Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I've got the "Blues"

THIS is "Butterfly Blues".  I created this piece a few years ago - and just wasn't sure about the funky-ness.  So I stuffed it in a drawer, and moved on to the next idea in my head.

Yesterday, while searching for beads for a project - I pulled it out, and took a look.  Hm.  I'm feeling better about the funky-ness.  It just needs a little tweaking.

So I pulled out the fibers, repositioned a few wrapped loops, put back the fibers in a different place,
and VOILA.  
Funky cool.
So what do you think?  Yes?  No?  More tweaking?  I think I like it now.  Enough to put a price tag on it and take it to Coyote.  I've sorely neglected my show space there, not putting many new pieces in at all.  This time around - THREE new pieces - Oasis, Bohemian Rhapsody and this one. 
And some more purse charms.  They seem to like those.
No word from the library about the job.  I think I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board-or start making serious cash on my jewelry.  THAT would be ideal. 
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keep 'em coming!

The comments are still coming!  THANK YOU!  Loving the attention.  LOL (don't we all?) 
So what's your plan for this beautiful day?  I'm not sure I've got one - and I LOVE IT!  I haven't gotten a call from the bookstore owner YET (she'd called by this time yesterday), so I don't think I'll be filling in for her, and music nights are done for the summer. (Bummer - cuz it is another gorgeous day).  I MAY spend some time with my sorely neglected Mom.  She and I used to get together every Wednesday - but this year - things sort of got in the way.  So then we tried Tuesdays, but again - things got in the way, and the money's been tight.  It's no fun hangin' with your Mom if you can't do lunch and exploring (aka SPENDING!) now, is it?  I'll give her a call in a little while and see if we can plan the day.  BUT - if not - there are beads calling my name - and quite loudly, too!
Still no word on the job I interviewed for, either.  And after spending the day with one of the friends listed as a reference - I hear she's gotten no call.  So they didn't even check mine.  I guess that means - better luck next time.  I am sad and relieved all at the same time.  I really NEED a part time job, and I thought a library job would be perfect.  But in talking to one of my fellow vendors on Sunday, we discovered that the job I interviewed for is the job SHE used to do between high school and college - same branch and everything.   She loved it too - until her knees gave out after just 4 months.  The constant up and down to reach the top shelves was too much for her TINY frame.  I ALREADY have knee problems.  So I think they decided I wasn't up to the task, and now I need a new plan.....
which at the moment consists of manifesting big buyers at all of my fall and holiday shows.  I still have two in September (two days in a row), one in October, and then the big 3 day holiday show in November - which will be held here in my home.   I need to get busy creating holiday items, as well as inexpensive but unique and different items that people might like.  This show is what is called The Holt Holiday Sampler, and has been happening for 30 YEARS.  It works like this:  home owners who are willing (and a few churches) in the community invite friends and other vendors to sell craft items in their homes.  Sponsors are acquired, maps are printed and distributed, signs are placed in the yards of the homes involved, advertising is done - and then the public - sometimes 1000's over the course of three days - go from house to house SHOPPING.
It's quite the big to-do around here, and in a couple of other communities too.  I've got interior design experience, and LOVE to decorate - so getting my home ship-shape for VIEWING is a biggy for me.
I'm already obsessing about it - and am hoping for a little extra cash flow for new window treatments, pillows etc.  Because even though everyone is coming in for the craft items - you KNOW they'll be a-lookin' at my house - and my stuff!  It's gotta be perfect!  
Here's hoping you have a wonderful day!
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Most comments EVER!

20 as of just a minute ago!  That's the most ever - thanks to the Bead Soup Challenge.  Cool. 
I finally finished hopping when I got home and needed to destress from the Market today.  I did OK.  Not great.  But way better than the 3 bucks I made at June's Market.  The internet cooperated today, too, thank goodness, so I made it through to the end of the hop in record time.

Here are a couple of photos from my market table display.  I know I spend a lot of time on display and presentation compared to some of the others - but it's worth it, I think.  I had a customer tell me today that my table was the prettiest, shucks.  Are you sure you don't wanna BUY something?  lol

I love my newly teal painted display piece.  I will totally use it way more now.  Makes that table POP!  PLUS the new peacock BOX I found - standing up, with the feathers captured in the fold, holding a necklace that matches the top knot on the queen herself.  Really made a statement, AND...I made an elderly woman go all teary eyed.  She saw the peacock feathers and reminisced about her parents and her parents parents raising peacocks on their farm.  I was going to give her one of the feather bunches - but I lost her in the crowd.  She said she enjoyed my display, too....sniff. sniff.

