Monday, August 13, 2012

If you don't like rants...stop here.

I'm not feeling my best today, so I guess the bitchiness is coming to the surface.  I hope that many of you that are visiting me are doing so in preparation and excitement over the Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  The final reveal is coming up in two weeks.  I have four pieces to reveal - and have HAD four pieces ready to reveal for weeks.  I could have entered the first reveal  (and this is where the rant starts - so I warned ya) - and I didn't just plop the focal on a rope and add the clasp to the back.  Honestly - I said this before and I will say it again - IF you know you're going to be too busy, have too many children, have too many commitments, and have a HABIT of being late for everything - then maybe the challenge isn't for you.  IF you aren't prepared to actually be challenged by what you receive, and choose to cop out and "just plop the focal on a rope and add the clasp to the back" - then maybe the challenge isn't for you.  Lori bends over backward and then some to put this all together, organize, keep it all straight - and then inevitably - there are those that seem to have only joined for the freebies. It's just plain RUDE.  Lots of you will be mad at me for saying that - but it's the sense that I get when I look at the piece you posted that holds NOTHING of what what sent but what was required.  That may be the rule - but it shouldn't be the NORM. And don't even get me started on those that still haven't posted for the second reveal at all - TWO days later.  So now that I've completely pissed you off - I also KNOW and realize that shit happens.  There are going to be unexpected circumstances beyond people's control that will keep them from the hop.  My OWN partner, Sally, has had to drop out due to serious personal loss, as well as family issues.  Her issues WERE issues.  Not just 'I didn't have the time' issues.  I'm not the only one ranting about this either, girls - I'm holding my tongue a bit over on the Facebook Bead Soup page over a comment from someone trying to justify not following through with their commitment. That's why I'm HERE.  I guess I just don't understand people not being honest and honoring the commitment they make to the challenge. 
ALL that being said - I finally completed the hop yesterday.  For the most part, there are some very beautiful, very unique, very awesome and CREATIVE challenge pieces out there.  Hurray and kudos and pats on the back to all of them.  I was not able to comment on as many as I had hoped - either google wouldn't let me, or wordpress wouldn't let me, or the chaptka's (or whatever the hell they're called) wouldn't let me.  DRATS.  But I was able to comment on those I loved the most - and have gotten replies back from most of those wonderfully creative people.    Wish I could have commented on all of them (well, ok, ALMOST all of them - there were a few exceptions, or you wouldn't be reading this rant).
Ok.  Enough of that.  I know I've probably made enemies of a few readers, and for that, I guess I'm sorry - but I do tend to speak my mind more and more these days - and usually in print form rather than verbally.    
Looking forward to a somewhat relaxed week - even though it still includes at least three trips (40 minutes round trip, give or take) to the bookstore.  I've never really worked anywhere (except my very first job) that was anywhere close to home.  Because of where my little 'burb is located, I'm about a 20-30 minute drive to pretty much anything interesting, as well any employment opportunities.  Plays hell on the gas mileage, especially at $4 a gallon.  I have gotten pretty good at running all my errands in one trip, let me tell ya.
If you're still here, and haven't completely abandoned me and mouth, THANK YOU!  It excites me everyday to see the viewer numbers grow and grow and GROW!  YAY!
Stop back soon - I'm trying to blog a little (or a lot!) everyday before the reveal date - and I've got lots of events coming up, so will have other topics (even beaded ones) to blog about. 
Peaceful beading,


coolmoon said...

Checking to see if comments work.

coolmoon said...

Hey, whattaya know. They DO.

LoriF said...

Yes, they do :-)
I'm not generally a ranter...but I'm SO with you. I would be beyond disappointed and hurt if my partner were one of the ones who "couldn't be bothered". This time round, I'm behind getting back to my commenters as I've worked through the whole weekend...but I'll get there! And I so appreciate your comment on my post for the reveal. I was lucky to have a wonderfully creative partner as well. It's good when it's good. :-)

LoriF said...

PS Can't wait to see your pieces for the 3rd reveal!

coolmoon said...

Thanks, LoriF. I hesitated to rant about this again (I did so for last hop as well), but could tell from Facebook comments that others were becoming frustrated by the same issues. I'm SURE that Lori is paying attention - and that the BSBC will become a challenge for SERIOUS beaders at some point. Not sure I'll participate in it again - I'm an intermediate/advanced seed bead weaver with 20 years under my belt - so I think I may expect too much of some - but then again - when seeing what some people received as soup mix, compared to what they MADE with it - I had a reason to expect MORE.
Anyway - thanks again for posting a comment - I was having issues with approvals - and thought it was messed up again. I can't WAIT to finally reveal my pieces - especially the main one - the reveal is the day before my next big art fair - and I plan to reveal it THERE, too...
Peaceful beading...

KayzKreationz said...

I agree. I get tired of seeing just some rope/chain/leather with the focal and clasp. And also, tired of going to visit blogs and seeing nothing mentioned at all. Like they didn't even sign up. Not even a mention of why they didn't post/finish. I've got 2 of my pieces finished, but am hoping to get at least 2 more before the final reveal. I love this challenge and have found it has really inspired me to try so many different things. I'm just hoping my partner will be happy with what I accomplished with her wonderful soup.