalite, Turquoise, Az/Mal, and Jasper.
Vintage glass rainbow leaves.  Good thing I didn't wait on these - the vendor sold out of them in less than an hour!

Chinese crystal - who can resist?
See?  I told ya I had fun!  And I wanted soooo much more.  The one item I wanted that stayed where it laid - a quirky, funky, very detailed lampwork witch face focal pendant - complete with warts and freaky teeth, bats on her hat - very cool.  $75.00.  Gulp.  Not cool enough. That price scared me, that's for sure!  Maybe someday, though....
Peaceful beading everyone,  enjoy where ever you are,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Jury is IN

And I am approved to show at Great Lakes Artworks.  HOWEVER - we have come to the mutual conclusion that I must wait until they have a more secure place, like a jewelry case, to show my pieces in.  And they're full up right now.  I noticed that when I was there the other day - LOTS of jewelry.  So much, in fact, that I had pretty much decided to hold off before they called me about putting me on the waiting list.  That's fine with me.  And once they do call and tell me there's space - I'll have to consider it long and hard.  Because there are still issues that I'm not fond of.  I think whatever type of display I decide to do, I'll be paying a little extra every month to have someone work my shifts.  Just not wild about working down there.  It's often alone, and the parking is horrendous.   So the search is still on for another classy, upscale boutique or gallery for my things.  Maybe on one of our little jaunts this weekend and next weekend.  Off to the cider mill in St. Johns today, taking the back roads and enjoying the beautiful leaves and day.  It's been a great October so far - in the 70's and over 80 the last two days.  The same for today - and tomorrow, and Monday!  YAY!  Tomorrow will be fun day for me too.  Off to another bead show - Bead Bonanza in Southfield.  Put on by the Great Lakes Beadguild, of which I'm a member.   Going to try to go for QUALITY and not QUANTITY this time - maybe some nice lampwork focals, some Murano glass, Star's Clasps.  The high end stuff I don't usually go for.  We'll see....
And despite the fact that it's been gorgeous outside for the last few days, I've been quite creative, and am obsessed with creating tons of these: 

You saw the oval ones in a previous post, and I've since gotten the idea to do several pair, in different sizes and shapes, and display them all in my jazzy little green spinner case.  I was originally going to consider taking them to GLAW, but I think I'll take them to The Grand-dale Shoppe instead.  Lots to do this gorgeous October!  Beauty surrounds.  Can't wait to show you photos of our road trip - the trees are just turning around here, and they are beautiful!
Peaceful, beautiful beading everyone,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

One of those days

Everyone has them.  I suppose I was due.  But I've pretty much worked myself into a snit this morning - and with it, everything is pretty much turning to dog doo.  My breakfast even ended up on the floor.  I can't find something I'm looking for.  Just one of THOSE days. 
And it all started with my jury meeting last night.  What a waste of time.  They still have my pieces to jury, but I won't be signing any contracts.  I had hoped that with the name change, building change and owner change there would be some COMMON SENSE change.  Unfortunately, everything is pretty much the same as it was, right down to the fact that you must work a 3 hour shift ALONE in a community that's a little spooky after dark AND with a two hour parking limit in all their lots and at the meters.  Can't leave to go feed the meter or move the car, so basically, I have to PAY them (in the form of a parking ticket fee) to work there.  Not sure why none of the other girls are bitchin' about that.  The two I know that have items for sale there get rides when they work.  So that may be why.   I also don't appreciate that they don't take high end work seriously as far as security is concerned.  That art community gets crazy busy on weekends, and during festivals, literally thousands of people pour in - and yet they want me to put my $100 and $200 pieces out on an open shelf in the middle of the sales floor.  Seriously?  I suppose I could just have them jury the simple stuff - but what would be the point?   It's my detailed, woven seed bead work that I want to be known for.  That's what I believe is gallery worthy work.   So I've been frustrated about that, and stewing about it all morning.
I also had another conversation with Connie at the bookstore about my space there.  I'm going there today to downsize a bit to make room for some of her things, and try to make use of the floor below, but basically I'll be pulling the beads out after the holiday season.  Not sure what I'm gonna do with all of them.  I could probably just plan to use them all myself, but since it seems I'm also in a bit of a sales rut jewelry wise, well.  Hm.  Another thing to add to the stewin'....
So sorry about the vent blog today, all.  Hope your day is peacefully, blissfully, beadily better....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

When I was choosing the lampwork beads at Polkadots yesterday, I had a flash of an idea for using ALL of them together.  Alas - it was a flash that didn't remain in my head long enough to evolve.  So I am creating small but still fun things with them - so far, two bracelets, probably a pair of earrings, and a zipper charm or pendant with the onesie left overs.  So here is what  my bead table looked like BEFORE I sat down and started creating this morning....