Busy week this week - beading date, maybe TWO, hope to hear about whether or not I got the job I interviewed for, store hours, book club hours, MUST make time for both Mom hours and Sandy hours.   Hoooo boy.  Summer is almost DONE!  Where did it GO!?!
Hope you enjoyed the hop as much as I did.  I think this 3rd one was my favorite - so much creative use of beads this time - I think my favorite was the KUMIHIMO CHIPS lariat!  AWESOME!
And the curtain rings for the artists new home were a creative genius too!
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bon Appetit! A four-course reveal!

Welcome to the 3rd and final Bead Soup Blog Challenge Jewelry Reveal!  I hope you all haven’t gorged yourselves completely on the other two reveals – because saving this one for last will certainly be the icing on the cake!

First off, THE SOUP.   This is what I received from *Sally Bohner Anderson of Wild Sally Road:

A very pretty package – full of polka dots and FUN surprises!  I tried to use everything – but did have a few items left when done.  I still managed to cook up 4 designs, so no more teasing!  I call tell your mouth is watering!

This is the appetizer:  Earrings that MATCH the main course – it didn’t take long at all to come up with these once I had finished the big reveal piece.  As you can see – we’re doing seafood…well, sort of….
Next up – the salad – a fun bracelet full of the turquoise nuggets received from Sally, as well as a few added antique brass finish metal items of my own.   This is called ‘Bally Bronze’.  It compliments the beachy sea theme – but could be worn for any occasion or season….
And here is the MAIN COURSE.  The meat and potatoes of the reveal.  I call it “Stars of the Sea”:

The focal that Sally sent is the big silver sand dollar that is embellished with seed beads, and a lovely glass seahorse from my personal stash.  I have also used the clasp in this piece, but because it was soooo beautiful, couldn’t bring myself to hide it in the back.  It is a wonderful drusy box clasp, and it adorns the left side of the piece, while a trail of seed bead bubbles and small real shells accent the rest.  Add a Green Girl Studios starfish, as well as a Swarovski crystal one, along with the square beads from Sally’s treasures and it truly is the STARRING dish.  
And last but not least, I hope you saved room for dessert!  This was actually the FIRST thing I designed for the reveal, and I plan to keep this one to wear with practically everything!  It’s a fun, chunky chain bracelet called “Wild Summer”:

Practically everything in this bracelet but the rings, the clasp and the chain came from the stash Sally sent me. 
There.  Now that you’ve consumed that wonderful  four course feast – time to feast your eyes on the rest of the reveals!
*Some of you may have already visited Sally’s site.  Unfortunately, Sally had some sad and tragic events happen in her life recently, so she was unable to complete her part of the Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  This is a photo of what I sent her.  I hope she is able to make something beautiful with them someday:
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fingers crossed and appetites ready

Ok you guys.  Because our wonderful internet provider is giving us spotty service again today - my husband suggested that I get the reveal thing ready and scheduled, so that if I realize at midnight that we are indeed down again (I may have to hunt them down and do some unspeakable things should that happen) I will only have to go as far as the Mickey D's on the corner, and do the publishing myself.
So.  Cross your fingers.  It's done.  It's 'published' and it's scheduled.  YAY!  I can't wait for you all - and especially YOU, Sally, to see what I've created. 
I hope everyone has fun for the 3rd and final reveal tomorrow.  Lori Anderson - You ROCK our world.  This is an extraordinary task, and one that I know would send me over the edge - before I even had time to bead it.  I bow to you, oh master of the soup challenge....
Quiet afternoon in order.  Have a library book to finish, a new project to start, display pieces to paint (it's all Patti Gasparino of My Life Under the Bus's fault!) and just a day to relax and enjoy.  Ahhhhh....
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are you getting hungry?

It's almost time for the SOUP!   Tomorrow night at midnight those of us participating in the 3rd and final Bead Soup Blog Challenge of 2012 FINALLY get to reveal!  I can't wait - because I've been wanting to WEAR a few of my pieces - and although it probably wouldn't have been a problem- it would be just my luck to run into someone, or be in a situation where someone would photograph me wearing them - and then post it - resulting in an early reveal!  I couldn't take that chance!  All the waiting is almost done....
And speaking of waiting....I'm waiting to hear from THREE different people about THREE different aspects of my life - I'm waiting for people to get back to me regarding sponsorships of the holiday show.  It's so affordable - just $45 to put them on the back of the 1,000's of brochures AND on the website, as well as various print ads.  But for some reason they're hesitating.  Also waiting to hear from one more vendor who is in need of a home to sell his wares for the show.  He stopped by to check out my space yesterday (less than 5 minutes notice did not give me time to even do the dishes in the sink).  He said he would 'let me know'.  Yeah, while you're thinking about it, buddy - I've got a deadline to meet.  If the paperwork gets turned in without your description - I guess that's your fault and not mine. 
And last but not least - I'm WAITING to hear from the Capital Area District Library regarding whether or not I got the job I interviewed for yesterday.  It sounds like a fun job, and it's just 10 hours a week - something I can handle, not too overwhelming, still leaves time for the bookstore, and most importantly - for beading.  I hope to hear from ALL of them by Tuesday.  If not - checks and money are being delivered, and life is going on.  Period. Dot.  End of story.
And - if you have been a Facebook friend, and are prone to sharing photos and quote after quote after quote - I probably just unfriended you today. Out of the 10 or 20 and sometimes MORE that were being posted one right after the other - I agreed with, and felt I could LIKE only 1 or sometimes 2.  Give it a rest.   It's akin to spamming my email box with junk - and I hated it.  Sorry. 
So anyway - be sure to stop back again tomorrow night after midnight.  Soup will then be served....
Until then - I CAN reveal "Oasis".  Finally done.   Ready for selling.  $90.00.  I can list it on Etsy as reserved if you're me by email ASAP, because I also plan to reveal it at the Marketplace on Sunday....

