Monday, September 30, 2013

Display days

Last weekend was the first of two multi day shows I'll be doing this year.  And boy - was it COLD. Managed to make it through both days - and MAKE MONEY - maybe because people felt sorry for us shivering and freezing our patooties off!  LOL!  Not going to question it - just glad I was able to sell some lovely things - TWO of which have been around FOR. EVER.  Like "Raindrops".  It was my very first caterpillar fringe bracelet - and one I considered keeping for myself several times.  Finally found the right home - or at least go between (it's being given as a gift) - on Sunday....

I played with my displays a bit - don't I always?   :)   Far be it from me to do the same thing over and over!  LOL!  Although I use many of the same components (cloth, stands, etc.) I try to change the colors, the theme and the look just about every time.  What can I say?  I'm a Libra.....  ;)
On Saturday, I went with the animal prints again.  I like them, but not sure I'd want to use them all the time.  I think I like my tables best with my hint of purple - and in the summer - the peacock theme.  Just plain pretty.  Anyway - here's a few table shots:

It was also a bit windy (ok, A LOT windy) that day, so I had to do a few things differently to keep things from flying away...

Sunday was calmer.  But unfortunately for us - that made it COLDER.  We lost a few vendors before the end of the day (and the organizer didn't complain-she was cold too!)  I stuck it out, and was again rewarded with late in the day sales.  It's something to keep in mind if you ever consider leaving a show early; some of my BEST and BIGGEST sales have been end of the day shoppers this year; they appreciate the effort and I usually reward them with a bit of a discount as well.
I did subtle on Sunday - or at least as subtle as I can be:  

I get a lot of compliments on those flashy plates when I use them; and I am always happy to tell people where I got them - a set of FOUR - $12 bucks at the bestest display store ever - HOMEGOODS.  :)
Next show's not for about 3 weeks - at WITCH (haha, get it?) I will try to have a large assortment of Halloween AND Christmas items - zipper charms, purse charms, scarf charms and a few jewels, too.
And as usual - I'll be doing the October birthday discount - show me your ID proving you have an October birthday just like me, and I'll give you a discount!  I usually get quite a few sales doing this!  I LOVE OCTOBER!
Oh, and back on the subject of displays - I did some cleaning and rearranging this weekend - and dug out a display (the tall black rack on the left) I hadn't used in a couple of seasons.  I think I'm going to use it to display the scarf charms on for the next show....
Have a great week everyone!
Peaceful beading,

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