Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time to relax - I hope

The busy show season is pretty much done for the year.   I have to admit after stopping by the show I was asked to participate in today - I'm glad I didn't.  The other girls I knew that were vendors weren't doing as well as hoped - and it was a rather small event - it was a literal church bazaar.  I have experienced those in the past as being small, not well advertised (although this one has been going on for 10 years), and pretty much a church parishioner attended thing.  This one was exactly that.  I am just not sure how well my things would sell in this setting.   And I probably wouldn't be able to make a good showing of my TRUE self, and include my favorite items with the faces, and the fairies and the mystical energies.  Best leave those for the art and street fairs.  I am hoping to get in on a few more this coming year than last - and get a head start on planning with the other girls, so that I have help, and moral support.  So much easier to do a show when there are others that you KNOW participating as well.
So now to finish my design work for the regular customers that shop for the holidays.  I know what they like, what their price range is - and I'm even getting to be pretty good at judging what color they may be looking for.  I'll have FIVE pieces and/or sets for my vet tech customer to look at in the next few weeks.  She and the girls in the vets office buy for our vet every year - and she loves and wears every piece.  We always laugh about how I missed 'a piece' by a day or two, and how she needs to be better prepared and find out when we're coming so she can prove she really does wear them.  I know she does - I just never get to see her in them!
And I just realized earlier that although I posted a finished photo of my Michigan tribute piece on Facebook (on the Pure Michigan fan page) I don't think I ever posted it here.  So here it is:

"A Tribute to Michigan: Sunsets, Shorelines & Copper Mines"

I'm anxious to work with the petoskey stone slabs a bit more - and try to have a nice selection of pendants, pins and maybe a bracelet by show season.  I was even lucky enough to find a MITTEN shaped piece on my last trip to Coyote.  PERFECT!
Hope you have a fun filled weekend.  Can you believe it's DECEMBER?  The 12th month of the year 2012?  And I'm not buyin into the whole 'end of the world' Mayan calendar stuff - it's simply a misinterpretation of how they (or even IF THEY) kept track of days/weeks/hours and time in general.  Looking forward to 2013 - and beyond....
Peaceful beading,

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