Pretty cool, eh? 
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MidDAY at the Oasis

Here's the progress:

From bare beginnings....

One hour in....
 Day two - after about another hour:
About three hours of work.  Ready for backing, edging and strap.  And a frog.  And another gecko.

So far.  So good.  May be Thursday before I am able to return to it.  I hope the flow of energy and direction it was taking remains until then....
Music night at Eastwood.  A little beach music - Carribean soul.  mmmm........too bad there will be no sand for my toes or little umbrella for my water bottle...
Peaceful beading,

Monday, August 20, 2012

Picture perfect

I cannot believe that I actually took this photograph myself.

Isn't it gorgeous?  My little Sony Cybershot does killer outdoor photos, and great Macro stills.  I even posted this one on Pinterest - and others are repinning!  I had to do a little research - but near as I can tell - this is an Eastern Zebra Swallowtail.  COOL. 
I basically took the weekend OFF from beading, not really intentionally, but I just happened to not have anything else going on, and a husband that wanted to go, go, GO.  So I went, went, WENT with him.  :0)  I'm glad I decided to take the camera.  Got some beautiful nature shots, as well as some cute shots of the dogs chasing a duck decoy on a rope.  They DO retrieve, that's for sure.

Aren't they cute?  They're besties.  Zeus just doesn't like to admit it! LOL!

Off I go to begin "Oasis".  That's the one I've chosen, and I've had many ideas for it pop into my head in the course of the days errand running.  Sometimes I do my best thinking while driving.  Hasn't 'steered' me wrong yet!
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Having just been browsing through my Facebook status updates and fan pages, I came across a link to someone's blog that was giving people IDEAS to use for writing their blogs.  It just kind of struck me as funny.  I ASSUMED (my bad) that in most cases, people who blogged already HAD a penchant for writing, and making their thoughts and feelings known, and were willing to let the general public in on their worst thoughts and fears - or at least their worst recipes or beading projects.  Well. I obviously have NO PROBLEM finding something to blog (aka babble) about.  Trivial.  Unimportant.  Probably boring to most.  But their my words, and I'll babble with them if I want to.
So there.

Just felt the need to put that out there.  For some reason. 

Here's a pretty photo from garden earlier this year.  I'm already starting to see and feel the changes that fall will bring - my beautiful morning glory vine is fading, and getting spindly - at the end of it's bloom.  The marigolds, however - are popping out everywhere - their orange and yellow faces smiling rain or shine.  I hope to add a few buckets of mums here and there.  And then the leaves will begin to fall, and then well....let's just enjoy summer a bit longer, shall we?

And actually - this was the Sweet Pea back in June.  We just noticed yesterday, that it doing a second bloom - so this is what it looks like right now, pretty much too.  See, still holding on to summer.
Now if we could just get those tomatoes to get ripe! 

The welcome fairy.  She greets us as we begin to walk the path.  I believe she may be the fairy that left the quarter behind the flower pot sometime in the last day or two.  How else does a quarter end up in the garden?  ;0)
Peaceful beading,

Darkness befalls me

Not necessarily in my mood - although I've gone there a few times in recent weeks for a day or so, but no - this time - it's my HAIR.  My NORMAL color is a rather mousy brown.  I have GREAT hair as far as curl, and body, and thickness - every stylist I've ever gone to has complimented me on my hair.  I consider it one of my best features.  But the color usually needs a little help.  Especially once the gray started setting in around the edges.  I USUALLY go more toward red - seeing how I have a dad, and two brothers with carrot top red hair, it seemed a natural choice.  But this time, something said - go dark.  So instead of Sangria - I chose Nutmeg.  A deep dark brownish black.  Not quite Goth - but way darker than usual.  I've changed my Facebook profile photo to me with my new 'do.  What do you think?

