Thursday, November 18, 2010

Twas the night before Art Market....

All 20 pieces of jewelry have been safely delivered to The Lansing Art Gallery for the Holiday Art Market.
I had answered the 'call' for artists about 3 weeks ago - and didn't hear a thing after that.  So I figured I missed the deadline with the date so quickly approaching.  So to what should my wondering eyes appear but an EMAIL on FRIDAY exclaiming that I'm IN!  Except that the sale begins TOMORROW, and the gallery didn't open again until TUESDAY.  So I had the weekend to pull together some of my finest work - a nice  mix of sets, single pieces, funky pieces, etc.  And then contacted them on Tuesday.  Then the real rush began - I had pulled together about a dozen pieces - they wanted TWENTY!  And they wanted them by 10am the next day!  So diving back in to my detail oriented designs, including some of my OWN collection, I parted with enough to give me the twenty pieces they so generously requested.  Whew. 
So they're all ready for new homes.  At 50% commission - which I despise.  But this IS a prestigeous gallery, so I jacked up my asking prices and protested not. 
Couldn't bring myself to include "Forest Floor", but I did include "Spirit Tree", "Radiance" and "Moroccan Twilight" - my Use the Muse contest piece from last year. 
Wish me luck!  Last time I was juried in (about 4 years ago), I sold over 1/2 of my 30 piece inventory. And THAT'S a good thing....

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's that time of year

I'll be all alone, on my own, for the next three days.  The hunters have gone to the woods-but not without what I expect to be drama.  They all talked, planned, packed and readied themselves this weekend - communicating their plans to each other better than they will EVER communicate with wives and girl friends.  Alas - I do believe there was a glitch in the plan, with not one but TWO wonderful phone calls before 5am.
Talk about a wake up call.  So I've been surfing, and reading, and blogging away the rest of the morning.  I certainly hope that those boys bring home the bacon - or in this case the venison! 
It may not be such a bad thing for me to be up early - got alot to do.  Not only is the first of two trunk shows happening this weekend, with my Monday Bead Day shows beginning immediately afterward, but I was also accepted by the jury of our biggest and most prestigious art gallery to show and sell my work for the holiday season.  The start date IS FRIDAY.  Talk about last minute notice.  I'm hoping that it's not a sign of what I remember being a bit of unorganization the last time I showed there - about 3 years ago.  Not sure why I answered the call for artists - but although there were some issues the last time, I DID sell the most and the most consistently the last time.  And since it's the holiday season, I'm thinking it should be a good thing.  Not wild about the 50/50 commission (not sure why galleries think they should get half the money when they did NONE of the work), and not wild about the location (right smack downtown with impossible metered parking).  But it does seem to be a popular gallery - like I said, the biggest and best in the area.
So here goes.  I've got the pieces together, and got them inventoried - just need to price them and deliver them before Friday.  Along with preparing the trays and racks for the weekend.  And planning for Turkey Day.  And Christmas.  No big deal. 
At least it's not snowing.  YET....

Monday, November 8, 2010

New work

THIS is "Forest Floor"- browns and greens with leaves and mossy frills accenting a nice Labradorite pendant.   Been working on this one a few weeks- put it away when 'Spirit Tree" came along.  Onward to the peach & purple piece - I'm "cab'in'' it again.....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New project gatherings....

This is the next project I plan to work on.  I've already trial and errored the tiles once - I tried putting a backing on them like a 'cab' - but didn't like the look-by the time I built up the beads and created the 'cup', you couldn't see much of the tile.  So now I'm thinking a right angle weave or net backing ala Marcia DeCoster or Rachel Nelson Smith.  Or maybe something simpler, like 'bead wrapping' - creating a freeform net or 'cradle' around them.  Lots of possibilities.  And then theres the strap to consider....hope to start on this and not just THINK on it more tomorrow.

Spirit Tree

Every once in awhile a bead or focal piece will come along that IMMEDIATELY tells me what to do with it.  My creativity had been waning of late - lots on my mind concerning business and family, so wasn't feeling particularly artistic.  Then I found this BIG, giant piece of Rhodonite at the Michigan Gem & Lapidary show a couple of weeks ago.  By the end of that show, I had accumulated everything I needed to complete one cool necklace.  THIS is Spirit Tree...Rhodonite, Black Onyx, and dyed Agate.  It only took me about 4 days to complete.....goes with all my favorite purpley pinky outfits - but I will probably end up putting this one on consignment - somewhere....

Monday, November 1, 2010

The beads are out of the bag

Or is that the cat?  In either case, the news has been spread to all of my customers, so now I guess I should post to my blog.  I'm making BIG changes in my Cool Moon Creations journey - starting with CLOSING my actual bead shop.  Sort of.  I will be selling beads online, on consigment, at trunk shows, and will hold a one day a week 'mini store' shop at my favorite place, Coyote Wisdom Books and more...they are giving me many wonderful opportunities to continue doing what I love, but in a completely different way.  It was a very tough decision to make about not having my actual shop anymore, but the fact that the Craft and Antique mall seems to be making the move more toward flea market, and maintaining less of the 'high end' crafters and artists they used to have, just makes it not ideal for me anymore.  They also don't seem to have quite the security they used to have, and I am tired of the theft and vandalism issues that I've dealt with of late.  So I just decided it was TIME TO CHANGE.  I'll be keeping a large portion of the inventory for selling on consignment, online, etc.  but will be having great sales through the holiday season, too.  My last day at the actual shop will be Jan. 31.  I know there will be a few disappointed customers, but just because I'm gone, doesn't mean I'm OUT - and they'll still be able to shop from me - just in some new places!
I AM still looking to BE an actual bead shop again eventually - but need to find the right location at the right price.  Not sure that scenario exists in this area at the moment.  Bottom line - I need a break.  I'm setting up my newly redecorated dining room as my 'studio' and private client space, and plan to kick back and watch the snow fly while I bead - and not have to GO ANYWHERE!  WhaHoo!
2011 should make for an interesting year - stay tuned!