Monday, November 1, 2010

The beads are out of the bag

Or is that the cat?  In either case, the news has been spread to all of my customers, so now I guess I should post to my blog.  I'm making BIG changes in my Cool Moon Creations journey - starting with CLOSING my actual bead shop.  Sort of.  I will be selling beads online, on consigment, at trunk shows, and will hold a one day a week 'mini store' shop at my favorite place, Coyote Wisdom Books and more...they are giving me many wonderful opportunities to continue doing what I love, but in a completely different way.  It was a very tough decision to make about not having my actual shop anymore, but the fact that the Craft and Antique mall seems to be making the move more toward flea market, and maintaining less of the 'high end' crafters and artists they used to have, just makes it not ideal for me anymore.  They also don't seem to have quite the security they used to have, and I am tired of the theft and vandalism issues that I've dealt with of late.  So I just decided it was TIME TO CHANGE.  I'll be keeping a large portion of the inventory for selling on consignment, online, etc.  but will be having great sales through the holiday season, too.  My last day at the actual shop will be Jan. 31.  I know there will be a few disappointed customers, but just because I'm gone, doesn't mean I'm OUT - and they'll still be able to shop from me - just in some new places!
I AM still looking to BE an actual bead shop again eventually - but need to find the right location at the right price.  Not sure that scenario exists in this area at the moment.  Bottom line - I need a break.  I'm setting up my newly redecorated dining room as my 'studio' and private client space, and plan to kick back and watch the snow fly while I bead - and not have to GO ANYWHERE!  WhaHoo!
2011 should make for an interesting year - stay tuned!

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