Not real wild about photos of myself - I generally tend to stay out of as many as possible.  But sometimes - it's all about me!  me!  ME!  LOL!
And thanks to the girls who've chimed in about my next project so far.  I AM veering toward
Fade to Fall -

 but won't have any bead time until tomorrow at least, anyway - so I'll wait and see if there is any more input before I decide.
I guess to day is "'rent Day" is in visiting the PARENTS on BOTH sides.  First mine - then his.
Yippee skippee.
Peaceful beading, it's a beautiful day,

Friday, August 17, 2012

New project - which would YOU pick?

 As many of you have seen in previous photos - I have stacking drawers FULL of projects to start.  Full of eventual jewelry.  And that's because, unlike many beaders, one of my FAVORITE parts of the project is choosing the colors, and shades and accents that will eventually make it something unique and beautiful.  My PROBLEM - if you can call it that - is that I've got so many projects picked - that I can't decide which one to do next!  So - I'm going to let you help.  Below are project One - which I think is already named Fade to Fall, and project Two - which also named itself during the matching project - Oasis.    Which one should I do next?  MOST VOTES is the one!

Project One - Fade to Fall

Project Two - Oasis

I'll give ya a day or two while I'm doing some much needed non-bead, boring housework, and then I'll be ready to begin!
Happy picking and peaceful beading,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Introducing....Bohemian Rhapsody

Sometimes 'sleeping on it' really does pay off.  I was ONE strand away from finishing this last night, and I was just too hungry and too tired to continue.  If I HAD, though - I don't think it would have turned out quite like this.  The idea for the little 'fringes' sprouted only as I began to string the third strand of beads - I had to stop a few beads in and create a few, just to see how I felt about it.  Well.
I felt GREAT!  I used just the right gauge of head pins (fancy, with the little ball on the bottom) to not only be able to string on size 15's, but to also curve them just a bit - just ENOUGH to give it the right, well,  ooomph.  Once again - asymmetrical.  I can't seem to stop that flow - not sure I want to.  The necklace I just did for my mom was symmetrical - so I know I can still do it.  Asymmetrical is just more -  arty. 
And as far as the color combo, as I mentioned yesterday - the deep, dark blue is not usually a color that you see paired with turquoise; someone had mis-hung the turquoise pendant in amongst all those deep dark blues at JoAnn - hello design idea! (Or maybe it was clever marketing on their part).   Plus I added the extra pop of the bright green Chrysoprase.  So the color way is unusual.  The piece is unusual.  I myself - am unusual.  I like it that way!
Off for another day at Coyote.  Today may be a bit somber.  Our first meeting of the Abraham group since the passing of one of the members daughter and grand-son.  I'm sure we'll be doing a special meditation, and prayer, and probably lots of crying.  I still put mascara on.  I'm hopeful it will STAY on.... ;0)
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The magic bracelet

I've been meaning to blog about this - and finally remembered to take a photograph today.
This is a bracelet that I made about 4 or 5 years ago - An embellished herringbone.  As you can see - the original bracelet is white, with embellishments of an odd size seed bead I found at one of the LBS'es - I think they're like a size 14 galvanized hex, or something like that.
Anyway - this is what it looked like brand new:

After having it in the shop inventory for awhile, and then at a few shows, I decided I would keep it for myself, but because I don't wear white a whole lot - it kinda got pushed around and buried in the box I was using for bracelets.
Fast forward to this summer, when I suddenly had the perfect outfit with which to wear a white embellished herringbone bracelet.
Only NOW - now it's taken on a new look - like magic:

 I'm assuming that the galvanized gold "tarnished", but how it managed to tarnish in several different colors is a mystery to me.  Probably not to a science nerd - but it is to me.  I actually like it much better THIS way - the colors really pop against the tan I've gotten this summer, and I've been wearing it quite a bit.
So there you have it.  My magic bracelet.    ;0)
Working on something totally new and different today.  While shopping for Mom's all white beads yesterday, I came across a very cool turquoise focal, and some accent beads to go along.   The colors that I'm pairing with the turquoise focal are not typical - they just happened to be hanging right next to it - and I decided I kinda liked them together.  You'll have to let me know if you agree when I finally get a finished photo posted.
Peaceful beading,