Here's the Polkadots loot:

And this is the project I am getting ready to start:

Plus I still need to complete "Alaskan Moonlight".  But first, I must finish my check in sheet of gallery pieces for tonights jury meeting, order post cards for my open house, and do some chores.  All in a day's work....
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pleasant surprises

Two of them, actually.  The first was finding out, after spending every other Monday plus road trip time with the WWB (Women Who Bead-I know, pretty original and hip, right?) bead group - that I SHARE my birthdate with one of them!  And it's the one that I carpool with almost every time.  I can't believe the subject never came up before!  I knew there was a reason we liked hanging out together!
The second one was the practically instantaneous response I got from the art gallery I inquired at today.  I've shown/sold there before, a couple years ago, when it was on a different street, and owned by a different person.  I stopped in today to just scope it out, see what was what, etc.  LOTS of jewelry.  So much that I never expected to hear from them-I figured they'd just put me on a waiting list.  So I was surprised to hear from them, asking me to set up a time for bringing in pieces for them to jury.  So it looks pretty likely (I have a few questions for THEM before I sign another contract), that I will be in yet another location before the month is out.  Which is probably just as well - because I'll probably be losing one of them, or at least a major portion of it, by years end.  The owner of the bookstore (Coyote Wisdom) and I talked today about the fact that the beads I have there just haven't been selling or even been paid attention to as much as we thought they would be.  We're both a little bummed about it - but we decided to give it another month - get through the class I have planned at the end of this month, and then downsize the beads significantly, and then after the holidays - just go back to jewelry only, on a much smaller scale.  So still not quite sure what to do with all these beads.  I'm hoping my holiday home open house/show/sale in November will put a big dent in the inventory I have left.  And then there's my friend Sally's idea - she thinks a small boutique/bead store in the area that always seems to be sparse on their inventory MAY be interested in purchasing some of it.  MAYBE.  BIG BIG MAYBE.  Still have to check out that possibility - I don't have a good gut vibe about it, so I'm still procrastinating on checking them out.  I do, however, have a good gut feeling about my second go round at the Old Town gallery (now Great Lakes Artworks).  We shall see come Friday when I go pick up my work.....
So here I go again, giving myself MORE responsibility, another place I have to commit to, another inventory of jewelry to keep track of.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?  Simply because if I don't have my name and my things out there, especially now that show season is done for me, I'll never sell any of these boxes and trays full of jewelry pieces.  Now if I could just sell the beads, too.....I know, I know - website.  It'll come one of these days.  But once I get it set up, that means putting numerous items out there for sale, monitoring, updating, and completing sales requests.  Does it sound like I've got time for all that?  Not at the moment I don't.
Looking forward to a fun rest of the week - beautiful, warm, sunny days are expected through Sunday (what most people around here refer to as "Indian Summer" whatever that means), and a trip to Bead Bonanza - a bead show put on by and for Great Lakes Bead Guild members.  Haven't gone in a couple years - I hope I don't get too carried away.  ha.  Ha.  ha.
Check back tomorrow for Bead Table stuff on the table.  I've got the snaps now that I needed for Alaskan Moonlight, so I just need to find time to finish it up.  Somewhere.  Somehow.  Someway.
Peaceful beading,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blue Monday

And not just because my bead color of choice lately seems to be blue. Soon after posting my blog yesterday about the comments sections and the fact that many of us no longer seem able to do so, I made a comment on Facebook to one of those same people - a very innocent agreement with a statement she made. And the comment was deleted. Presumeably by her. So now I'm wondering - what could I have said or done to deserve to be deleted, and possibly even be blocked blog wise - by this person? We've done business together in the past, she even helped me with some website issues. I'm a very sensitive person when it comes to the aspect of people finding fault with me (less so than in the past, but it still stings sometimes), so I will probably wonder on it for a few days before I decide to just let it be. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be totally UN-caring of what people think about what I say or do or look like. I know people that are that way - blissfully so. But, I am what I am, and I deal as best I can. Somedays it's just harder than others....

Anyway - back to the 'blue jewelry' subject. I just finished these this morning:

Not an original idea, but not something that is being done to death around my area.  I'll probably make a few pair, some oval, some round, maybe a pendant, and see how they go.  I'm looking at getting back into an art gallery I was in a few years ago (new name/new owner, hopefully new energy), and these may work well there.
And THIS - is where I am with 'Alaskan Moonlight'.  The close on this will be snaps, and I need to get them before I go much farther.  Should be finishing it be the end of the week or of the completed piece coming, for sure.  This one is Lansing Art Gallery bound.....

 Peaceful beading everyone.  Know that I love and appreciate ALL of my readers - and commenters...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

No comment

I've been noticing it - and hearing alot about it lately:  the fact that several people, including myself, seem to no longer be able to comment on the blogs.  Not sure why - after all, putting the blog out there is only HALF the process - allowing comments and responding to comments a big part of it, too.  If someone, ANYONE can tell us why this is all of a sudden happening, I'm sure many of us would love to hear.  But in the meantime,  here's my solution to that:  I will share all my blog post links through Facebook. Hopefully most of you are Facebook friends so that you can make your comments to the post on the Facebook side.  If not - I could use a few new friends!  Just ask!
Speaking of friends - I think Bella and Zeus have made friends since her arrival, whether he wants to admit it or not!  We'll often find them lying side by side, and they constantly tease each other for possession of the bones & toys.  We're all gettin' along just fine....

Peaceful beading.  Don't forget to go post your comment on Facebook!

Friday, September 30, 2011

A pendant for the angels...

Every once in awhile, I will get a custom request.  I wish I would get them more - but somehow the ones I DO get seem to be quite special - for a wedding, or something specific.  This one is no exception.  This one came about with the request for an amulet type necklace that could be worn during ceremonies and rituals by one of the wonderful ladies of Coyote Wisdom.  She works with angel energy, so wanted to be able to bring that to her ceremony work.  She requested blue lace agate, selenite (which cannot be found in bead form), and clear quartz.  Because I was unable to find the selenite, I substituted with moonstone, which gives the piece the same energy and affect.  The above photo is the pendant portion, before it was completed with a simple strand of blue lace, quartz and more moonstone along each side.  The clasp ended up being a simple lobster, because she was afraid of losing it - but the lobster is "held" by two beautiful angels to compliment those in the necklace.  It has named itself  "Angels on High".   

