Thursday, May 6, 2010

This was my Use the Muse entry

Moroccan Twilight.  It didn't win.  I also was pretty much refused by two art galleries today (one of them wouldn't get off the phone long enough to even acknowledge me.)   Not lovin' the beads today.  Glad I have a crochet project to work on for awhile. 


Karyn said...

I think your piece is beautiful - everyone is saying how hard the kit was to work with so feel proud you managed to enter.

I know a few people who bought the kit, started and then gave up.


Maryanne said...

Your use of the Muse is fantastic! Love the necklace.

Unknown said...

Don't be discouraged this piece is great! I was going to enter but luckly a shipping problem occured and I bailed. No way I could have competed with my limited knowledge! you did wonderfuly and congratulations for entering!

Dara said...

Your piece is really beautiful. Don't get discouraged by people who don't give time to your beading. Keep pushing the envelope and trying to get your foot in the door at places you think are worthy of your work. You've got talent... celebrate it and share it!