Did I say relaxed? NOT

So much for a fairly relaxed week.  Once again my schedule is filled with unplanned bookstore hours.  And as much as I was looking forward to the free time - I'm glad to work them so that those that WERE scheduled can be available to comfort my friend and her husband after the loss of their daughter and grand-son.  As well as the fact that on top of THAT - another store employee lost someone in THEIR family as well.   I hope this planetary meeting, shift, paradigm, whatever it IS - moves on soon.  We could all use the peace.
Shopping with mom yesterday was fun.  I wasn't impressed with the boutique I was told to check on, though, so didn't even introduce myself.  I think those girls are going to find out the hard way come holiday season (if they're there that long) that you can't just put $100 necklaces out on a free standing shelf, and not under glass.  It's going to walk away.  I wouldn't be comfortable having them display my work in that manner.  It needs a bit more security than that. I have my items out on a table - free standing so to speak - when I do shows - but I am right there, and can keep an eye on what's happening.  And still there's a rare occasion when something will disappear.  But in the mall - there's an even bigger chance - entryways in 2 directions (this store is right next to an exit door too), only one clerk, who wasn't really doing a good job of paying attention.  It just wasn't the right fit for me.  Cute store.  HIGH prices.  I wish them luck. 
The rest of the trip mainly consisted of bead shopping.  Mom had requested an "ALL WHITE" jewelry set, with NO pearl.  It's not as easy as it sounds, kids.  I've been shopping the various stores for the right beads - plain, opaque white is NOT an easy thing to find.  So we hit a different Hobby Lobby store than usual, as well as the BIG JoAnn superstore.  Finally hit the jackpot there.  Mom also got lucky at Hobby Lobby - there's a large metal decorative grate she's been wanting for a space on the outside of their summer home here in Michigan, and she could just never justify the price.  FINALLY.  50% off.  Could barely get that puppy in the HHR - but we did it.  It's going to pop on the front of their house.  Can't wait to see it. 
And as far as the all white jewelry.  I don't think it turned out half bad:

It's very MOM.  The necklace clasp is actually a hook and eye type with extra chain, so that she can adjust it for her outfits.  I bet she'll get a lot of use out of this down in Florida.
Busy next few days.  Hope I can get to the babbles.  If not....I bet you'll survive.  ;0)
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Changin' it up!

After hopping for the BSBC over the weekend, I realized that my cutesy curly Q background was waaaaay too widely used amongst the bloggers these days.  I needed something different.  I needed something easy to read, and easy to access the links.
So what you're seeing is what I THINK we're going to try living with for awhile.  I'm actually open to finding optional easily downloadable blog templates that are even more unique.  Blogger is so limited.  Blah.
Not too much else to blog about at the moment.  I'm grateful to each of you that chose to comment on rant blog - thank you.   I'll be off and about with my mom today, checking out another boutique consigment opportunity, lunching at Ruby Tuesdays, and a final shopping trip for the beads to complete her ALL WHITE ensemble.  Not as easy to find all white (but not pearl) as you might think.
So enjoy the changes - I hope it's easier to read, and therefore - makes you happy to keep coming back.
One more reveal teaser - then I promise you'll have to WAIT until the 25th:

Peaceful, easy beading, (and if that doesn't but the Eagles song in your head now, I don't know what will!)

Monday, August 13, 2012

If you don't like rants...stop here.

I'm not feeling my best today, so I guess the bitchiness is coming to the surface.  I hope that many of you that are visiting me are doing so in preparation and excitement over the Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  The final reveal is coming up in two weeks.  I have four pieces to reveal - and have HAD four pieces ready to reveal for weeks.  I could have entered the first reveal  (and this is where the rant starts - so I warned ya) - and I didn't just plop the focal on a rope and add the clasp to the back.  Honestly - I said this before and I will say it again - IF you know you're going to be too busy, have too many children, have too many commitments, and have a HABIT of being late for everything - then maybe the challenge isn't for you.  IF you aren't prepared to actually be challenged by what you receive, and choose to cop out and "just plop the focal on a rope and add the clasp to the back" - then maybe the challenge isn't for you.  Lori bends over backward and then some to put this all together, organize, keep it all straight - and then inevitably - there are those that seem to have only joined for the freebies. It's just plain RUDE.  Lots of you will be mad at me for saying that - but it's the sense that I get when I look at the piece you posted that holds NOTHING of what what sent but what was required.  That may be the rule - but it shouldn't be the NORM. And don't even get me started on those that still haven't posted for the second reveal at all - TWO days later.  So now that I've completely pissed you off - I also KNOW and realize that shit happens.  There are going to be unexpected circumstances beyond people's control that will keep them from the hop.  My OWN partner, Sally, has had to drop out due to serious personal loss, as well as family issues.  Her issues WERE issues.  Not just 'I didn't have the time' issues.  I'm not the only one ranting about this either, girls - I'm holding my tongue a bit over on the Facebook Bead Soup page over a comment from someone trying to justify not following through with their commitment. That's why I'm HERE.  I guess I just don't understand people not being honest and honoring the commitment they make to the challenge. 
ALL that being said - I finally completed the hop yesterday.  For the most part, there are some very beautiful, very unique, very awesome and CREATIVE challenge pieces out there.  Hurray and kudos and pats on the back to all of them.  I was not able to comment on as many as I had hoped - either google wouldn't let me, or wordpress wouldn't let me, or the chaptka's (or whatever the hell they're called) wouldn't let me.  DRATS.  But I was able to comment on those I loved the most - and have gotten replies back from most of those wonderfully creative people.    Wish I could have commented on all of them (well, ok, ALMOST all of them - there were a few exceptions, or you wouldn't be reading this rant).
Ok.  Enough of that.  I know I've probably made enemies of a few readers, and for that, I guess I'm sorry - but I do tend to speak my mind more and more these days - and usually in print form rather than verbally.    
Looking forward to a somewhat relaxed week - even though it still includes at least three trips (40 minutes round trip, give or take) to the bookstore.  I've never really worked anywhere (except my very first job) that was anywhere close to home.  Because of where my little 'burb is located, I'm about a 20-30 minute drive to pretty much anything interesting, as well any employment opportunities.  Plays hell on the gas mileage, especially at $4 a gallon.  I have gotten pretty good at running all my errands in one trip, let me tell ya.
If you're still here, and haven't completely abandoned me and mouth, THANK YOU!  It excites me everyday to see the viewer numbers grow and grow and GROW!  YAY!
Stop back soon - I'm trying to blog a little (or a lot!) everyday before the reveal date - and I've got lots of events coming up, so will have other topics (even beaded ones) to blog about. 
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The circle of life whispers in my ear again

