Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some more photos

I just finished updating my Photobucket slide show -

I know many of you have probably seen most of these - but since I'm trying to reach some possible new contacts - I'm trying to cover all my bases.
Here's an idea that I'm working on for later on this summer or possibly early fall:  A Cool Bead Retreat.
There is a beautiful facility just an hour north of me that is perfect for this - not too pricey - beautiful scenery and walking paths, great rooms for workshops, a top notch chef that will pretty much create your meal to order, and more.  I want to hold a bead retreat there, and teach a couple of my original designs in workshop hands on form.  I may also have someone do a meditation workshop, and maybe yoga or other healing art.  This is still in the talking and thinking stage- I'm still gathering info, talking to other instructors, etc.  Other than the biggies for Bead & Button, and the BeadFest in Philly, I don't think there is a good northern midwest retreat and workshop offering.  So I am going to create it.  I'm getting excited about the possibility.  Not sure how soon it will happen - but I am quite positive than I CAN make it happen.  And now that the thought is out there in the universe among my beady friends....we'll just see where it may lead....

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Robbie said...

just found your blog...interested in your bead retreat idea. i'm sure there would be interest. All depends on cost which is big issue now a days. Great idea! Do pursue! Thanks!