Monday, November 15, 2010

It's that time of year

I'll be all alone, on my own, for the next three days.  The hunters have gone to the woods-but not without what I expect to be drama.  They all talked, planned, packed and readied themselves this weekend - communicating their plans to each other better than they will EVER communicate with wives and girl friends.  Alas - I do believe there was a glitch in the plan, with not one but TWO wonderful phone calls before 5am.
Talk about a wake up call.  So I've been surfing, and reading, and blogging away the rest of the morning.  I certainly hope that those boys bring home the bacon - or in this case the venison! 
It may not be such a bad thing for me to be up early - got alot to do.  Not only is the first of two trunk shows happening this weekend, with my Monday Bead Day shows beginning immediately afterward, but I was also accepted by the jury of our biggest and most prestigious art gallery to show and sell my work for the holiday season.  The start date IS FRIDAY.  Talk about last minute notice.  I'm hoping that it's not a sign of what I remember being a bit of unorganization the last time I showed there - about 3 years ago.  Not sure why I answered the call for artists - but although there were some issues the last time, I DID sell the most and the most consistently the last time.  And since it's the holiday season, I'm thinking it should be a good thing.  Not wild about the 50/50 commission (not sure why galleries think they should get half the money when they did NONE of the work), and not wild about the location (right smack downtown with impossible metered parking).  But it does seem to be a popular gallery - like I said, the biggest and best in the area.
So here goes.  I've got the pieces together, and got them inventoried - just need to price them and deliver them before Friday.  Along with preparing the trays and racks for the weekend.  And planning for Turkey Day.  And Christmas.  No big deal. 
At least it's not snowing.  YET....

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Crazy Mama said...

it sounds like you are one busy girl. i don't envy you! sometimes i appreciate my slow-paced life. good luck with the gallery. hope they're better organized this year and that it turns out to be worth your while. here's to lots of sales!