I've always said that this blog is about more than beads - it's about life.  And today - it's about how grateful I am, that we really ALL should be, that we are HERE, we are, for all intents and purposes, happy and healthy, and able to enjoy each day as it comes.  It takes but just one second - one tragedy - to take it all away for some people, and it has once again whispered in my ear.  This tragedy has put life into perspective in so many ways - and it breaks my heart each time I hear the news (it's been in the newspaper and TV headlines last night and most of today).  It makes it even harder to hear about it when it involves someone that you KNOW.
A very good friend, and fellow Abraham group member, has tragically lost both her daughter and 6 month old grandson in a home accident.  What makes it even harder to fathom - is that this daughter was somewhat of care giving helper to my friend AND her husband - who are both blind.  The sense of loss must be absolutely overwhelming for them, and I have been at a loss for words about it until now.  My way of helping the situation today, was to work an unscheduled shift at the bookstore, so that those that had intended to work today, could actually tend to Janiele and her loss instead by administering hugs, and ears, and shoulders and Reiki treatments to help with the grieving process.  I plan to call and leave a consolatory message at some point, but what - HOW - do you do that when something this tragic happens?  So many unanswered questions (her daughter lost consciousness while carrying or cuddling the baby and fell - killing them both).
So once again - I devote this blog today to LIFE, and am sending lots of white light energy to my friend Janiele and her husband, Pat.  We feel your pain, and cry tears of sorrow for you both. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Soup - simmering - and back burnered

MY soup - a 4 course meal of scrumptious beady-ness - is complete.  It will be simmering and waiting to be served for the final reveal on August 25th. 
Sadly - my soup partner Sally Anderson has had a very sad death in the family, and is therefore unable to complete her soup piece at this time.  I'll be sure to post a photo of what I sent to her when I reveal - but she could really use some words of love and support and even encouragement from her fellow bead community.  Why not hop over to her blog (see the link above) and give her some love?  I'm sure she would appreciate it when she is finally able to get back to her beads and her blog again.
BUT - until reveal date - I've had fun creating with as much of what she sent me as I possibly could - while also creating Rebirth, THREE custom pieces and a two week bout of respiratory crap.  THAT'S why I chose the last reveal date - I just never know what's going to come up in between.  And I'm still done way before.  What can I say?  I'm good.   :0)

Here's a tease of the earrings that will match the main course:

Bet you can't wait to see the actual COLOR version.  They are pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
Enjoying a rare NO committment afternoon (just a craft show meeting in the evening).  Soup is done.  Rebirth's done.  Hmmm.  Which drawer of beading magic should I open next?

Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Finally.  A version I can live with.  Rebirth - Bone, Bronzite, Desert Jasper, Enhanced (white) Quartz, czech & Swarovski crystal, glass pearl, bugle beads, drop beads and countless seed beads.  $250.00.
I can reserve on Etsy for you so that payment can be made through PayPal - please comment or message me if you are interested.
Now on to complete more Bead Soup challenge pieces....still 3 weeks to reveal.....but, the SECOND reveal date is coming up THIS Saturday, August 11th (once again, I'll be out of town and unable to hop until late in the day-doh).  Head over to our fearless leader Lori Anderson's blog for the hop list.
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rebirth - still birthing

Well, crap.  That didn't work.  You may recall a few posts ago, I put up this photo of what I THOUGHT was the 99.9% complete Rebirth.  Just needed a clasp/closure solution.  Well - when all was said and done - it just wasn't right. 

