Monday, December 31, 2012

One last hour

So long yucky year.  A year of so so sales, missed opportunities, change, change and more change.  And I am so glad to be almost done with it.  Numerologically 2013 works out to my power number ~6~.  So I'm taking that as a good sign - and going into the year with a happy, healthy start.  I did end the year on a good note, with those last minute opportunities and sales.  And it's just going to be better from here, I can feel it. 
I think I'm just about ready for the Valentine's Market.  I finished "Wings of Eros", as well as the embellishment of a cute vintage pin.  Maybe one more pair of earrings.  

Love how the pin turned out.  No name for this one yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with one before the market.
I hope you all are having a great New Years Eve.  I'm sure MOST of you are doing something way more fun than blog hopping.  This is what my hubby and I were doing for most of the evening.

It finally got the better of us - so now we're just vegging.  If we make it to midnight, it will be a miracle.
Peaceful happy beading in 2013...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beads in the name of love

A blog post or so ago I mentioned the invitation to participate in a Valentine's Day Market at Lansing Art Gallery.  I didn't participate in their holiday market in favor of Owosso - so this opportunity made me very happy.  Consequently -  I've been crankin' out the LOVE!  I just completed one of the most unique pieces I've ever done called 'Wings of Eros".  Beads. Chain.  Lampglass.  Feathers.  COOL.  Photo tomorrow in better light.  In the meantime, here are some of the others that I've done:

"Keeper of the Flame" - another Vintage Cool key design.

Fire and Ice Earrings

Adore-able  Bracelet
I'm also sending a few more - like Red Romance, and a bracelet done with the Twilight theme in mind.  I can't wait to take photos of the new piece tomorrow - I really love how it turned out.  Again - my creativity took over - I had little to do with the final result.  Which is sooooo cool.
Had a fun day of bead shopping and coffee shop chatting with my friend Sally yesterday.  She loved her book "The Art of Forgotten Things" by the late Melanie Doerman, as well the beads and chain that I 'wrapped' the gift in.  She presented ME with a bottle of Red Velvet wine, which will be opened and enjoyed on New Years Eve, a box of chocolates and a very generous gift certificate to the local italian restaurant that her husband manages.  So nice. 
Here's the 'haul' from yesterdays trip:

The seed beads were not necessarily meant to all go together - but it ended up that way - so not sure what they'll turn into.  Can't wait to start looking for accents and focals.  That's one of my most favorite parts of beading - and probably why I have a HUGE stack of projects all boxed up and ready to go.  I find myself having to steal from them occasionally for yet another project.  Or forgetting that I have what I need in one of those boxes and buying more.  Such is the life of a bead hoarder!
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

First snow

Well, first BIG snow, anyway.  Wednesday was not a fun day for drivers in mid-Michigan, but from what I've heard - Ohio and east got much, much worse.  And one of the advantages to living on the main drag - across from school (even though they're on winter break) - is that we are first on the plow list.  So in my neck of the woods at least, the roads are clear:

I think the sunrise is gonna be kinda pretty, but between the Jeep and the trees, I couldn't get a very good photo. And no way am I actually going out there!  Supposed to get more tomorrow  -  so I probably SHOULD venture out and do things (local things) today if need be.  But I would rather stay inside and bead.  Especially now that I have somewhat of a deadline to deal with.
Yesterday I received an invitation/call for artists from Lansing Art Gallery for a special Valentine's Day showcase they're having for the month of February.  I didn't participate in their holiday market - opting for the beautiful Shiawassee Market instead.  But I think I can handle a month long market, IF I can come up with 10 or so gallery worthy Valentine's day themed pieces.  And I only have TWO.  So I've already cranked out a pair of earrings, and am almost finished with a cute key necklace with a heart theme.  I don't want to wait until last minute to submit though - so I will photograph what I have done at the end of the weekend, and submit (we only have to submit 3 photos) by Wednesday of next week.  That will give me most of January to complete what I've got in my head. 
I'm just so excited that this wave of opportunity is continuing.  I seem to be manifesting more and more of them lately - and I think my excitement about the Shiawassee gallery is what is bringing it about.  I haven't sold a darn thing there - but no matter.  I just feel exhilaration when I go there, and they are excited about MY work in return.  It can't help but keep me "in the vortex" (a metaphysical teaching that would take a realllllly long time to explain), which in turn just keeps getting better and better. 
So wish me happy peaceful beading, everyone - the race is on!
And happy peaceful beading to all of you too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A sobering holiday