Truly magical. 
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The hassles of growing older

Or at least one of them - renewing my drivers license.  I've been able to do so by mail for the last 3 or so years, and THAT is a convenience that I enjoy.  But I've got to do it in person this time - need a new photo and to update the vision portion of the license.  AKA I've gotten lots older and blinder since my last license!  I'm hoping that by going to the branch in Mason, a much smaller town, in the middle of the afternoon, I can get in, get it over with, and get out FAST. 
So as you may have guessed, that also means my birthday is approaching.  In about two weeks.  I used to enjoy having birthdays - fall is my favorite time of year, and the color is always peaking and making the day beautiful.  BUT - now that I'm PAST the 5-0 point, well - they just seem to come and go.  Hubby doesn't make a big deal (he probably wouldn't even if I wanted him to), and my mom's in Florida, so really, no cause for celebration.  This year though - I think we're going to take a color tour.  I was told that I would make some new contacts and find some new possibilities for my business by going on a trip by one of the newer psychics at the bookstore a few weeks ago, and she seems to be pretty spot on accurate much of the time.  I also want to check out a bead store I heard about in Gaylord - which is a few hours north - the perfect place for leaf peeping.  There's also a nice sporting goods store on the way (something for the hubby to do), and a Michigan micro-brewery restaurant that is quite popular.  I think it's going to be a fun trip - as long as the weather cooperates.

Back on the bead and jewelry topic:  I totally re-did my booth at The Grand-dale Shoppe yesterday.  I added a new link photo on the right, but here's another one - should have used flash, but we did realize yesterday that even though the purple is perfect for me, it is a bit dark.  So here's hoping sales are good enough to move to a larger, whiter booth in the future!

Peaceful beading everyone,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Here are the photos I posted for the Flickr group "Bead Table Wednesday".  If you haven't checked it out - it's just a fun way for beaders to see what other beaders are up to at the same point in time each week.  Some post completed pieces, some post (and I think this was the original premise) exactly what their bead table looks like on that Wednesday.  Here's mine:

'Alaskan Moonlight' is making progress.  Still got a ways to go....

This is just a portion of the stash from Bead Haven last week.  I was on a blue and green kick (peacocks, anyone?)
Who knows what will be on my table next week.  I'll have a bit more free time after the once again harried weekend, because Mom and Dad leave on Saturday to return to their sunny Florida home.  Don't want them to go, but go they must.  Wednesdays have not only been Bead Table Wednesdays for me, but also Mom Wednesdays - we would almost always go to lunch and then either shop or run errands together, just spending mother/daughter time.  Not sure she'll have the time today, with packing and prepping their Michigan home for the winter.  So I just may have to wait until JUNE! 
If you're still lucky enough to still have a Mom, give her some appreciation today - in person or by email or phone!
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Parties....and posts

Or should I say posts and parties, since my first babble begins with - why in the world all of a sudden it's become difficult, if not darn near impossible to post comments on Blogger and Wordpress blogs lately.  I mean, part of the fun of blogging is getting feedback and comments from followers and readers and browsers of the web.  I just tried to comment on MY OWN BLOG and had to try it three times!  Come on, geeks - figure it out!
Ok.  That being ranted - on with the parties!  Thank you to Lorelei Eurto for helping me make the decision about having another open house for my jewelry this year.  I'd been considering it now that I no longer have my shop, but after reading her blog today I think I'm gonna do it.  The biggest chore - getting my house in OPEN HOUSE order.  It's a little (ok, a lot) cluttered at the moment, and has way too much furniture in the room that I would want to use for the bulk of the display.  The unique thing about my open house is that I will also include the rest of the left over BEADS from the shop that I haven't sold yet, besides, of course, my jewelry.  Haven't run it past the hubby yet - I may wait a few weeks yet.  I'm looking at the weekend before the firearm deer season opener in November, so a lot of the ladies will have some free time on their hands!  I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of updates and venting in the next few weeks about this new adventure - so stop back soon!  And check back tomorrow too - for my Bead Table Wednesday post.  I've made some headway on the 'Alaskan Moonlight' cuff, but still have more to go.  Hopeful that it, too, will be a Lansing Art Gallery Holiday Art Market offering....
Peaceful beading,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Now what?

The last of the shows I had scheduled for this year are done.  It was another so-so show, at that.  So really, I'm not sure that doing shows is worth the hassle for me.  Loading a vehicle, driving usually about 20 minutes one way to the show site, unloading and set up just about wear me out.  Then comes the fun of reeling in the customers, and I'll tell ya - I am NOT the kind of person that can sell ice to an eskimo.  I am a soft sell person - I greet, I tell them to feel free to browse, try on, and show them where the mirror is.  Usually telling them just that much sends them running for cover.  How do I get them to stay at the table?  I refuse to hover - don't like it when people do it to me.  I try to keep the table bright (sunny yellow table covers are about as bright as it gets), with flowers on the table, and a seasonal theme.  And it's not like I haven't done this before.  I KNOW how to design and layout a sales table.  Apparently what I don't know how to do is SELL what's ON the table.  I get compliments like "pretty things"  "gorgeous work", etc, and I thank each and every one - but, and I know I sound like a broken record on this subject - compliments don't pay the bills!
I need to find another avenue, venue, WAY to sell my work and be acknowledged and compensated for it.  I was given the idea of submitting a portfolio and formal letter to museum gift shops NATIONALLY, and I wil probably give it a shot, but from what I understand, many of them are going to want to buy wholesale.  And really, I can't make a profit that way either.  I've got to be able to sell what I know is GOOD, quality, detailed work somewhere, somehow, someway.  Tried Etsy.  Tried shows.  Have things on consignment in THREE area shops (which sell sporadically), and at some point, I WILL have them for sale on my website.  Guess it's a good thing that I myself like most of the items that I've made - because when worse comes to worse - I could be stuck WEARIN' em all!  
Wish I knew the answer - but until then I'll just have to keep tryin' and BEADIN'.  Not sure I'd know what to do with myself if I couldn't do that.  I like to read books, and I still do go through about a book a week, and I love to do crossword puzzles, about a book of them a month, but nothing gives me same satisfaction, the same calmness, the same oneness with spirit that beading does.  And so it goes....
Peaceful beading, everyone,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

And one to go....

