Sunday, August 12, 2012

The circle of life whispers in my ear again

I've always said that this blog is about more than beads - it's about life.  And today - it's about how grateful I am, that we really ALL should be, that we are HERE, we are, for all intents and purposes, happy and healthy, and able to enjoy each day as it comes.  It takes but just one second - one tragedy - to take it all away for some people, and it has once again whispered in my ear.  This tragedy has put life into perspective in so many ways - and it breaks my heart each time I hear the news (it's been in the newspaper and TV headlines last night and most of today).  It makes it even harder to hear about it when it involves someone that you KNOW.
A very good friend, and fellow Abraham group member, has tragically lost both her daughter and 6 month old grandson in a home accident.  What makes it even harder to fathom - is that this daughter was somewhat of care giving helper to my friend AND her husband - who are both blind.  The sense of loss must be absolutely overwhelming for them, and I have been at a loss for words about it until now.  My way of helping the situation today, was to work an unscheduled shift at the bookstore, so that those that had intended to work today, could actually tend to Janiele and her loss instead by administering hugs, and ears, and shoulders and Reiki treatments to help with the grieving process.  I plan to call and leave a consolatory message at some point, but what - HOW - do you do that when something this tragic happens?  So many unanswered questions (her daughter lost consciousness while carrying or cuddling the baby and fell - killing them both).
So once again - I devote this blog today to LIFE, and am sending lots of white light energy to my friend Janiele and her husband, Pat.  We feel your pain, and cry tears of sorrow for you both. 

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