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  Although my husband and myself have had a nice time with family and friends - a few of our family members did not fare so well.  A Christmas Eve snow squall blew through Mid Michigan from late afternoon through early evening - which made roads slick and snow covered.  Many accidents and slide offs - one which included my husbands cousin from Portland.  He is ok, kinda beat up from the air bag deployment, but his vehicle did not make it - totalled.  
And then there was the Christmas Day accident involving my sister in law - as she and her family were leaving OUR holiday celebration to attend another, they were rear ended quite forcefully - putting her in the hospital with a fractured vertabrae in her neck.  A definite over night stay with surgery is likely, since this is a chronic issue for her - she's just feeling better after a previous spinal surgery 2 years ago.  We feel badly for her, and will probably end up spending at least one day this week visiting her.  NOT a very fun way to spend Christmas.  So say prayers and send healing to Cathy that she is back to her healthy self quickly. 
It really makes me stop and think about how lucky I am to have made it through my life safely, healthily, and for the most part happily.  I definitely say my thanks to Spirit everyday for the kindness of the Universe.   My hubby put this nice little pocket size book in my stocking this morning - and I think 2013 in going to be the perfect time to make use of it. 
As the day draws to a close, and we are all revelling in great gifts and great meals - give thanks for the great pleasures of family and togetherness as well.  You never know when something can change it in a heartbeat.  It touched our family this weekend - and I hope it is done.
Peaceful beading, now and in the year to come,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Prosperous New Year!

Lots of family doin's and plans away from home in the next few days, so this may be my last chance to blog you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever else you celebrate. 
I don't usually make an actual New Year's Resolution - too much pressure, but I have decided that I am going to make a point to be kinder, calmer, patient-er, and more tolerant in 2013.  I'm going to learn new things, make new friends, and be open to new possibilities.  I hope that you find something new and exciting to do too.

I'm excited to see that I've got just TWO more visitors before I reach 15,000!  I may need to celebrate the next big milestone - 16,000 - with another giveaway.  Keep stopping back as often as possible, and it'll help me get there in no time!
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

One more whirl

I don't know about you, but I will be glad when everyone stops talking about the whole 'Mayan Calendar' bit.  Being involved in the metaphysical world, it's been a topic of conversation lately with various friends that are also astrologers, psychics, intuitives, and mystics, and we all agree that it is a DIFFERENT cycle than our Georgian calendar, and really not a calendar at all.  It simply means a new beginning; great change, planetary shifts that are indeed bringing about changes that are monumental-but not destructive.  WE WILL live to see another day - and thankfully - Christmas! We'll all be giving this world one more whirl come Saturday.  Count on it.
I'm also giving my Etsy site one more whirl.  I almost didn't.  In fact, if you're a fan of my Cool Moon Facebook fan page, I posted last week that I'd probably be closing it for good soon.  I'd forgotten that I ordered 500 new business cards a few weeks before - all with the Etsy site address still on them.  So.  One more whirl.  But with mostly JEWELRY this time instead of beads.  And I'm not sure why.  ALL I've ever sold on that site is beads.  I've listed jewelry pieces from time to time - some heavily embroidered, some simple string necklaces and bracelets.  A wide range of prices.  AND NO jewelry sales.  EVER.  NOT ONE.  So call me crazy.  Caught up in the what the hell it's the end of the world excitement (jokingly, of course).  So all trying to shop online. 

Anyway - let me leave you with the Mayan Calendar cartoon that's been hanging on the door of my refrigerator for the last 6 months.  Enjoy.  Long after the world is supposed to stop turning....

Indeed, everyone IS freaking out.  CHILL OUT.  Or as all pins on Pinterest say....
CALM DOWN and ______.  As in CALM DOWN and do anything else.  In my case- BEAD.

Peaceful holiday beading,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vanilla Skies

Or Sky, as the case may be.  Lookin' outside today, our skies are sort of a vanilla/gray with a touch of sunbeam once in awhile.  I understand it may be the calm before the storm, so I'm off to the Shiawassee Art Center to see how things are going with the market, and see if I've sold anything!  Draggin' my mother in law with me (well, ok, I'm borrowing her car-I have to bring her), so there may be some shopping and lunch involved too.  Haven't had a fun day out like that in awhile, so it should be fun.  Then I can hunker down and work on some new things.  Like this:
I made a bit of progress on it last night.  I think this one's going to be a pin, but I may add a short bail at the top for the choice of either.  Still no name for this one.  It'll come.

