Thursday, October 13, 2011

Off grid.....

I restarted this old thing at 6pm - it is now 11:36 - and I'm just now able to get it to function - glitchy R key and all. So this old laptop may be forcing me to go off grid for awhile.  The R key only works after you hit it about 4 times, and the mouse plate is pretty much see through - I can no longer turn off and restart without it taking over an hour (or LONGER) to return to a place that will allow me to access email and internet.  I can do some things from my handy dandy Nook - but I'm having trouble even with that, and writing in my blog is not a Nook option.  So this long story is my way of saying it may be a few days or longer before I'm able to blog again.  I get the feeling that I won't be missed.
I think I'll be laptop shopping this weekend.  I am working on manifesting enough profit at the show on Saturday with which to get a nice one.  Or get this one repaired.  Having no idea what's wrong with it, though - I think I'd almost rather have a new one.  We shall see.
So peaceful, beautiful beading everyone,  until we meet again....
And P.S. The kids will miss keeping you all updated. They send their love:

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