Friday, September 13, 2013


In more ways than one.  The Zonta group party didn’t turn out to be much of a party – just one of the ladies invited could make it.  So along with the hostess, it was a party of two.   I can’t help but be a little disappointed that I didn’t have more people-it’s not fun expecting to have a certain number of people to be PAYING for a class – and then have them not show up. It’s an OUCH to the pocketbook – and to the ego too, to tell you the truth.   But oh well.  Can’t force them, and it was still nice with just the two.  Wish I would have remembered to take a picture of their cute little projects – one did a key charm, and one did a bracelet.  FUN!
Here is the party table – all decked out to roar. 

004My hostess has a beautiful home, in a very nice section of Old Town; in fact, my hubby and I have plopped our chairs in front of her condo on more than one occasion during the annual musical festivals!  We’ve always wondered what they looked like inside!005007I’ve decided to try a different display set up for the fall.  Although purple is my favorite color, and a part of my signature brand, I wanted to try something different.  I do like it, but may still add some pops of purple in there somewhere…. Smile







And here’s the jewelry I made to MATCH (along with my leopard print tunic):

Again – I wish I had a BEFORE photo of these earrings; I got the center oval tiger striped part for 50 cents at a garage sale; they were just the plain ovals attached to a simple gold post.  Quite 80’s.  Big and plastic.  BUT LOOK AT THEM NOW!  And still very light weight and comfortable.  Not sellin’ these babies.  They are mine. 


The necklace I have had for awhile, it was for an animal print New Year’s Eve outfit a few years ago.  I had to repair and rework it a bit – but it matches the new tunic purrrrfectly, so I bet it’ll get worn along with the other pieces much more often.



003And how could I NOT have a Nancy Dale Summertime Wrap Bracelet to match?  This was my third one (so addictive) and I’m on my 4th – a purple one.  It’s fun to make – it is a project from a digital magazine – the link and info can be found on Nancy’s page

So there you have it.  I enjoyed getting to know the hostess and her guest, and hope I’ll have another opportunity again – but with MORE PEOPLE!  Ya gotta start somewhere….
Peaceful beading – should have that purple bracelet done this weekend!

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