Today's Meridian Towship Heritage Festival show was, well, let's just say it was not a bust, but it wasn't really profitable either.  I would have liked to have done better, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day, and sharing the booth space with two other crafty friends was really fun.  Here's a peek at my side of the booth - the entire album of photos from the festival is posted on Facebook:
The set up was just a bit different for me - I did it so they could walk down either side of the table;  I kinda liked it.  Tomorrow it's back to the big, bulky picnic table set up again.  Not as pretty, but I'll have way more space.
And now an update for you "Bella watchers":  we finally had her spayed last week.  All went well, she's doing fine - in fact, the nurses at the clinic loved her so much, they let her be office dog for a day! (Instead of caging her to monitor her, they let her have the run of the place).   She's so spoiled.   She's not at all happy about the accessory situation, however - the first night she cried, and cried and cried.  Maybe if I add some sparklies and beads to it - then she'll want to show it off!

Peaceful beading,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New stash!

That's just a teaser - cuz I don't have time to photograph all the newbies right now!  But - I was a blue and green kick, which will ultimately make wonderful peacock jewels!  Didn't have that in mind when I was running my fingers through the wonderful rainbows of beads while choosing them, but my mind was spinning this morning!  If you EVER have the opportunity to visit Bead Haven, AND the surrounding town of Frankenmuth (home of Bronner's - world's largest Christmas store) - you are in for a treat.  And SOO many new little shops in the River Place section!  It took us ALL afternoon to visit them all.  So, sorry, Gretchen - Purple Sage will have to wait until another time!    We had a wonderful afternoon, the moms love spending time together, topped it off with yummy purchases from the fudge shoppe, and very little traffic issues for a change.   Even the brief but crazy thundershower that trapped us in the pet accessories store didn't spoil our day.  It came. It went.  We had a great time!
Off to The Grand-dale Shoppe this morning.  Dawn invited me to bring a project to work on between customers (sometimes the weekday morning shifts are a bit slow), so it should at least be productive!
Busy weekend coming up - TWO shows - Saturday and Sunday - both in the same park, but Saturday I am in an outdoor booth - so let's pray there's no rain, and the Meridian Township police officers have better things to do than ticket people for parking an inch or two in the wrong direction!  Don't get me started -
Peaceful beading, enjoy the day,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bead Table Busy Wednesday

I realized when I woke up this morning, that if I didn't do "Bead Table Wednesday" at the crack of dawn, I would miss it again. So photos done, Flickr photo posted, here is this weeks Bead Table Wednesday entry:

Won't get much more done on it today, though, because as it turns out - both Moms (mom and mother in law) are free and we're ROAD TRIPPIN'!  Birch Run (outlet mall), lunch, and then Frankenmuth for a visit to the best bead store anywhere - Bead Haven (aka Bead HEAVEN).  I am looking for something specific that they are liable to have, so it's not a just cuz trip.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  We're getting a later start than usual, and won't even get there until early afternoon (we usually start shopping before 11), and I'm sure lunch will be the first thing on the agenda.  THEN, if there's time - it's on to Purple Sage bead store in Saginaw, which I just realized today is only about 20 minutes farther north and west.  Not sure if we'll make it there- but I'm armed with maps, and my debit card. 
Peaceful beading everyone,

Monday, September 19, 2011

All done hoppin'!

Finally made it through the rest of the blog hop entries this morning - and although I will give it two thumbs up - I think I'm only awarding three and a half stars.  SOOOOO many participants that simply flaked out.  Do they not have a calendar?  The only ones that I felt had a good reason for not participating were the pair that had the shipping issues between Canada and Africa.  If you can't get the post office to deliver the beads, then that's a legitimate excuse.  But those of you that actually posted your excitement about receiving your beads, posted PHOTOS of the beads you received, and then, when Sept. 17th arrived, September 18th, and then the 19th, and STILL no photos of your finished work?  Twenty lashes with a beaded noodle.  My favorite excuse - my dog ate my beadwork.
I'm still stickin' with my favorite as Eva Sherman, but there were several others that were worthy as well.  And of course, anything with seed beads will draw me to it in a red hot minute. 
All in all - I think everyone provided a vast difference in creative pieces.  From SOUP - to nuts. 
Looking forward to giving it a whirl myself come February.
Hoping to be at the bead table most of today.  Errands first (after I get dressed-I love PJ blogging!), including mailing that stupid, idiotic parking ticket from the market on Saturday.  Apparently the township, after the entire summer has gone by, decided that several of us were parking illegally - on a Saturday.  When their offices aren't even open.  We're sure it's all about the politics, and the anti-market movement by the big box grocers, and believe me - they heard about it.  It will be interesting to see what happens THIS coming Saturday - when the parking will be threefold it's normal crazy - not only will it be Farmer's Market, but Art Market and Heritage Festival as well - I'll be participating, and I'll be sure to let anyone coming by my booth where NOT to park - and hope they can move fast enough to avoid the hassle. 
Bah.  What a way to start a rainy Monday.
Peaceful beading, everyone...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bead Soup is truly revealing

