Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful day

Sunday.  Beautiful, warm, sunny.  Perfect holiday weekend weather.  Too bad we didn't have any plans to do anything wild and wonderful. It would have been the perfect weekend for a boat cruise and a bonfire.  Too bad we don't know anyone that can invite us for something like that!  :0)   It's been pretty much same old, same old.  I did manage to complete another of my 'Versatile Vintage' necklaces yesterday.  Gunmetal, vitrail, and very vintage-y.  And the bracelet, I'm naming "Shades of Lorelei" - because although it matches the newest necklace, I think Lorelei Eurto's design style may have inspired me.  I promise to have photos soon.  I will try very hard to part with this one.  My mom says I HAVE to start parting with some of them, or I'll never make a profit.  Truer words were never spoken. 
Having the newly arrive snowbird parents over for dinner today.  They haven't had much time to really settle in to their summer place, or get groceries, etc. - so I thought it would be a fun way to catch up (well, besides the dinner at Applebee's within hours of there arrival).  Did I miss them?  yes i did.  And apparently my brothers have too.  One of them has invited her to celebrate Memorial Day - and doesn't want to share by inviting the rest of us. Whatever. How rude.  ;0)
Hope everyone has a great holiday.  And a very happy beading summer! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot and muggies and a pic or two

Make for a grumpy blogger.  I'm so sorry I haven't been my normal bloggy self - but this heat, combined with just enough 'stuff' to keep me from my laptop - has got me overwhelmed again.  I was up with the sun this morning, and actually accomplishing things- so while I wait for that second batch of cookies to come out of the oven - here is a photo of my last exciting piece - it is changeable -the pendant is made with a box clasp that makes the dangle portion removeable.  The length can be changed to any length, with the left over portion being left to dangle, or worked into one side of the necklace for an assymetrical look.  It was very hard to photograph this one - I may try it again on a model - but for now - here it is.  I'm quite excited about this one, and already have the focals and box clasps ready to make a few more.  Couldn't part with this one of course....
TTFN I promise not to be so long blogging again. However - my parents WILL be returning home for the summer TOMORROW - so my time will be short still....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Time flies....

I can't believe I went a whole week without blogging!  Where did the time go?  And I can't really say I had that many super important things to do - I just didn't.  I HAVE been getting my garden ready.  And going to meetings.  And going to the shop.  It all adds up until I've just lost track.
I have many photos to post, and many events to hype - I promise I'll get to that soon.  But for now - back to the garden while it's still somewhat cool back there.  It'll be 90 today.  In MAY.  In MICHIGAN. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some more photos

I just finished updating my Photobucket slide show -

I know many of you have probably seen most of these - but since I'm trying to reach some possible new contacts - I'm trying to cover all my bases.
Here's an idea that I'm working on for later on this summer or possibly early fall:  A Cool Bead Retreat.
There is a beautiful facility just an hour north of me that is perfect for this - not too pricey - beautiful scenery and walking paths, great rooms for workshops, a top notch chef that will pretty much create your meal to order, and more.  I want to hold a bead retreat there, and teach a couple of my original designs in workshop hands on form.  I may also have someone do a meditation workshop, and maybe yoga or other healing art.  This is still in the talking and thinking stage- I'm still gathering info, talking to other instructors, etc.  Other than the biggies for Bead & Button, and the BeadFest in Philly, I don't think there is a good northern midwest retreat and workshop offering.  So I am going to create it.  I'm getting excited about the possibility.  Not sure how soon it will happen - but I am quite positive than I CAN make it happen.  And now that the thought is out there in the universe among my beady friends....we'll just see where it may lead....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ok, so I guess I missed this step.  It was pointed out to me JUST TODAY that I never posted my Etsy site info on this blog.  oops.  I guess I never really thought about it, cuz last time I checked - I only had like 12 followers, and rarely have any comments.  So imagine my surprise when today I looked and have like 34 followers!  WOW!  When did THAT happen?  And whose blog did I comment on that made it happen?  Cool.  So now I've updated my profile with my Etsy page info -
I don't have any fancy "banner", or very many things listed (21).  I've had some items looked at many times - one pathetic piece NEVER looked at at all (I know, it's not my best work - but they MATCH another listed piece).  I did some research of other seed bead work on Etsy before I started, and I think my pieces are unique, yet wearable, with prices that I think are right in line with, if not better than, some of the other comparable work out there.  So what gives?  Is Etsy just plain TOO popular?  TOO much of a good thing?  I hate to be a copycat, and do like Lorelei does, and post Etsy listings on my blog.  Has anyone else tried that?  I guess I'll just have to hope that the more followers I have, the more people will check out my shop, and eventually, finally, HOPEFULLY - I will find the right person for the sale.   And if you're ever in Lansing - I've got great stuff - jewelry and BEADS - at my actual shop.  Check me out!  PLEASE!
Bead happy,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

More store....

I know I just posted photos of the shop not too long ago.  I just can't help myself.  I'm so proud of what I've done with what was originally a 10X10 square of glass cabinets and a desk.  Baby, take a look at me now!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This was my Use the Muse entry

Moroccan Twilight.  It didn't win.  I also was pretty much refused by two art galleries today (one of them wouldn't get off the phone long enough to even acknowledge me.)   Not lovin' the beads today.  Glad I have a crochet project to work on for awhile. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Non bead rant

Well.  I still don't quite know what to think.  I know what I've said - and what I may continue to say....discrimination against LARGE people has GOT TO STOP.  The latest travesty:  one of the most well known clothing stores that had a "Plus Size" line, and in fact an entire portion of the store devoted to REAL size women - has now changed their tune.   In order to appeal to a younger, hipper, PRETTIER demographic, they have ditched the plus size line.  Instead, the entire store is now filled with a larger selection of trendy clothes - with a SMALLER selection of REAL WOMAN sizes, and only in a limited number of styles and colors.  When I questioned the clerk about the change - I was told it was always possible to shop online.  And that may be true.  But what if I want something to wear TONIGHT?  or TOMORROW as the case may be.  Don't I have the right to be able to go to a plus size store and purchase WITH CASH the size, color and style that I want?  Why am I being relegated to the 'on line' shop?  I KNOW that I am not the only plus size shopper out there, and in fact, always found THAT particular section of the store had more shoppers in it than the regular size side.  So I have contacted their 'customer service' department and gave them a piece of my mind.  It's something that I find myself doing more and more often as I get older.  I just can't hold my tongue anymore - except of course, around my customers.  And even then with some of them it's hard.  I get very defensive when people question my authority, knowledge and techniques when it comes to beading.  And I am VERY defensive when it comes to my size.  I am comfortable with it, I don't have any of the so called medical issues that people just assume come with it, and I am a very confident person in both regards.
So I hope this isn't becoming a trend - and that other stores that I've shopped in the past won't follow suit.  Cuz momma is in need of some brand new clothes!
Sorry for the 'rant' - but between this blog and their customer service comment section - I may feel just a little bit better now....
I'll be posting SEVERAL new jewelry pieces on Etsy this week.  Still no sales.  We'll see what the new items bring.  June will be the 4 month mark - not sure I can be patient enough to continue....