And as promised, here is the finally finished, and fabulously wonderful (in my HUMBLE opinion)
Vanilla Sky

Totally worth all the alterations and changes.  Think I'm wearing this one today.
Are you ready for the big man in the red suit?
Bella is getting very excited about Santa Dog's visit soon.  She can hardly stand it!

Have a fun and peaceful beady day,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Winding down

Well so much for my idea about posting something silly or funny on Monday mornings.  It's just too dang close to Christmas - and I wasn't done shopping!  I was out of the house before 11am - and BEFORE my hubby today.  That almost never happens.   I did pretty well.  Finished the shopping, even if I didn't get exactly what I was looking for.  I need to start doing more on-line shopping.  That's probably the only place I am going to find some of the specific items I'm looking for, which I'm not going to mention because my hubby reads my blog!  He's got a birthday coming up in a few months - and I wouldn't want to spoil the possibility of a way cool gift. 
As far as posting about project progress - I haven't even sat down at the bead table in a few days!  I finally took the time to do that this evening  -- after the wrapping was complete. And then it was just do a repair for a family member.  BUT - I've got these two projects waiting to start, as well as Vanilla Sky to finish. 

This one will be quite unique.  The top cab is a very unusual type of Opal, and the bottom cab is color changing.  Sort of like a mood ring.  It changes from brown/yellow hues to purples and blues as it gets warm.  The entire spectrum of colors match all the colors in the stone above.  Haven't started matching seed beads yet - but I'm thinking earthy.
The top photo - just literally spilled them all together tonight, and got an inkling of an idea for a bracelet.
Time will tell.
The only other project was something else that I had an idea for, but wasn't quite sure it would work.  I used two of the sterling bangle bracelets that my friend Janeile gifted me with (remember the Mystery Bag?)  I tried wearing the bangles on their own, but without beads on them somehow, it just didn't seem right.  Plus, the whole idea of gifting me with all of that jewelry was for me to re purpose it - do something unique with it.  So this is what I ended up with:
I didn't want any bulk added to the inner circumference, because they barely fit on my hand now.  This worked perfectly, and fits without turning the beads too much.  I kinda like it.  And I KNOW Janeile will.
So is everyone done with their Christmas shopping?  I've never finished so late - kind of at the mercy of my husbands paycheck this year.  I've also never gifted so many friends without the expectation of a gift in return.  It's just so fun to give...especially when you see something that you KNOW is perfect for the person.  Giving.  It's a gift in itself!
Peaceful beading, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The "Sky" is falling

Well, sort of. 

Although Bob Dylan keeps screaming "Tangled Up in Blue" at me - the name of this piece is gonna be "Vanilla Sky".  And the sky ain't doin' so hot.  I was pretty happy with how it looked above, finally after three tries.  I started putting the back on the lower portion yesterday, working along - and all of a sudden realized that I had a pile of beads on my mat that had previously been part of the piece.   Further investigation proved that my Fireline was breaking - in more than one place - and I was again taking three steps backwards with this piece.  ACK.  So I spent about 1/2 hour pulling on stray Fireline, and figuring out where it went and how many beads it had been holding.  This is the first time I've had Fireline fail this badly.  I'm reaching the end of a large crystal spool, and there must be a bad spot in the line.  That's my only explanation.  So it has changed a bit again from what it looked like above; I found it easier to pull off and trim some of the beads from around one side, and then used glue to hold some of those stray thread ends to the back.  I'll let those sit before I finish backing it - which I'll also need to trim again.  ACK. ACK.  I think I'm gonna back burner this piece for a bit.  Besides, now that my mother in law finally finished the alterations on my top for Saturday's big family to-do - I will need to put together some jewelry for that.  I have a necklace and earring set that's been around awhile-made the rounds of the shows and even the art gallery for awhile - but since it still here, and it just happens to match - well, chalk another one up to private collection.  If that side of the house ever breaks and falls off - I will know why.  All the jewelry hanging on the rack in the corner!
I'll probably tweak it a bit, and as is par for the course - a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order.  I used the antique burnished brass findings and components in the piece, and now I need to match them.  Couldn't have just used silver....~sigh~

