Monday, September 30, 2013

Display days

Last weekend was the first of two multi day shows I'll be doing this year.  And boy - was it COLD. Managed to make it through both days - and MAKE MONEY - maybe because people felt sorry for us shivering and freezing our patooties off!  LOL!  Not going to question it - just glad I was able to sell some lovely things - TWO of which have been around FOR. EVER.  Like "Raindrops".  It was my very first caterpillar fringe bracelet - and one I considered keeping for myself several times.  Finally found the right home - or at least go between (it's being given as a gift) - on Sunday....

I played with my displays a bit - don't I always?   :)   Far be it from me to do the same thing over and over!  LOL!  Although I use many of the same components (cloth, stands, etc.) I try to change the colors, the theme and the look just about every time.  What can I say?  I'm a Libra.....  ;)
On Saturday, I went with the animal prints again.  I like them, but not sure I'd want to use them all the time.  I think I like my tables best with my hint of purple - and in the summer - the peacock theme.  Just plain pretty.  Anyway - here's a few table shots:

It was also a bit windy (ok, A LOT windy) that day, so I had to do a few things differently to keep things from flying away...

Sunday was calmer.  But unfortunately for us - that made it COLDER.  We lost a few vendors before the end of the day (and the organizer didn't complain-she was cold too!)  I stuck it out, and was again rewarded with late in the day sales.  It's something to keep in mind if you ever consider leaving a show early; some of my BEST and BIGGEST sales have been end of the day shoppers this year; they appreciate the effort and I usually reward them with a bit of a discount as well.
I did subtle on Sunday - or at least as subtle as I can be:  

I get a lot of compliments on those flashy plates when I use them; and I am always happy to tell people where I got them - a set of FOUR - $12 bucks at the bestest display store ever - HOMEGOODS.  :)
Next show's not for about 3 weeks - at WITCH (haha, get it?) I will try to have a large assortment of Halloween AND Christmas items - zipper charms, purse charms, scarf charms and a few jewels, too.
And as usual - I'll be doing the October birthday discount - show me your ID proving you have an October birthday just like me, and I'll give you a discount!  I usually get quite a few sales doing this!  I LOVE OCTOBER!
Oh, and back on the subject of displays - I did some cleaning and rearranging this weekend - and dug out a display (the tall black rack on the left) I hadn't used in a couple of seasons.  I think I'm going to use it to display the scarf charms on for the next show....
Have a great week everyone!
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back in the swing

It's taken me a few days - but I'm finally getting back in the swing of laptop usage.  A few things are changed - and a LOT of things are better.  It pays to have a really really good tech.  I HOPE.  :)  Crossing fingers again that I don't have to see him again for awhile...
I made a few price changes and added a few newbies to the jewelry pages.  Both of the Halloween themed pieces are listed on the "MORE" jewelry page if you choose to have a gander.  Please email me at for PayPal instructions if there is anything you see that you simply MUST have!
Otherwise - my calendar is pretty empty - no shows again til mid October - and neither class that is coming up have sign ups as of YET - hope that changes, but not holding my breath.  Competing with the big box stores around here when I'm not doing it one on one on my own is practically impossible.  Just like everything else - they can always sell it cheaper - and people don't always CARE if it's better....  ~sigh~
But on a positive note -   pretty cool news for me - SOLD this week:

As well as several clearance items that mom wanted before heading off to sunny Florida for the winter.
The intake doesn't take long to OUTGO - between DOG needed things like heartworm meds and food, as well as necessities like people FOOD and GAS - well - I sure hope a few people visit and PURCHASE from one or more of my jewelry pages! Or take a class, or come and buy at my shows....  :D
It's going to be a beautiful fall;  just talked to hubby today about taking some time to head up on another Michigan color tour - so I HOPE to have some wonderful photos to show you of our Pure Michigan landscapes again quite soon.
Here's a few I took LAST fall:

Fallasburg Bridge, Lowell, MI
Always so beautiful.  It's my favorite time of year!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glitches and hitches that keep me in stitches

A quick note from MOM's laptop to apologize for the lack of blog posts of late.  My laptop has decided to do some more fun things - that may or may not have been related to the various viruses a few weeks ago.  So it's back in the shop - leaving me with nothing to do but BEAD.  Can't wait to show you some of the pieces I've completed - and hope I'll be able to do that in the next few days. 
So stay tuned.  I haven't forgotten you - and have LOTS of things to babble about - including last weekends show results and photos, maybe a few new fur kid photos (they haven't been very photogenic lately) and about what's coming up in the future.  I also need to update the jewelry pages - sold a few things that are featured there, so be sure to message me at before you decide which ones will be yours. 
So peaceful beading,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where is YOUR School Spirit?

