Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love what you do....

do what you love.  And it's days like today that make that motto pay off big time.    I recently decided that although things may be tight over the winter months, that I don't care if I'm creating for someone else anymore - I just want to bead.   I have started another project - just for me. And have been beading, relaxing, and enjoying - just for me.   I let go of the reason why.  I let go of the need for recognition, and more importantly for $$.  And that's all it took.  Almost overnight - I have sold TWO necklace sets in one day to a wonderful regular customer.  And I know I have a check waiting for me at the boutique whenever I get there.  Prosperity.  No waiting.   And I like it. 

I don't have photos available of the items I sold (well, one is from my Facebook photo album if you want to hop over to my timeline), but the other was a sort of last minute re-design of something that was in my own personal stash for awhile.  It originally resembled something that I already owned - just had a few brighter colors thrown in for contrast to match something specific, which is why I found myself not wearing it as often as I first thought I would - I simply ended up liking my original piece better.  So I took the copycat piece, reworked it just a bit, and added it to my inventory.  My customer LOVED it.  Both pieces that she purchased will be given as gifts to the woman that has been veterinarian to our pets for over 20 years.  They are all sort of like family out there, and I LOVE that she chooses to buy from me - and Pat continues to love receiving my things - year after year.  And since I had to make a trip there for something for the dogs today anyway, it worked quite well that I was also able to deliver, saving us both time and gas.  Bonus!
So here's that new project in it's beginning stages.  A voice in my head is telling the name is 'Tangled up in Blue" (or rather Bob DYLAN's voice keeps telling me), but I haven't quite decided yet if that's the case.  I do love working with the Kyanite, though.  So calming.  So peaceful.

And it's already changed since this photo - I still can't bring myself to make the great big statement plate focal pieces.  They're just TOO BIG.  So I've cut it down into individual pieces, which will probably still be hooked together in a row - just not with all the heaviness around them.  Early, early stages.  And lots of time to bead....just for me.
Peaceful beading to you all my friends,

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