The big cab sections just weren't laid out correctly.  My bad.  So the only thing that I could think of to do to correct it was:

Go back to, well, let's call it square 2.  Now I'm thinking I don't want ANY of of the large cabs added to the strap - maybe just the small ones (which were originally the snap closure).  I've added loops in 4 places across the top of the focal section - and that's where it remains for the moment.  I may have time to work on it today.  Maybe.    Today has been an Etsy listing day - lots of blue stuff loaded in the last few - the blue toned Turquoises, of Howlite, Magnasite and Jasper, as well as true.  If you haven't had a chance to check out my Etsy shop yet - click the link on the right - you may be pleasantly surprised!
Off to enjoy another beautiful Michigan summer day.  A trip to Coyote, a few errands - and another night of music outdoors at Eastwood.  Perfect.  Now if we could just get something done about the neighbors dogs....(see my FB posts for the details.  It's just maddening and sad all at the same time....)
Peaceful BARK free beading,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Missed it !

I've been keeping a close eye on my visitor counter - it was getting close to the 11, 100 mark - and as of just now, it's at 11,117.    I missed it!  But still - I think they are pretty impressive numbers for this babbling little blog. 
So what can I blog about today?  It's a fantastic day outside - but only enjoyed just a bit so far what with BEADING to do.  Spent the afternoon with my friend Sally, who's really just starting out in the design world - still mostly a stringer, trying to branch out - which is where I come in.  Wish I'd have taken a camera along with that plate of caramel pecan brownies!  She has created something quite unique for a mother of the bride, using an enamel flower, big chunky rose quartz, some pretty faceted garnets, lots of sparkly Swarovski crystal, and chain.   Very cute.  She loves it so much (and it looks so beautiful on her) that she is kinda hopin' her client doesn't like it - cuz she wants to keep it for herself!  LOL!  I think we've all been there, but at the same time - she's spent a lot of money trying to create the perfect necklace for this woman with special instructions (choker type to hide a scar), and she really needs to be paid for her time and creativity. 
It's going to be a busy week this week - bookstore hours, and last minute shopping for the little Jedi knight in our lives - Zachary!  Unbelievably, he turns SEVEN this week.  Time sure does fly.  His mom says he's into "everything" Star Wars - so shopping for him (ala Toys R Us) will be the highlight of Terry's week!

This is Zach and his dad at one of our previous family events.

I also had to "unbirth" Rebirth. That focal piece is just so huge - I couldn't get it to lay right with the other large cabs in the collar portion. So now I've got THREE extra yellow/brown/white cab portions to do something different with, and to come up with a plan for the neck strap portion of the original piece. Not sure I can do that today - I think Sally sucked all the creativity outta me! 
Looking forward to our trip to Zach's party on the west side (the LAKE SIDE) of the state on Saturday, though.  Crossing my fingers that I'll at least catch a glimpse of beautiful Lake Michigan again this summer.  My friends all keep posting beautiful Michigan vacation photos on Facebook - I long for a trip to Traverse or to the U.P.  So gorgeous up there, and I bet I could find some boutiques for selling opportunities, too.  Alas - don't see a trip liike that in the future.  Oh well.
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Not from me this time - but from Lori Anderson of Pretty Things - also known as the Bead Soup QUEEN!  Click the link, and comment to win some unique and fun beads from a shop in the UK!
You'll need to have time to create and review though, so keep that in mind if you're still brewing soup!
I'm off and about today for a fun day of farm market, Jazz Festival, and beads - not necessarily in that order.  But since there's a bead store on the same CORNER that the Jazz Festival is being held on, well - I think those will pretty much happen simultaneously! LOL!
Hope everyone is having a fun time creating beautiful soup jewelry.  I have a plan for yet a few more pieces - but am on a mission to complete "Rebirth" at some point today.  It's going to be a hot one - in the 90's - so (as my hubby walks into the room) we've just rescheduled our visit to the Jazz Festival until a little later in the afternoon - when there's a bit of shade on that street.  Veggie Market bound for sure, though...always a treat, especially if the Mediterranean Deli has Lemon Bars!  YUMMO!

Just another 'taste' of what I've cooked up....

Peaceful beading, and BREWING,

Friday, August 3, 2012

No comment!

I'm not sure how these mystery changes happen sometimes, but while surfing and clicking through the options on my blog site, I discovered that the ALWAYS moderate button had somehow been chosen - and that NO ONES comments were being posted!  SO SORRY GIRLS!  And here I was thinkin' you weren't showin' me the love!  There were several comments, and all very nice ones, at that.  I've changed my settings - and hope that now when you all post a comment - it will actually POST! 
So glad I finally have internet again.  It's like being without an appendage when you use it for business communication.  Even if it just entails Facebook postings - those postings are going to many, many contacts of all kinds.  I can't afford to lose any of you.  PLUS - it's back just in the nick of time for insomnia surfing...  :0)
Happy Friday, everyone.  It will be a busy few days for me as this is my week for Coyote hours.  Let's hope it's just busy enough, but not so crazy that I'm overwhelmed.  People do like them some rocks....  lol.
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rebirth is almost born

Just having trouble with the closure section.  I had spent all day yesterday creating a simple, 2 bead peyote strap like what Rachel Nelson Smith taught me a couple weeks ago.  Alas - it just didn't look right when I got it close to the proper length.  So back to the bead drawing board for the back portion.  Any suggestions?

