Sunday, November 29, 2015

Contemplating life after beads

For those of you that follow, read, and comment, you KNOW that beads have been my life, and my passion, and sometimes my only saving grace on a dreary day.

So it may surprise some of you that I'm considering life without them.

With just one more show left to do this year, and what a dismal sales year it has been - I'm considering taking a year, or more - away from the bead.

Not sure I can do it.

It's been such a part of me.

What would take their place?  For awhile - organizing, purging, putting my house and life back into some sort of order.  So many things have gotten away from me, gotten cluttered, that I wonder if taking the time to clean - to refresh - might put new perspective on where to go from here - 

whether it includes the bead 


I still have a book in my head that I should start putting down on paper.  

Image result for bookImage courtesy of Google
I have SOOOO many things in this house - in my life -  that need to be spiffed up, polished and made shiny again.
  My brain is feeling rather cluttered too -  muddled and overflowing with thoughts lately - 

Image result for handsOn one hand - I think I could use a break.  On the other hand - I know I'd be fine for awhile, but I'm afraid once my friends, my fellow artists, my PEEPS start the show season come summer - that I am going to feel miserably left. OUT.

Will I be throwing my hands up in despair?  Crying Uncle?  Waving the white flag?

Or just keep on keeping on   

doing what I love, and saving my sanity?

So much to think about over the course of the long, cold winter.
To bead, or not to bead.
To create, or not create.

For now, STILL, as if my life depends on it,

Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Quick and dirty

A quick blog today -

because my house is still DIRTY - and I'm not ready!   LOL.  

Happening THIS WEEK!  EEEEEK!!!!   The 33rd Annual Holt Holiday Craft Show.  Still lots to do, and spaces to prepare.  I've got most of the table displays out, and posed- but as it ALWAYS happens with set up - there WILL be changes and moving things around.  Tomorrow morning is when all that will happen, followed by more sprucing and goosing of floors, corners and walls....

And not only am I sprucing up the house - I'm off to spruce up my 'do too!  It should - if my stylist is her usual magic making self - look JUST LIKE THIS when she's done with me - minus the cute little nose and young face.

I had hoped to have time to COLOR too - but for now - a new do will have to do!

Inverted Cool Short Layered Bob Hairstyle:

Will try to post a few photos of the place - and MAYBE ME -  all ready for the show - IF I have time and remember (the brain is getting old, along with my knees and my eyesight) to do so.

Just wanted to blog - so you won't forget about me.  :)   And if you DO happen to miss me - there're always my Facebook pages - either my own personal page - Sheryl Mayes Stephens in Holt, Michigan - or my Cool Moon Creations and Beads page.  Those are posted on much more regularly than the blog....

There probably won't be much time for beading for ME - well, maybe a little...

Peaceful beading,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The road MOST traveled

 When you live in Michigan, or probably any state where the seasons change - a fall color tour - or leaf peeping tour as we like to call it - is a must.  We weren't sure there would be an opportunity this year, with icky weekend weather, my busy show schedule - and of course, archery deer season all happening at once.

Fallasburg Covered Bridge, Lowell, Michigan - YES, it is still a working bridge, on a well traveled road - 5 mph over the bridge.  Reminds us of the movies Funny Farm and Beetlejuice every time we pass through....
We managed to find a pretty and unseasonably warm Sunday for a drive, which took us to our favorite spots for fall color.  We always say we'll take a new way - but end up in our favorites every time.  And Mother Nature never disappoints us with lovely color.

 THIS is our absolute favorite fall color stop - Lyons Dam in Lyons, Michigan - just outside of Portland.

2015 - not quite as vibrant as 2014.

Once I get these fall colors in my system though, they seem to come pouring out of me in my beadwork as well - this year was no exception:

I think a tribute to our changing seasons may be where my brain is taking me for my next big foray into winter competition pieces.  There's a spark of it up there.  And 3 opportunities - at least - for it to come to fruition:

Battle of the Beadsmith (I know, I know.  So sue me.)
Fire Mountain Gems
                    and BEAD DREAMS

Peaceful beading,