and not in a good way in many cases.  I just posted this comment on Facebook, and I'll repeat it here - and yes, a few people will probably be angry with me.  Deal.   If you KNOW you are too busy with school (you and/or your kids), work, sporting events, and other daily life dramas - don't sign up for a project with a deadline that you know damn well you won't meet.  It's rude and it's unfair to the other participants.  If you can't take it seriously, make it a priority to meet the deadline, and have something truly creative to show for it - SIT THIS ONE OUT!  I'm only on Bead Soup pair number 95, and I've already come across about TEN participants that either just plain didn't post, or made lots and lots of excuses with reasons that they should have known would keep them from the task.  Next time, either know you have the time - or let someone else play.
Just sayin'.
And now for the other side of that coin - my favorite so far.....Eva Sherman.  THE most original use of both focal AND clasp that I have ever seen.  Done professionally.  Photographed professionally.  Go to Eva Sherman to see what I mean.  NOW THAT is GOURMET soup!
Ok. On with my day.  Let's try this Feng Shui class thing one more time.  And of course - another gorgeous day outside.  Bah.
Happy peaceful beading,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Reveal Day

Today is the day that I THOUGHT I'd be revealing something really cool and different - a piece of jewelry/art created with things sent to me by another bead artist - as part of a 'blog hop' swap.  Alas....things happened, and I was accidentally left out of the soup.  And now that I've started visiting all the blogs of people that participated - a whopping 362!- I think that they really could have used a little 'Sheryl spice'!  Seriously - I have decided that I am going to be somewhat of an unofficial critic, if you will, of the pieces being revealed this time around.  I'm only about 30 partners in so far - and nearly HALF of them have not even posted their pieces yet!  Now, granted, they may be in a different time zone, so I'm cuttin' 'em some slack at the present time.  I've even given my list of participants a color coded system of which ones I like (name shaded in hot pink), which ones I dislike (shaded in baby shit yellow) and which ones I think didn't even try to be creative (plain old dull boring grey).  I'm sorry - but plopping A bead on a head pin and putting it on a ball chain and adding a fancy clasp IS NOT CREATIVE.  It's a cop out.  Especially for something like a blog hop.  Something that YOU signed up for.  Something you claimed you were willing to do.  I've been on a couple of the blogs already where people are making excuses for not having their piece done yet.  Wha. Wha.  Cry me a river.  You signed up and your responsibility is to complete it.  I also noticed that there was a participant that got to choose TWO swappers - so, why, then, wasn't I given the option of being given one of those people when they discovered I was left out?
On the other hand - I have already coded THREE blog participants in that bright hot pink because THEY have got what it takes!  They put thought into their beautiful work, had a nice post to go along with it, and a beautiful piece of jewelry to cherish for a long time to come.  I have only just begun to visit the blogs - but am thinking I may 'award' the winner of my own little critics party with a special blog link here when I'm all done. 
I realize that if anyone in the hop is actually even reading this blog that they'll probably be upset with me, and I guess - oh, well.  I hope when I go back to some of those blogs that have so far been non-participants, that they will truly have something creative and beautiful to reveal.  I myself am still hoping to get in on this bead soup blog party the next time around - so I should probably be keeping my mouth shut.  OH WELL!  Not something I do easily these days.  It was all I could do not to approach the driver of the blue Cadillac that cut me off yesterday (it coincentally went the same place I went) and ask them what made them so superior.  I'm just in that kind of mood this week.  Could have had something to do with the full moon phase we're coming out of!
So back to soup, girls.  It's an interesting mix of creativity - that's my critique of what I've seen so thumb up, and the other is twitchin' to join it!  Don't let it down!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Two projects on the table - one JUST started, without a plan or a name, and one with just the pieces and parts gathered-which will start as earrings, and may expand into more pieces from there, and if it turns out - will also be a class/kit thing.  Note that both include my absolute favorite Swarovski color - Crystal Golden Shadow, and Golden Rain seed beads.  I am addicted to those for some reason....
Gonna be a busy day.  Meeting with a custom order customer, and then getting ready to attend a country music concert WITH MY PARENTS tonight!  YEEEE-HA!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting what we're worth

I hate to sound like a broken record, because this subject has been broached by many people in the last few months, but since it just came up in conversation with a 'student' of beading, I thought it might be worth the blog bites again....
Be sure when you are pricing your jewelry, that you are including what you are worth (the time you put into it) into the price structure. 
I found it interesting that this particular student of beading, whom I've gotten to know over the past 14 months or so, has completely changed her tune in that regard.  Finally.  She was hell bent on selling her work at shows, any show, no matter what the cost.  She would sometimes sell a necklace with $20 worth of beads, and another $10 worth of work into it, for a mere $8 or $9.  She always felt it was better to sell than have it for the next show, or the one after that, or the one after that.  I think she's finally seen the error of her ways.  She has also, though, decided to give up on shows until she has 'mastered' the art of beading.  I don't know if that's necessary, I think she just needs to find the right market - but at least she's finally getting that this is a serious business, and that what we do, and the time we put into it, the gas we use to drive the car to the shows, and the set up, etc., is all WORTH something.  And if the work is good (hers is getting there) it should reflect that. 
Now, on the flip side of that - I've seen some very lousy work lately that had price tags on them that were way higher than I would spend on something so shoddy - but if they too are using that mentality, combined with paying retail for their beads, then the price may reflect that.  BUT - I think there needs to be a level of professionalism to the work too.  Etsy is a great example of some really crappy work with really hefty price tags, but I've seen it at some of the craft shows, too.
So tomorrow begins my venture as a regular tutor for Sally - probably every other week to start.  If she's gonna do it, and wants to be serious about doing it, then she wants to do it right.  We'll see how it goes....
And last but not least - here is "Crone's Garden".  Another of my fancy schmancy Face of the Goddess pieces that no one else seems to appreciate.  I love her - so she may be mine:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ups and downs

