Friday, August 3, 2012

No comment!

I'm not sure how these mystery changes happen sometimes, but while surfing and clicking through the options on my blog site, I discovered that the ALWAYS moderate button had somehow been chosen - and that NO ONES comments were being posted!  SO SORRY GIRLS!  And here I was thinkin' you weren't showin' me the love!  There were several comments, and all very nice ones, at that.  I've changed my settings - and hope that now when you all post a comment - it will actually POST! 
So glad I finally have internet again.  It's like being without an appendage when you use it for business communication.  Even if it just entails Facebook postings - those postings are going to many, many contacts of all kinds.  I can't afford to lose any of you.  PLUS - it's back just in the nick of time for insomnia surfing...  :0)
Happy Friday, everyone.  It will be a busy few days for me as this is my week for Coyote hours.  Let's hope it's just busy enough, but not so crazy that I'm overwhelmed.  People do like them some rocks....  lol.
Peaceful beading,

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