So busy day ahead.  As I sit here and blog instead!  lol!   First is the dreaded dishes, then the making of the chocolate bark, and if there's time, peanut butter/butterscotch dipped pretzels.   I'll need to be ready to go by late afternoon though, so that I can squeeze in that trip to Hobby Lobby before I head for dinner at Red Lobster with a few of the girls I've been doing shows with all summer - Mary and Claudia, and maybe even Sally.   We're getting to know each other, and find things in common.  It's fun to make new friends again. 
So off I go to get those pesky dishes done.  My reward is my pile of daily crossword puzzles.  I ALWAYS make time for those.....they too, are my calming thing, just like the beads.
Peaceful beading,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fairies, and gremlins and house elves, oh my

I bet you have one.  A pesky house elf, or gremlin, or mischieveous fairy that hides things, moves things and frustrates you about the littlest things.   Mine sure does.  Mine's a gremlin. 

courtesy of Google Images

A very active one it seems.  Mine is good at hiding things.  Taking things that I KNOW I have, have even worn or used recently, and keeping them hidden for weeks or even MONTHS at a time.  Take the purse strap for example.  A strap that makes my wallet a convenient over the body purse for shopping and busy events - missing.  Missing for the ENTIRE summer full of shopping and busy events.  Finally showed up in the same box where I put it, and had looked countless times before - in November.
Most recently - there were three more things.  I think he trades me.  Gives me back what I've essentially given up on, and takes something else that is more important at the moment.  Clothes this time.  Clothes that I thought were packed with the winter wear.   The black jacket was the first to appear.  After the day passed that I needed it for.   Next was the purple shirt.  One of my favorite items of clothing during cooler months, and the one I chose for my professional business photos:

Missing for weeks.  Finally, when all hope was lost, and I'd decided I could live without it.  There it was.  Hanging on the rack with the rest of the clothes like it had been there all along.  Darn gremlin.
Now the only thing missing is my kicky black beret, which I'm about to give up on too, because this time of year - I bet I can find a new one, a BETTER one for a decent price.  

Outsmarting the gremlin has become a new obsession.....
Peaceful beady Monday everybody!  I hope your holiday season is festive, fun and fruitful - and I'm not talking fruitcakes!  lol
And P.S.  I'm thinking of starting every Monday with a silly, lighthearted post such as this.  So many of my friends - Facebook an otherwise - seem to find Monday so hard to take.  I can at least give those that read my blog a reason to smile, laugh or take their minds of their Monday troubles for a minute.
Just a thought....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

More bird babble

Instead of talking turkey this time (who, according to the zoo postings, is enjoying gourmet bird food and more notoriety than any turkey should be allowed to have), we're talking ANGRY!  If you've been a follower of these posts, or read my FB page - then you know about my OTHER addiction - well, ONE of them anyway.  I don't care if it IS a kids game - they SAY it is for ages 0-4.  Are ya kiddin' me?  Angry Birds has got to be one of the most fun, most frustrating games ever!  Even for this 53 year old!   I finally got the latest version - STAR WARS - working properly on my Nook, not without issue and having to start over with everything from scratch, erasing all previous Angry Bird scores and level clearing.  The birds are back to square one.  The pigs are happier than pigs in, well, you know.

Last night I took an Angry Birds break and fulfilled my duty as celebrity judge! (YEP, you read that right.  CELEBRITY!) at my friends kids elementary school gingerbread house contest.  Those kids - and parents - take their houses seriously!  They actually vote with MONEY for the one they think is best, dubbing it People's Choice, for which they win cool prizes - this time it was movie passes for the entire family from the local cinema!  Other prizes were worth while too, like county park parking passes for an entire year (something that's on my hubby's Christmas list), sled hill passes (our sled hills are a big deal), and mini golf packages.  Ironically - even though I was taking a break from the birds - here is the winner of the People's Choice Award:

Yep.  Birds and pigs.  SQUAWK!

So today I find myself with NOTHING planned.  And a hubby working overtime.  And another frustrating level of Angry Birds to clear.  And beads that are calling my name.  And it's snowing.  So I don't even want to think about going anywhere.  Happy Saturday to ME!
Peaceful beading and BIRDING if you dare,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gobbler update

This isn't the actual turkey, but rather a photo raided from Google images.....

She's been saved.  The wild turkey, or the "traffic turkey" as she'd been dubbed by local news media, has been safely removed to the zoo.   No one is sure why she was so dare devil-ish, but she sure did cause a stir and something to laugh about around here for a few days.  Glad they saved her instead of slaughtering her, and glad I actually got to see her in action!