I may have to come up with a couple more smaller size cabs and create a cab closure with snaps.  Still not quite sure where or how she'll be making her debut - on me or on display at my next market.  Not an inexpensive piece, though - I have a habit of creating detail heavy (aka expensive) pieces.  It's just how I roll....I wish I could rock out a sale!  This one's gonna be around $250.00....
Peaceful beading,

Back to normal?

If there is any such thing as normal around here - we've at least got Internet again.  Cross your fingers that we keep it longer than a few hours this time.  It did give me the opportunity, though, to change the blog around as I posted that I would.  Back to the orange and the swirlies again - I got many comments from folks who really liked this layout.  I added a few gadgets, and brightened things up.  Mostly, I moved around the Blog Hop and Etsy links - so scroll down to find the blog hop info.  I want my Etsy links up front and first - beginning today, there will be many more items added.  I added just a few this afternoon during the internet test.  Look for a few more tomorrow, and so on, and so on.  I'm adding semi precious strands, bags, mixes, pendants - you name it.  I've still got quite an abundant inventory from the store, and while I would like to still open somewhere again in the future, selling beads is a priority too.  I can always buy more (oh, give me a reason) in the future....
Here is that photo of my newly organized jewelry wall.  SOOOOOO much easier to get dressed and coordinate now.  I have 4 trays of bracelets now, instead of ONE.  It was always so fun (and so good for the bracelets) to dig through them to find what I wanted.  So much easier now.  And the necklaces, while there are still 2 or 3 on a hook - don't tangle and twist as easy as they did when there were 10 or 12 on a hook.  AND I have light.  What a concept!  It took me about 2 1/2 days to do this.  I am actually not embarrassed for people to see my stuff anymore!  I can keep the door open!

So much better.  And I'm utilizing some of my display items from the store, instead of storing them in the basement - which helps me and makes my hubby happy.  Bonus!
I hope the new blog layout is pleasing.  I want my blog to be a happy place.  But hey - over 11,000 visitors can't be wrong!  I LOVE IT!  Keep coming back!
Photos soon of "Rebirth".  It is in the finishing stages - just trying to come up with a layout and clasp, so I can hook it all together.  It is quite the statement piece.
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still down - but not out

Still dealing with those internet issues - still no home internet.  Not sure what the next step will be, but somethin's gotta give.  Most importantly, because of the Blog Hop!  I'm gonna need to post that baby at midnight - and what coffee shop is gonna let me in to do THAT!?!  I realize it's a month away, but at this point - it seems as though a solution is that far away too.  Very frustrating - but I'll tell ya - it is SORT OF a blessing in disguise.  So much more time to do other things - I've read THREE books since this thing started on Thursday, and reorganized my entire closet space (photos soon).  It also forces me to get dressed and actually leave the house, which also forces me to get things done that ordinarily wouldn't be.  But it can't go on forever.  I need internet access at HOME.  We're also losing out on our Netflix subscription - no wireless connection - no Netflix.  NO SONS OF ANARCHY.  Horrors!
So having this time of no internet at home has also given me thinking time - and I've decided that rather than KILL my Etsy site again, what with the blog hop getting ready to bring so many faces to my spaces - I'm ramping up the listings instead - once I get the home internet working again.   I may have to do all the photos, cropping, organizing, and make notes at home, and then schlep it all to the coffee shop or the library two or three times a DAY, just to list those puppies (well, in this case, beads) but I'm gonna give it a shot.    The photos began today - I can work on the cropping without internet.  The rest is up to TDS (our provider) and the Universe.  Or Mercury.  Or whatever else may be causing this issue....
I'm also getting major messages in my head, and have a huge urge to seriously check on getting some sort of grant or funding, or financing - somehow - to actually open the brick and mortar store again.  I want my shop back.  I miss it.  I miss the peeps.  It's a thought that pops into my head several times a day - and I'm listening.  Keeping my eyes, ears and heart open to suggestions and ideas....maybe someday....
So in celebration of the big hop coming my way, and the bigger, better Etsy shop - look for this blog site to take on a new look.  I plan to change it up a little bit - and make it an even happier experience (if that's possible! LOL!)   It just takes one thing....HOME internet access. 
Peaceful beading,