Friday, May 30, 2014

Whew. It's still here

So sorry it's been awhile since I've blogged.  With the spring has come much more NON-bead and blog activity - getting the garden and yard made beautiful, enjoying family on the west side of the state, and actually - reading.  reading.  and more reading.  I've been to the library countless times in the last month - it's nice to sit on the deck and enjoy the day with a book.  Now I just have to finish planting the flowers....

 I've also been busy creating more of those Enlightened Denim jewelry pieces.  THIS particular bracelet ended up going to a very dear friend - it is perfect for her.  I wanted to work with a zipper - I've been seeing many different designers using them lately, but I didn't want to do what everyone else was doing.  THIS was the first, using a brand NEW zipper, and then attaching it to a denim section.

I then decided to create another one for the show circuit - only this time using a zipper from one of the pair of blue jeans being 'enlightened'.  MUCH harder to work with, and I don't think it laid as smoothly on the denim section, either.  The zipper end itself was also smaller, so couldn't be used as the clasp 'loop' as the first one was.  I will probably go back to using brand new zippers if I do many more of these.  They are KILLER on the fingers, though.... so less may be more!  LOL!

We also spent a part of our time recently with members of my husbands family at a memorial event for a fallen police officer that was a member of their MOTORCYCLE CLUB.   Sons of Malta.  Located in the Plainwell/Allegan, Michigan area - they are a HUGE organized deal, with many firefighters, police and public safety officers as members.  This was also a benefit for our step-great nephew, who has struggled with cancer on and off in his life since he was small.  He's now 21.  And currently DONE with cancer.  He has started his own charity called DCStrong (look for them on Facebook) that makes sure kids with cancer get great things.

This is just a small section of the almost 300 bikes that rode in the EZMemorial Ride in Southwest Michigan on Saturday.  The 'biker' with the pink bandanna and killer boots right there in front is our niece - Sara!  You go, girl!

And last but not least - I got word from Fire Mountain Gems today that my finalist piece "Mariposa" (over there on the left) has been chosen to grace the back of the next issue of BEAD magazine - the special WEDDING issue.  Even though they're sending me a copy, I will definitely be scouring the bookstores soon looking for another copy!  yay!

Will be back soon with more info for you about our great summer ZNETSHOWS challenge.  My pieces are finished - I can't wait for you to see them.  You'll definitely want to stay tuned, because ONE of the pieces is changeable - with ONE part of it being shown in their E-magazine reveal, and the other part HERE on the blog!
SO FUN!  Thanks again, ZNETSHOWS!  You rock!

Peaceful beading, and READING,

Monday, May 12, 2014

A post with no name

Simply because it's full of babbling and beady stuff, as usual.  There really isn't one good title to give it.
Denim Days?  Rainy Days and Mondays?  Netflix nightmare?  It's a combination (and compilation) of all three - and then some.

Beings how (it may not be proper English, but I'm usin' it anyhoo) I'm still nursing this silly head cold THING that started last Monday/Tuesday, I really didn't have much else to do but read - and bead.  I've read 2 full hard cover books from front to back since Tuesday, as well as a 300+page Nook book.  I also have LOTS more Enlightened Denim to show you - I will definitely have a good assortment of them for the Celebrate! Downtown Okemos in June.  I just hope they're as popular as I WANT them to be.  They seem to get good reviews from folks when I wear mine, and I've sold a few to friends who are testing the field with them too.  Here are just some of the pieces I've created so far:

This one, the FIRST one I made, and still my favorite, is MY OWN personal piece:

There are a few others too, that still haven't made it to their photo session!  Slackers!  LOL!

I am currently working on an embroidered pendant - done on, and backed with, yup - you guessed it - DENIM!  Turning out pretty cute.  And seeing how (and here's where the nightmare comes in) NETFLIX has bitten the dust again (needing to be deactivated and reactivated and bunch of other technical ridiculousness) for the 2nd time in a month (we just watched it this afternoon- it was FINE) but I digress - I will be heading BACK to the bead table to play with it some more since I can't turn on the TV.  Well, I can - but nothing happens.  ACK.  
Glad I have another NookBook cued up and ready to go.  Gonna be a quiet night for me.  I'm letting hubby sort out the technical nonsense (and possibly do the live chat AGAIN) this time around.  Double ACK.

Oh, yeah - and it's been raining. A lot.
Loving this Monday?  Not so much....

