Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ok, so I guess I missed this step.  It was pointed out to me JUST TODAY that I never posted my Etsy site info on this blog.  oops.  I guess I never really thought about it, cuz last time I checked - I only had like 12 followers, and rarely have any comments.  So imagine my surprise when today I looked and have like 34 followers!  WOW!  When did THAT happen?  And whose blog did I comment on that made it happen?  Cool.  So now I've updated my profile with my Etsy page info -
I don't have any fancy "banner", or very many things listed (21).  I've had some items looked at many times - one pathetic piece NEVER looked at at all (I know, it's not my best work - but they MATCH another listed piece).  I did some research of other seed bead work on Etsy before I started, and I think my pieces are unique, yet wearable, with prices that I think are right in line with, if not better than, some of the other comparable work out there.  So what gives?  Is Etsy just plain TOO popular?  TOO much of a good thing?  I hate to be a copycat, and do like Lorelei does, and post Etsy listings on my blog.  Has anyone else tried that?  I guess I'll just have to hope that the more followers I have, the more people will check out my shop, and eventually, finally, HOPEFULLY - I will find the right person for the sale.   And if you're ever in Lansing - I've got great stuff - jewelry and BEADS - at my actual shop.  Check me out!  PLEASE!
Bead happy,


Crazy Mama said...

i, too, have had looks at my things on etsy but no buyers yet. i keep checking and hoping. *sigh* i get LOTS of compliments on my work, but i guess no one is in the buying market for my type of work. is there a trick that i'm not understanding??? if you discover it, let us know.

you may want to try, too. i've got a store there also and it's free to list and no selling fees...just donations to the site. again, i've had no luck and two of my items haven't had any looks at all, which i don't understand why because they're very pretty bracelets. but maybe people just need to see my name "established" a little longer before they part with their money with me. i think the things in your store are very pretty, and very reasonably priced. i wish you luck and much success!

btw...if you have a bead store, have you ever thought of putting supplies on your etsy? i'm always in the market for pretty, reasonably priced cabs of all different colors to make my bracelets with. i can't afford to buy a whole strand, especially when i only need 1 of this and one of that. that's what i was hoping to see when i went to your shop today. so that's just a suggestion.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Congrats on your ETSY shop and on getting your name out there! I have found that it takes a while - for me about 6 years... and then I still wonder if anyone is noticing!

Good luck