Love what you do....

do what you love.  And it's days like today that make that motto pay off big time.    I recently decided that although things may be tight over the winter months, that I don't care if I'm creating for someone else anymore - I just want to bead.   I have started another project - just for me. And have been beading, relaxing, and enjoying - just for me.   I let go of the reason why.  I let go of the need for recognition, and more importantly for $$.  And that's all it took.  Almost overnight - I have sold TWO necklace sets in one day to a wonderful regular customer.  And I know I have a check waiting for me at the boutique whenever I get there.  Prosperity.  No waiting.   And I like it. 

I don't have photos available of the items I sold (well, one is from my Facebook photo album if you want to hop over to my timeline), but the other was a sort of last minute re-design of something that was in my own personal stash for awhile.  It originally resembled something that I already owned - just had a few brighter colors thrown in for contrast to match something specific, which is why I found myself not wearing it as often as I first thought I would - I simply ended up liking my original piece better.  So I took the copycat piece, reworked it just a bit, and added it to my inventory.  My customer LOVED it.  Both pieces that she purchased will be given as gifts to the woman that has been veterinarian to our pets for over 20 years.  They are all sort of like family out there, and I LOVE that she chooses to buy from me - and Pat continues to love receiving my things - year after year.  And since I had to make a trip there for something for the dogs today anyway, it worked quite well that I was also able to deliver, saving us both time and gas.  Bonus!
So here's that new project in it's beginning stages.  A voice in my head is telling the name is 'Tangled up in Blue" (or rather Bob DYLAN's voice keeps telling me), but I haven't quite decided yet if that's the case.  I do love working with the Kyanite, though.  So calming.  So peaceful.

And it's already changed since this photo - I still can't bring myself to make the great big statement plate focal pieces.  They're just TOO BIG.  So I've cut it down into individual pieces, which will probably still be hooked together in a row - just not with all the heaviness around them.  Early, early stages.  And lots of time to bead....just for me.
Peaceful beading to you all my friends,

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Fickle Finger of Fate

You just never know when you start on your journey - whether it be around the world or to the corner store - how it's going to change your life.  
As I mentioned in my earlier post, I started out the day planning to do some shopping.  BUT - my first stop needed to be gas for the car.  LOOOOONG story short - one hour and 3 gas stations later, I'm having to use the little bit of cash I had (gas station drama going on around town today, apparently).  SO - because that left me with little cash, I needed to find an ATM, which I wanted to do on the way to my shopping destination.  I remembered the ATM in a convenience store on the way, and pulled in, used it with no issues -YAY- and as I walked out - there was a van parked next to me that said "Beads and More" on the side.  Seriously.  BEADS.  Right next to me.  And the woman was just returning to her van.  So I stopped her and asked her about it.  Well.  It turns out the SHE was the owner of a store very similar to mine in another town about 1/2 hour south of here.  I never had opportunity or reason to go there - she was open about the same amount of time as me, and closed about a year after me.  We spoke for quite a while right there in the parking lot about how we would both LOVE to find another venue, and still had enough inventory from the old places to do so.  I gave her my card (she didn't have any), and we decided to definitely keep in touch and get together again to put our heads together to make that happen.  And here's the best part about the whole fateful thing - she had never been to that store in her life.  This was the first time.  And I rarely go there either.  So wow.  Just wow, Spirit.  Fate definitely works in mysterious ways.
AND then there was the BONUS round.   In order to get from where I live to the shopping meccas to the north, I must pass through lots of wooded space, along the edge of a nature area, and the back of the zoo.  Always opportunity to see wild life.  And this year, we seem to have a celebrity of sorts among our wildlife:  A large female turkey that comes from somewhere around the nature area, and isn't afraid of cars - she'll walk right out in the road, look in windows, and peck at the tires.  She was even front page news in the paper this weekend.   Well - I got to the famous corner - and there she was.  Standing right in the road like she was ready to sign autographs.  I'm afraid her celebrity will be rather short lived, as someone will probably hit her one of these days - but for now she's quite the conversation starter, to say the least!  I couldn't wait to call my hubby and tell him.  Hooray for cell phones, but I wish I had one with a camera!
So shopping trip done for today.  Mission sort of accomplished.  I did get one niece done, got a GREAT DEAL on bags and ribbon at HomeGoods (man, I love that store), and picked up a few things for a few people to get me started.  Did you think I was going to list them here?  Hah.  I was NOT born yesterday, girls!
All in all, despite the grayness of the day - it's been a good one.  The gas station fiasco(s) had me wondering, but it was just Fates' silly way of creating opportunity.  Crazy.  But cool.
Peaceful beading & gobble gobble!