I thought this blog post would be angrier.  And I'm still a bit miffed, I guess you could say, but because I AT LEAST got a call back and an apology, it seems just a bit softened somehow....
My student for the 2 week intensive Feng Shui class that started today - WAS A NO SHOW!  Now, come on - you just signed up for it on Thursday.  The least you could do is get the date(s) right.  I was throroughly and completely PISSED at first, especially since I've been rushing for two days to complete it so that I could present it with the professional air in which I intended.  And then to have them just not show up.  Urgh.  So I called the number she left at the desk, and of course - her business number.   But after waiting another 15 minutes or so, she did call and apologize, and explained that she thought it started NEXT week.  So we'll be doing an even more intensive, longer session next Sunday, as doing it two weeks in a row now does not work with my schedule.  But ya know?  Come on.  It says on the bulletin board, on the dry erase board, on the website and in the scheduling book TWO WEEKS beginning September 11th.  That's TODAY, lady.  Still not happy that someone that turns out is a realtor cannot keep a simple two hour class schedule straight.  My gut tells me that she didn't forget - that she just decided it was too nice a day to spend indoors.  Which was why I scheduled it as a two hour TWO WEEK thing - so that we wouldn't have to waste an entire end of summer afternoon in a stuffy classroom.  My second gut feeling is that she does it to me again next week, or out and out cancels.  And since the owner of the store where I'm teaching the class doesn't like to ask for deposits, I'm out of luck.  Double urgh.  I WILL be calling this student with a reminder mid-week.  I, at least, am responsible for my actions....
So anyway, the UP side is that I have an entire sunny Sunday afternoon all to myself.  My husband figured since I was going to be gone most of the afternoon, that he'd go fishing.  So - BEAD TIME!
But first - peach pie with whipped topping and a big ole' glass of milk!
Peaceful beading everyone,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freebie and the bead!

Freebies are always fun!  Head over to "Creative Chaos and enter her great giveaway.  And then, just for fun, scroll down to her THURSDAY post about her 'ghostly bead encounter'.  Spooky!
Not much time for beading today - between finishing prep for the Feng Shui class I didn't think was going to happen TOMORROW, and working all day at the bookstore today, I think the beads will have to wait until Monday.  I have this yen to start a new project and let the beads speak to me for awhile - another embroidery project that just flows and flows.  But with class prep X2, and other obligations, I may not be able to just 'go with the flow' as soon as I want. 
Enjoy your day - where ever you may be, and don't forget to head over to Skye's blog!
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

On my plate today.....

Pancakes, errands, and of course, beads.  I did manage to get all of the birthstone bracelets finished, and a sample 'family' bracelet (similar to a Mother's bracelet but also with parents' birthstones) for The Grand-dale Shoppe.  I just have to write up the blurb for custom ordering, as well as one for my in-person custom design party on December 3rd.  And as I was working on those, I decided why not give them the option of EARRINGS?  So those are on my agenda for today.  But first....
Pancakes.  And then.....errands.  Video store.  Library. Post Office.  All those little stops that have you getting in and out of the car for a minute, that can be kind of wearing after about 4 times.   Ugh.
And then for dessert - when all is said and done - my book club meeting.  And I THINK we are meeting at a restaurant for Sandy's birthday tonight.  Not sure where yet - probably should get busy messaging them to coordinate the time and place.
So what's on your plate for today?
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creative juices overflowing

Is there such a thing as being TOO creative?  I've got sooooooo many ideas for designs, and classes, and make and take projects in my head that some of them I fear will be lost in the shuffle.  I guess those of you that have 'picked a niche' and stuck with it probably have it much easier!  I've got 3 different shops where I sell my jewelry, as well beads at two of those-keeping it fresh and keeping track is a big chore.  Two of those will also be the sites of BIG classes in the next few months, neither of which I am ready for.  I have a tray FULL of beads and findings all matched and coordinated for projects that I've had in mind - some of them for months!  And NOW - after my shift at Grand-dale yesterday, I have an idea for a custom order/make it-take it sort of thing that I want to have IN the shoppe, along with the marketing blurb, by the end of the week. Dawn (the owner of the shoppe) also gave me a cute unique idea for something new and completely different, which will have me checking the craft stores for pricing and availability of all the items I need in the very near future.  Then I work at the new exhibit opening for the Lansing Art Gallery on Friday evening, and the book store ALL DAY Saturday.  So book club & store, Mom time, hubby time, gallery time, and then TWO more shows before the end of the month.  Do you see ME time OR BREATHE time anywhere in there?  Me neither.
On top of all that, we just returned from meeting and greeting our new financial adviser guy, and having to take the time to go over accounts and dollars and numbers, oh my.  Never fun - but usually necessary.   I am hoping to have the afternoon to work on the Grand-dale project, and finish a few repairs.  HOPING being the operative word.
Here's HOPING you all have peaceful beading,