Peaceful beading,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Challenges are a GOOD thing!

When it comes to ZNETSHOWS!   I know I've already blogged about this, but it's been pretty much front and center for me since receiving the absolutely fabulous sea glass beads from them last week!
And that was the day AFTER receiving some really cool sea glass and metal beads that I ordered on my own!  Did I decide to mix the two?  YOU BETCHA!

Here's what they sent me for the challenge, in case you didn't see the last post.  I've already completed ALL the pieces for the challenge - they requested we create a casual set, and a formal/dressy set.    The hard part, though, was STOPPING at the 4 pieces they asked us to create!  Especially in the case of the formal/dressy pieces - I want to add more!   So - I will probably send photos of the main two pieces to Hope for the Emag - with a teaser and a link to my blog address so that I can show you the rest!  It's really awesome.  My brain amazes me sometimes, especially this week when it's full of sneezy, sniffly coughy crap.  UGH.  I mean, ACHOO.

Image courtesy of Google Images

Another challenge of sorts that I decided to forgo - participating as a vendor in a benefit for a motorcycle club in a couple of weeks.  WEEKS.  That, along with transportation had been the challenge - and was the deciding factor.  I just don't have the right inventory, or the time it would take to create it, to do a show like that.  It sounds absolutely KICK ASS - and hubby and I ALMOST bought tickets to attend the BBQ and the benefit concert.  Alas, though - just a little too far away, as well as few other factors.  I will probably kick myself for giving  up the opportunity, but the timing was just not right.    Maybe next year....
So now my focus is on this show in Okemos on Saturday, June 14th.  I'm also taking a chance on this one, which has not been good for me in the past.  A good friend and fellow jewelry artist has taken over the organizing reins. She's a go getter, and has high hopes for this show.  She already has way more vendors signed up than were in attendance in the past..... go JANE!   Now let's hope the weather holds....

And last but not least,  during the sneezing and the blowing (yes, using antibacterial hand soap and washing regularly) - I completed this piece:
It was originally going to be a bracelet, but I decided that the chance was too great that the ceramic toggle would get broken.  So this is what it became.  It IS for sale - $135.00.  And now that I can take credit cards anytime I want - message me if you're interested!  PayPal invoicing is available, too!

Stay tuned for more bead babble!  The show season is about to begin!

Peaceful beading,

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A week of UPS...and downs

What a week.  Big drama in my life.  Major vehicle issues.  A death.  Continuing medical issues for a close family member.  BUT, AND, of course - beads.  The great equalizer of my life.  They were there for me during all but the saddest of days, when I learned a close friend had lost her husband.

Not even the beads could console me that day.  Which happened to be the same day the Jeep died.  15 miles from home.   Ironically, cooincidentally, what ever you want to call it - the problem was the fuel pump. The SAME thing that went wrong with my poor car exactly one year ago this week.  It was like the Universe's way of saying 'you're not getting out of this challenge THAT easy.".  Ok then.  2 days and hundreds of well earned dollars later, we're rolling along again.....

And then came the GOOD stuff. 

 The beads.  The current magazine issues.  One of the long awaited credit card readers for my phone.  (The other is STILL MIA). New selling ventures. The good news emails about summer festivals and challenges.  I actually received the beads for the ZNetShows Summer Challenge before Hope had a chance to send me the email info!   Aren't they beautiful?  I already have one piece done, and am working on the second.  Not making as many this time, as the time allowed is shorter, as well as my schedule.  So they will be QUALITY but not so much quantity this time.  Still fun.  Can't wait to show you the reveal in early July!
I also have that new selling venture to announce.  The Facebook business page Alabama General Store (not sure how to link it - just put Alabama General Store in your FB search - pops right up!).  Although the name makes you think they're selling work from Alabama, they actually have members from all over the nation.  Look for my little store - Cool Moon Creations beaded jewelry - on both the main page and in the jewelry department.  All that's needed to purchase from me there is a Paypal account. Easy.  Peasy.  They say they have a HUGE following, and that many of the members experience good sales - so time will tell.   Wish me luck!

And I almost forgot to mention - although I had few customers come to my Celebration on Sunday - I did very well THANKS to the Square.  Ingenious little gadget and phone app.  The creator deserves a big huge kiss!  I am hoping that little gadget will increase my summer show sales too! MMMWWWWAAA!

Peaceful beading,