Rah! Rah!  Sis boom bah!   It’s that time of year again – FOOTBALL season!  AND craft show season!  Do you show your team spirit and provide jewelry in your local schools colors at your shows?  I haven’t done so a whole lot in the past – but this year, thought I might try a few things – mostly earrings and purse/key chain charms.


Here in my neck of the woods – there is quite a bit of rivalry – not just with the local high school – but we live right on top of Michigan State University (Spartans-Go GREEN, GO WHITE!), AND within an hour of their biggest rival University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (the blue and gold Wolverines).  We seem to have a mix of fans of both in these here parts – so I’m trying to have a little of both on the table.  I’m not a huge fan of either- I much prefer MSU HOCKEY  – so we’ll see what kind of comments I get!  LOL!  Today is pretty much my last school spirit “design” day – with a Mom play date planned for tomorrow – and a BEAD play date planned for Thursday. 
I’m also planning a few little surprises for some of my favorite Libra birthday sharing friends, using these:

They will BOTH love them – whatever I decide to make for them.  Don’t want to give too much away!
I also need to squeeze kit making in there somewhere – for AT LEAST the Dahlia Ring class happening next Saturday at SmittenDust:


Darling Dahlia Bead Woven Ring
Saturday, Sept 28, 12-4

with Sheryl Stephens, $30

Create a pretty flower ring. Students will learn circular and two drop peyote stitch, as well as a simple fringe technique. All supplies included.

At SmittenDust Studio


257 S. Bridge St. (corner of Bridge and Jefferson) Dimondale, MI

Go to to register!

I played and made another one yesterday – a figured out some cool ‘optional’ steps to add, too!  It’s a quick and easy project – fun to make for family and friends IF you know their approximate ring size.  This class is scheduled from noon to 4 – but unless  you simply cannot grasp the peyote concepts – it will definitely not take that long!
Kits will be available in the colors shown, as well as some others too.  EXTRAS will be available for purchase.

I canNOT believe that fall is upon us already.  I’m deeming this the year with no summer.  Bummer.  Sad smile
BIG LOTS of classes, shows and STUFF getting ready to happen – this weekend is a TWO DAY event at the Market location – both Saturday and Sunday at the Central Park Pavilion behind the Meridian Mall.  Chilly set up temps (gotta remember those fingerless gloves) but nice daytime temps and NO rain expected either day.  I think I can live with that.   ”All Hallows Eve” will be making it’s first show appearance:

All Hallows Eve.jpg

Spooky cool. 
Peaceful beading,

Friday, September 13, 2013


In more ways than one.  The Zonta group party didn’t turn out to be much of a party – just one of the ladies invited could make it.  So along with the hostess, it was a party of two.   I can’t help but be a little disappointed that I didn’t have more people-it’s not fun expecting to have a certain number of people to be PAYING for a class – and then have them not show up. It’s an OUCH to the pocketbook – and to the ego too, to tell you the truth.   But oh well.  Can’t force them, and it was still nice with just the two.  Wish I would have remembered to take a picture of their cute little projects – one did a key charm, and one did a bracelet.  FUN!
Here is the party table – all decked out to roar. 

004My hostess has a beautiful home, in a very nice section of Old Town; in fact, my hubby and I have plopped our chairs in front of her condo on more than one occasion during the annual musical festivals!  We’ve always wondered what they looked like inside!005007I’ve decided to try a different display set up for the fall.  Although purple is my favorite color, and a part of my signature brand, I wanted to try something different.  I do like it, but may still add some pops of purple in there somewhere…. Smile







And here’s the jewelry I made to MATCH (along with my leopard print tunic):

Again – I wish I had a BEFORE photo of these earrings; I got the center oval tiger striped part for 50 cents at a garage sale; they were just the plain ovals attached to a simple gold post.  Quite 80’s.  Big and plastic.  BUT LOOK AT THEM NOW!  And still very light weight and comfortable.  Not sellin’ these babies.  They are mine. 