Sunday, September 4, 2011


No beads in the blog today, unless you count the lament that once my mom leaves - in less than a month - to return to her home in Florida, who is gonna purchase my jewelry on a regular enough basis to keep me in gas and Biggby lattes?   Sometimes she'll special order something that I'll mail down, and she'll send a check in return, but that's nothing compared to the frequent visits and seeing the items in person, that result in loving - and buying - the most recent thing I made!  I could starve!  I could - gulp, even worse - go Biggby-less!  I need to find a surrogate 'mom' for those 6 months that loves and buys my stuff as much as she does!
And - because they'll be leaving soon - my parents decided to treat my husband and I to a nice dinner out today - RED LOBSTER.  And even in a town several miles away, so that we'd have more time to chat in the car on the way there and back.  Not that my mom and I don't do that on a regular basis anyway, but I don't think either of them have seen Terry for more than an hour total all summer long.  They are always here when he's either working - or fishing. And as we were eating and enjoying each other's company, we decided that tomorrow we'll be getting together, too - just the 4 of us, for a little Labor Day picnic that will consist of helping them clean out their fridge.  So a sort of leftovers picnic.   I will, of course, take my requisite deviled eggs, and maybe something else as well.
So the countdown has begun until the snowbirds fly away home.  I still haven't quite figured out how and IF I will make the journey down there this year.  I want to - the area where they live is quite nice, and as I've blogged before, have plenty of opportunities for me to sell my things, and maybe TEACH.  But I have to get there first.  Without flying.  Nose wiggling ala Bewitched?  That would be nice.....
And as far as no beads in the blog - I changed my mind.  I DO have a completed piece - and the next project piece - to show you:

This one is 'Trefoil'.  Much more simple and understated than I originally planned.  But I just liked how it looked at this stage, so I called it done. 

And this one is a ring - a work in progress that consists of a cool filigree cupped flower.  I'll be doing my usual fringey flowery stuff around the middle - photo when done!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Left brained - or RIGHT brained?

I was given the inkling of an idea tonight, and one I would like some input on from any LEFT HANDED beaders out there reading:  I am considering putting together tips, tricks, projects and patterns in a beading book SPECIFICALLY for LEFT HANDED beaders.  I've discovered a few things that need to be done differently along my beading journey, some adjustments that needed to be made, some frustrations that I have yet to overcome - and a wonderful friend thought I might 'have something there'.  So any input from other lefties out there would be greatly appreciated - name credit will be given for tips and tricks!   Not sure how long it will take to put together, and then I need to go about finding an actual publisher.  My last two books were self published, which was fun, but not a viable option for a book that I want to have seen by the public, or to have show up in stores.  Don't have the first clue actually, so I'll be researching that option as well.  If you have an input on the publishing end, that part would be welcomed as well....
This is still in the thinkin' stage - left brained or right, only time will tell....
Peaceful beading, both lefties and righties...

Next thing you know....snow

I can't believe it's September.  That's only WEEKS away from snow in this neck of the woods.  And I feel I've been cheated out of half the summer by the heat and onslaught of mosquitos that our ONE good weekend of rain brought.  We went practically the entire month of July with NO rain, and triple digits temps - which meant indoors and air conditioning.  Then the rain and the mosquitos came, and it's been more indoor activities still.  Thank goodness for the beads.  I've read a lot of books this summer, too.  Some ebooks, some actual real books.  But I've missed my usual daily deck visits - normally I can go sit with my fountain, and my flowers, and the hummingbird in the early morning, while the traffic out front is still at a minimum.  Unfortunately,  mosquitos have no sense of time, and are therefore invading my space 24/7.  We DID buy a propane repellant device, and it does work once it's warmed up, but only if you sit still within about 2 yards of the thing.  I can't wander the path.  I can't hug my walnut tree.  I want my summer back, dang it!
Another sad bit of news - I heard through a fellow Michigan Facebook friend of TWO more bead store closings - one an actual brick and mortar to the south of me a bit, and one an online venue.  It IS a demanding job, and I suppose only the strong (and the big box) will survive.  I have hopes of being a part of a shop again someday, but it is going to have to be truly unique, and probably with a partner that I trust implicitly - so that I don't have to be on site everyday.  Because you burn out.  No matter how much you love it.  Trust me.
Busy day today.  Mom and I are off to Coyote, and lunch, and then inevitably, unfortunately - Walmart.  Another big box I try to avoid - but admittedly DO find good deals at occassionally.  We're counting down the days now before she returns to Florida for the winter - she and my Dad leave on Oct. 1.  And since we'll be skipping our usual mother/daughter day next week due to my soon to be crazy schedule, we're going to have to start making it quality time. 
TTFN dear readers - I appreciate you all so much!  Give me a shout and tell me what you'd like to see more of in my blogs - beads, dogs, or just plain LIFE!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Here's what's on my bead table today:  completing earrings to go with "Inspired" - more pieces to add to the peacock theme. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mad about beads

My great niece Madison (aka Madi, Mads, and Mad) spent the day with me - BEADING.  I promised her at the beginning of the summer that we'd have a craft day.  Little did I know that she's been plotting and planning about it all summer long!  She has decided that she and 11 of her friends are going to have a sale (along with lemonade) down on the street corner, selling jewelry and raising money for hungry children in Africa.  So funny!  So she designed, and strung, and ended up with 2 necklaces (one she strung, one on chain that she designed and I put together) and 4 bracelets - mostly memory wire.  She also went back home to Holland with about 1/2 dozen pieces of already made items that I'd had around awhile.  She sure is a good little marketing person.  She managed to talk me into contributing to her 'cause'.  Keep in mind - she's NINE.
I hope she's able to actually raise the money (she is serious about this - her mom (my niece) has the details on a fund to send the $$ to).  But if not, she's got enough jewelry for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and teachers gifts for a couple of years!    We had fun together - just Mads and I - and topped it off with a trip to McDonalds - which was a big deal for her without all her siblings (there are 4 more-all younger). 
She really, really wants to learn the seed bead weaving, but I'm not sure she's quite ready for those little beads and a needle and thread yet.  She was so intent on stringing her necklace with size 11's in a particular 4 color pattern, that when she finished, she proclaimed she was never doing THAT again!  I have a feeling she'll forget she said that the next time she sees one of my seed bead woven pieces.
See you back here again tomorrow for Bead Table Wednesday - I managed to work on my own project a bit while she was stringing - so I've got a new project just waiting for it's BTW debut!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, August 29, 2011

COOL bead giveaway!

