Thursday, October 29, 2015

Burning the midnight brain

I have vowed not to give you any more blah downer blog posts - so they may be few and far between.

But in the mean time - just so you know -  my brain is churning - and burning, thinking about upcoming shows, and then the downtime that is Mid-December to Mid-June here in what is already chilly, rainy, wet, snowy, blowy COLD Michigan.    

 So here's what's churning and burning up there....

(Courtesy of Google Images)

The three remaining shows I have to do between now and the first week of December.  At both of the shows that I'm doing in other venues (one of the venues is here in my home) - I chose to take it easy on myself, pay the extra $$ for them to furnish me with a table.  Less to haul.  Less to carry.  Less to deal with.  I may start doing that when it's offered every time.  Just easier.
I think I'm ready for the one coming up on the 13&14.  In fact, I loaded the earring racks, looked through the inventory - and pretty much packed it all up and got it ready.
Because as soon as that show's over, I have to set the house up for the show HERE the following week....
why do I do this to myself?  EEK. 
That show, I've decided, is going to consist largely of older pieces that I need to move.
Clearance.  Reprice.  Buy one, get one.  What ever I can to free some of the pieces that have been around forever.  They want homes and someone to love and wear them.
I'm also creating some crocheted items to sell too.  It's not all about the beads this year!


I have had this idea for a BOOK for awhile - but it needs to be actually PUBLISHED.  And published by a bead and craft related publisher.  Still.  I have pieces and parts and info scattered up there among the beads.  It's a book about organizing, participating in, and attending art fairs and shows from every perspective - organizer, participant AND attendee.  I think there's a need for the info I've got crammed in my brain.  So I should probably start getting it all down on paper - or in a word doc.  Somewhere that it doesn't get lost.
And if that weren't enough....

I am also toying with the wacky idea of entering Battle of the Beadsmith again.   I know.  I know.  Shoot me now.  I swore I wouldn't.  Ever again.  The competition IS super fierce, but this contest gave me one of the best statement pieces I have ever created - and I long to try and stretch my brain some more (which could make the book stuff fall out....)  PLUS - my beautiful photographer friend Jaime has agreed to be the photo genius from the start this time - so a professional photographer is already in the bead bag!

Another winter idea churning -
 Bead Dreams.  Do I have it in me to create not one - but TWO - big statement pieces this winter?  I really don't think I'll need to up my inventory of pieces for sale (but wouldn't that be nice?) - so I'm gonna need to bead.

I've been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest.  Looking for that perfect photo.  Color.  Scene.  That perfect THING for

All in all - instead of sitting around thinking of what could have been, should have been, what was, and what has happened -  I'm starting to think about

WHAT COULD BE.It's the much prettier side of the brain.  And mostly happier one too.


So whatever my brain decides to do to keep me busy over the winter months,
it will most certainly be

Peaceful beading.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Burning and turning

If you're here for a bubbly, babbley post - STOP READING NOW.  Not sure how long it will be before the babbley bubbly me is back - life just isn't being very kind.  I fear that this blog has turned into more of a journal - one that I probably shouldn't publish for you all to see - but I guess I'm hoping maybe, just maybe someone will have a comment and words that will somehow help me cope.  I've lost a lot this year - income, opportunities, ZEUS, and even more than that - I've lost a major source of support that I ALWAYS, ALWAYS thought would be there for me.  And it hurts to know it's gone.

So if you want to commiserate with me  - read on.  I promise there's a bright spot at the end....

At the end of my (our) rope, and burning the candle at both ends.

Makes me want to, well...... AAAAAHHHHHHH!

The rope that is life is fraying, and just about to break.  

Set back after set back, unexpected circumstance after circumstance - both my husband and I
are feeling the stress, the strain, THE REALITY of working hard and getting nowhere.

And we don't even have children.  I can't imagine how we'd be managing to cope if we had children to feed as well as ourselves.  

Someone always wants another slice, a BIGGER slice of the meager pie we have.

And then somehow - the pie is gone.  And you have to rely on the NEST EGG pie you put away for your future.  THAT's the REALLY BIG PIE. 

 It too - now has a slice or two missing.

We managed to come to an agreement on how to get through this particular setback, as well as plan for future unexpected circumstances.
Now about that bright spot. 

 I still have 4 more art fairs to do before the end of the year.  BIG ones.  AND - I got another art gallery check today.

(All images courtesy of Google Images)

 I'm still hopeful - MORE than hopeful - that these beads are going to pay off.  BIG TIME.

They are going to help turn the tide and get us through to a new year.  A new slate.   A new attempt at making dreams come true.....  because you know what?

I've heard they do.

Peaceful beading,

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Life and lemons

Everyone has heard the adage.   
"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!", 
which tries to instill positive thoughts into our psyche.

(lemon images courtesty of Google Images)

Yep.  I've heard it a 1,000 times.  Or more....

But when life gives you so many lemons that you couldn't possibly drink all the lemonade, you start to look at things with a rather SOUR disposition.
That's been my YEAR.    It saddens me when I think back on all the LOSS.  This disappointment. The setbacks.


Having to step away from situations and people that used to bring me joy - but now only bring me
the bitter reality that good things just don't last forever.

But I'm muddling through.  I've got a few true friends I can still rely on, and most importantly,


And this is what I do with them - even on my darkest days.....

Peaceful beading,

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Offended by offending the offended


Is it because social media has made so many uncaring and insensitive to peoples'

Is it because they aren't face to face with that person, so that they can't see the reaction,
 the facial expression, 
the frown, and in some cases
the TEARS?

Once again, a perfectly innocent WORD has offended someone.  
And they have to be a BULLY.

Maybe it's one of my Libra birth sign tendencies.  The NEED for balance, the need for peace.  
But mostly - I just don't think ANYONE deserves to be verbally abused that way.

So here's my Libra birthday wish (coming up in a couple weeks)


If you can't say/write/type KIND words -

Don't say anything at all.


Peaceful beading,