The necklace I have had for awhile, it was for an animal print New Year’s Eve outfit a few years ago.  I had to repair and rework it a bit – but it matches the new tunic purrrrfectly, so I bet it’ll get worn along with the other pieces much more often.



003And how could I NOT have a Nancy Dale Summertime Wrap Bracelet to match?  This was my third one (so addictive) and I’m on my 4th – a purple one.  It’s fun to make – it is a project from a digital magazine – the link and info can be found on Nancy’s page

So there you have it.  I enjoyed getting to know the hostess and her guest, and hope I’ll have another opportunity again – but with MORE PEOPLE!  Ya gotta start somewhere….
Peaceful beading – should have that purple bracelet done this weekend!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little glitch…a lotta plans

Well, that was fun.  Not one, but TWO computer viruses in one week that made it impossible for me to update you on my latest news!  Still learning to do things a bit differently too – tech guy suggested I try to LIMIT my laptop use.  Hm.  I’ll work on that.  But since social media and THIS BLOG are my advertising sources – I gotsta do what I gotsta do.  So I hope I can still manage to keep you updated consistently.  You may have noticed yet another PAGE has been added above:  There is now a class and events page!  Definitely going to have to keep that updated.  And they seem to get added every day (how cool is that?) so check back often!
I will also be posting by the weekend about my very exciting bead show/party tomorrow night.  I think I’m going to keep most of it secret (although if you’ve been on Facebook, you’ve seen my posts about it) until after the fact.  One thing that hasn’t been on Facebook, and that you’ll only see here for now – is this little teaser:

I’m changing things up a bit for this show, notice – NO PURPLE.  AND – my outfit will MATCH my table displays.  It’s a very prestigious and exciting gig – can’t wait to share the AFTER photos!

I’m also (not so) patiently awaiting news from Fire Mountain Gems about where I placed in the seed bead contest.  I submitted Mariposa, Mariposa.jpg

and she made it to the ‘second round’, which required sending her to their warehouse in OREGON.  I know she got there safely, but haven’t had an update since.  I THINK they are supposed to choose winners by end of this month. 

Fingers crossed, kids!  x fingers

Lots of exciting things happening on the Cool Moon horizon.  So glad I’m making people happy with my jewelry.  Here are just a few pieces that have been purchased, and will be going to new homes in the next few weeks:

skytribe.jpgSunrise Canyon.jpg

Peaceful beading,

Sunday, September 1, 2013


A whole new look for a whole new leg of the adventure!  As of today, the Etsy shop is closed.  You may have noticed I’ve already added the new page that will EVENTUALLY include BEADS FOR SALE.  Not quite sure how long it will take me to start posting them – I’ve got to go through the still existing inventory from the Etsy shop first, as well as offer them at upcoming shows.  I am also considering a private invitation only bead show/party near the end of October.  Add one more thing to my already busy schedule?  I have a few weeks to decide.
Met with a friend to finalize ONE of the scheduled events on this years calendar – the three day Holt Holiday Craft Show that takes place in November, here in my home.  It’s a huge deal in the area, and I decided to take part again this year.  I have 3 other girls joining me this time (compared to the 4 I squeezed in last year) and I plan to add BEADS to my room full of offerings as well this year.
We’ll also have the return of Tracy Kraft - aka Vintage TK – as in vintage everything.  Linens, pillows, antiques, collectibles.  She turns my front room into an antique mall booth – and is a popular, looked for person on the route.  Also joining again is Judy Fogle – who repurposes old sweaters into hats, mittens, booties, and other fun things.  She also SEWS – lot of bags, and little stocking stuffer items.  And NEW this year – I’m so excited – my friend and wonderfully talented photographer Jaime Grant – she is also a scrapbooker and memory book maker – so she’ll have handmade cards and paper items available.  Going to be a FUN weekend.  Look for more details here, and on Facebook.
I hope you like the new layout.  I’ve updated the “About Me” profile, and changed a few things.  So take a look around, relax, enjoy….

And peaceful beading,