Click the link below for a fun bead giveaway.  Earthenwood beads are some of my favorites to work with - I'm hoping I win!

I'll be posting again tomorrow and hope to have photos of my date with my great niece Madison.  She and I are going to make bracelets and play with beads.  She's EIGHT.  Wish me luck!
Don't forget to head to the Laurel Moon site for your chance to win some Earthwood delights!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Market, another dollar

Which is to say that's about ALL I made on the market today.  In fact, since I BOUGHT a nice little zippered bag for my tools from the booth next door - I'm probably $5.00 in the hole.  You just never know with these shows from one time to the next who, what and WHY they'll buy. LAST month's market brought in almost $250 in the first hour of the show.  Crazy.  Still got one more OFFICIAL show to do in September, but dang it, I am NOT ready to throw in the towel.  My husband is just adamant that doing any more shows is, in his words "a waste of time - you make no money".  But I won't make any money if I just STOP doing shows altogether either.  I had talked myself out of Haslett, as well as the outdoor day next month at Meridian, but if I can get someone to share their tent space with me - I just may do it to spite him.
I'm trying to have a better outlook about not making any money at shows, which doesn't really help me pay the bills - but I SO love what I do, and I enjoy talking to people about it, even if they don't ultimately end up buying.  I'm not sure I can keep the positive outlook going, but can a complete wash out of a show happen every single time?    I am almost curious enough to try and find out!  I got a lot of compliments on my table display today - and even the bees thought my flowers were real! 

 So here's to a successful show NEXT month!  I may even be able to do TWO!  Take THAT, hubby dear. 
Enjoy whatever life brings you....
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peacocks to be proud of

SOOOOO happy with how these turned out.  I was glad to have the 'power' beading session tonight - hubby's gone fishin', and it's blissfully beadily quiet - or as quiet as it can be with my country station CRANKED!  It seemed to give me the energy boost I needed to get these finished for tomorrow's art market.   I DO plan to create another piece or two - but will need more of the PERFECT shade of 'peacock' feather- navy lined amber size 15's from Artbeads.  And they just happen to be O-U-T.  Hopefully they'll have more soon!  I'm also thinking a pair of earrings are needed to match the white peacock piece from a few weeks ago.  PLUS I have two other peacock related projects drawn, with thoughts noted. Lately when something comes into my head,  I've been at least jotting notes.  My memory just ain't what it used to be, but somehow my creative ideas are still JUICY!  Loving that I have a counter on my site now - I have more people reading than I thought - YAY!  Stop and say hey once in awhile!  And leave me YOUR blog address - if I'm not already reading it (trust me, I've got a list of favorites that is 51 blogs long, and I try to hit them all at least once every couple days) I'll check it out!
Peaceful beading,

Friday, August 26, 2011

The price of (not so) fine dining

Is there a Boston Market in your area?  If you haven't been in awhile - you're in for sticker shock.  Wow.  We could have eaten at Applebee's and spent about the same, and had better ambiance.  Sure, they bring you your meal on actual dinner ware now, and let you leave the plates for them to clean up - but did they have to raise the prices so dang high just to do it?  I honestly didn't mind the throw away containers, or cleaning up after myself.  I suppose that real dinner ware is GREENER, and for that I give them kudos, but almost 8 bucks for cold chicken that I have to cut apart, and sides that are getting blander and blander with every visit.  Not to mention the puny little corn bread - it's like 1/2 the size it used to be!  This was definitely a 5 visit on a scale of 1 to 10.  Not sure we'll go back very soon - so many other places are more fun for the same price!
Think I'm going to copy and paste that little rant review and hit their website.  I'm in a mood - and someone's gonna hear about it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Read or bead?

That's been the question lately.  I find myself soaking in the written word much this week - nothing significant, nothing deep, just good, well written mysteries.  I'm on the third book since Sunday - so I'm averaging one book about every day and a half.  I do that sometimes.  The best of the lot was actually a TRUE story of intrigue, and very interesting - called "Winged Obsession" - about the FBI and Fish and Wildlife departments' pursuit AND capture of the worlds most famous BUTTERFLY smuggler.  Who knew that there was such a huge market for this?  And who knew how horrifying the destruction of the butterfly species really is.  And how they go about getting those beautiful winged bugs into those boxes that so many collectors covet.  It was a very good read.  I also threw in one of James Patterson's newest, am almost finished with a Nook novel, and then Ill move on to the actual book version of the newest Lisa Jackson.  And somehow - amidst all the mystery and suspense, I have found a little time to bead.  I've got a couple of new earring designs to perfect, and am working on some peacock designs - since they're sooooo hot right now!  Looking forward to having my DAY to myself tomorrow, as hubby's hours have been switched for a few days again.
Back to my suspense and a spoonful of chocolate fudge sauce from the jar in the fridge.  It's the day before groceries - and we're getting a little lean on the essentials - like CHOCOLATE!
Peaceful beading - and reading,