Sunday, September 1, 2013


A whole new look for a whole new leg of the adventure!  As of today, the Etsy shop is closed.  You may have noticed I’ve already added the new page that will EVENTUALLY include BEADS FOR SALE.  Not quite sure how long it will take me to start posting them – I’ve got to go through the still existing inventory from the Etsy shop first, as well as offer them at upcoming shows.  I am also considering a private invitation only bead show/party near the end of October.  Add one more thing to my already busy schedule?  I have a few weeks to decide.
Met with a friend to finalize ONE of the scheduled events on this years calendar – the three day Holt Holiday Craft Show that takes place in November, here in my home.  It’s a huge deal in the area, and I decided to take part again this year.  I have 3 other girls joining me this time (compared to the 4 I squeezed in last year) and I plan to add BEADS to my room full of offerings as well this year.
We’ll also have the return of Tracy Kraft - aka Vintage TK – as in vintage everything.  Linens, pillows, antiques, collectibles.  She turns my front room into an antique mall booth – and is a popular, looked for person on the route.  Also joining again is Judy Fogle – who repurposes old sweaters into hats, mittens, booties, and other fun things.  She also SEWS – lot of bags, and little stocking stuffer items.  And NEW this year – I’m so excited – my friend and wonderfully talented photographer Jaime Grant – she is also a scrapbooker and memory book maker – so she’ll have handmade cards and paper items available.  Going to be a FUN weekend.  Look for more details here, and on Facebook.
I hope you like the new layout.  I’ve updated the “About Me” profile, and changed a few things.  So take a look around, relax, enjoy….

And peaceful beading,

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