Christmas Merry...

This year is one of first in awhile that I've had the Christmas spirit.  It may have been because of the holiday craft show held here a few weeks ago (that long ago, already?)  I had to have my outdoor decorations up for the event, and streamed Christmas music throughout on Pandora.  So it settled in.  For a long winters nap!   lol.  Except that it hardly feels like WINTER out there - it's going to be 60 degrees or better today!  I will definitely be going out and about getting some shopping done while it's warm enough to not have to worry about schlepping a coat, and hat and bundling up, and then sweating my butt off in the stores.   So I'm feeling rather merry about the whole thing this year.  Trying very hard not to let the scrooges around me (and that LIVE with me) get to me.  Spread the love and threaten to give hugs to the grinches. 

I've also had opportunity to do a little beading in the last week or so (that FUN time I talked about recently).  Here is a completed set called "Desert Garnet":

Not sure what I'll do with her (definite female energy about this one).  It will just be one more piece awaiting the first big show of the season.  I hope to have a few more new things to debut too.  Sally and I have been spending at least one day a week doing a play date, and I am thinking of returning to the group I once belonged to as well.  LOTS of beading buddies.  Although my ALONE time beading is still my favorite....

Hope you're all finding many things to be merry about this holiday season.  Another reason for my glee - for the first time in about 5 years - all of my brothers, and their families and my parents will be together under one roof for Christmas.  HOORAY!  Christmas Eve was for many, many years our family Christmas day - and it just hasn't felt right to stay home and do nothing for the last few years.  My brothers all started having other commitments, and we just never found a way to spend it together without our parents.  It still wouldn't have seemed the same.  So THIS year - I have much to merry and thankful for.  And beware local shoppers - I'm spreadin' the merry!
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brain fart!

I so totally need to read my own posts!  SO SORRY for the double post about the newest piece.  I DID post it.  Totally forgot that I put it here.  Not liking this senior brain drain thing that is starting to creep up on me.
Again - so sorry.  Enjoy the encore!

Time to relax - I hope

The busy show season is pretty much done for the year.   I have to admit after stopping by the show I was asked to participate in today - I'm glad I didn't.  The other girls I knew that were vendors weren't doing as well as hoped - and it was a rather small event - it was a literal church bazaar.  I have experienced those in the past as being small, not well advertised (although this one has been going on for 10 years), and pretty much a church parishioner attended thing.  This one was exactly that.  I am just not sure how well my things would sell in this setting.   And I probably wouldn't be able to make a good showing of my TRUE self, and include my favorite items with the faces, and the fairies and the mystical energies.  Best leave those for the art and street fairs.  I am hoping to get in on a few more this coming year than last - and get a head start on planning with the other girls, so that I have help, and moral support.  So much easier to do a show when there are others that you KNOW participating as well.
So now to finish my design work for the regular customers that shop for the holidays.  I know what they like, what their price range is - and I'm even getting to be pretty good at judging what color they may be looking for.  I'll have FIVE pieces and/or sets for my vet tech customer to look at in the next few weeks.  She and the girls in the vets office buy for our vet every year - and she loves and wears every piece.  We always laugh about how I missed 'a piece' by a day or two, and how she needs to be better prepared and find out when we're coming so she can prove she really does wear them.  I know she does - I just never get to see her in them!
And I just realized earlier that although I posted a finished photo of my Michigan tribute piece on Facebook (on the Pure Michigan fan page) I don't think I ever posted it here.  So here it is:

"A Tribute to Michigan: Sunsets, Shorelines & Copper Mines"

I'm anxious to work with the petoskey stone slabs a bit more - and try to have a nice selection of pendants, pins and maybe a bracelet by show season.  I was even lucky enough to find a MITTEN shaped piece on my last trip to Coyote.  PERFECT!
Hope you have a fun filled weekend.  Can you believe it's DECEMBER?  The 12th month of the year 2012?  And I'm not buyin into the whole 'end of the world' Mayan calendar stuff - it's simply a misinterpretation of how they (or even IF THEY) kept track of days/weeks/hours and time in general.  Looking forward to 2013 - and beyond....
Peaceful beading,