Monday, December 10, 2012

Fairies, and gremlins and house elves, oh my

I bet you have one.  A pesky house elf, or gremlin, or mischieveous fairy that hides things, moves things and frustrates you about the littlest things.   Mine sure does.  Mine's a gremlin. 

courtesy of Google Images

A very active one it seems.  Mine is good at hiding things.  Taking things that I KNOW I have, have even worn or used recently, and keeping them hidden for weeks or even MONTHS at a time.  Take the purse strap for example.  A strap that makes my wallet a convenient over the body purse for shopping and busy events - missing.  Missing for the ENTIRE summer full of shopping and busy events.  Finally showed up in the same box where I put it, and had looked countless times before - in November.
Most recently - there were three more things.  I think he trades me.  Gives me back what I've essentially given up on, and takes something else that is more important at the moment.  Clothes this time.  Clothes that I thought were packed with the winter wear.   The black jacket was the first to appear.  After the day passed that I needed it for.   Next was the purple shirt.  One of my favorite items of clothing during cooler months, and the one I chose for my professional business photos:

Missing for weeks.  Finally, when all hope was lost, and I'd decided I could live without it.  There it was.  Hanging on the rack with the rest of the clothes like it had been there all along.  Darn gremlin.
Now the only thing missing is my kicky black beret, which I'm about to give up on too, because this time of year - I bet I can find a new one, a BETTER one for a decent price.  

Outsmarting the gremlin has become a new obsession.....
Peaceful beady Monday everybody!  I hope your holiday season is festive, fun and fruitful - and I'm not talking fruitcakes!  lol
And P.S.  I'm thinking of starting every Monday with a silly, lighthearted post such as this.  So many of my friends - Facebook an otherwise - seem to find Monday so hard to take.  I can at least give those that read my blog a reason to smile, laugh or take their minds of their Monday troubles for a minute.
Just a thought....


Unknown said...

I have one too..... Maybe we should se a trap!

coolmoon said...

I've been talking to mine, Tiffany - and daring him a bit. Don't know if it's working - but I only have one thing left to get back!