Thursday, December 27, 2012

First snow

Well, first BIG snow, anyway.  Wednesday was not a fun day for drivers in mid-Michigan, but from what I've heard - Ohio and east got much, much worse.  And one of the advantages to living on the main drag - across from school (even though they're on winter break) - is that we are first on the plow list.  So in my neck of the woods at least, the roads are clear:

I think the sunrise is gonna be kinda pretty, but between the Jeep and the trees, I couldn't get a very good photo. And no way am I actually going out there!  Supposed to get more tomorrow  -  so I probably SHOULD venture out and do things (local things) today if need be.  But I would rather stay inside and bead.  Especially now that I have somewhat of a deadline to deal with.
Yesterday I received an invitation/call for artists from Lansing Art Gallery for a special Valentine's Day showcase they're having for the month of February.  I didn't participate in their holiday market - opting for the beautiful Shiawassee Market instead.  But I think I can handle a month long market, IF I can come up with 10 or so gallery worthy Valentine's day themed pieces.  And I only have TWO.  So I've already cranked out a pair of earrings, and am almost finished with a cute key necklace with a heart theme.  I don't want to wait until last minute to submit though - so I will photograph what I have done at the end of the weekend, and submit (we only have to submit 3 photos) by Wednesday of next week.  That will give me most of January to complete what I've got in my head. 
I'm just so excited that this wave of opportunity is continuing.  I seem to be manifesting more and more of them lately - and I think my excitement about the Shiawassee gallery is what is bringing it about.  I haven't sold a darn thing there - but no matter.  I just feel exhilaration when I go there, and they are excited about MY work in return.  It can't help but keep me "in the vortex" (a metaphysical teaching that would take a realllllly long time to explain), which in turn just keeps getting better and better. 
So wish me happy peaceful beading, everyone - the race is on!
And happy peaceful beading to all of you too.

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