Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keep 'em coming!

The comments are still coming!  THANK YOU!  Loving the attention.  LOL (don't we all?) 
So what's your plan for this beautiful day?  I'm not sure I've got one - and I LOVE IT!  I haven't gotten a call from the bookstore owner YET (she'd called by this time yesterday), so I don't think I'll be filling in for her, and music nights are done for the summer. (Bummer - cuz it is another gorgeous day).  I MAY spend some time with my sorely neglected Mom.  She and I used to get together every Wednesday - but this year - things sort of got in the way.  So then we tried Tuesdays, but again - things got in the way, and the money's been tight.  It's no fun hangin' with your Mom if you can't do lunch and exploring (aka SPENDING!) now, is it?  I'll give her a call in a little while and see if we can plan the day.  BUT - if not - there are beads calling my name - and quite loudly, too!
Still no word on the job I interviewed for, either.  And after spending the day with one of the friends listed as a reference - I hear she's gotten no call.  So they didn't even check mine.  I guess that means - better luck next time.  I am sad and relieved all at the same time.  I really NEED a part time job, and I thought a library job would be perfect.  But in talking to one of my fellow vendors on Sunday, we discovered that the job I interviewed for is the job SHE used to do between high school and college - same branch and everything.   She loved it too - until her knees gave out after just 4 months.  The constant up and down to reach the top shelves was too much for her TINY frame.  I ALREADY have knee problems.  So I think they decided I wasn't up to the task, and now I need a new plan.....
which at the moment consists of manifesting big buyers at all of my fall and holiday shows.  I still have two in September (two days in a row), one in October, and then the big 3 day holiday show in November - which will be held here in my home.   I need to get busy creating holiday items, as well as inexpensive but unique and different items that people might like.  This show is what is called The Holt Holiday Sampler, and has been happening for 30 YEARS.  It works like this:  home owners who are willing (and a few churches) in the community invite friends and other vendors to sell craft items in their homes.  Sponsors are acquired, maps are printed and distributed, signs are placed in the yards of the homes involved, advertising is done - and then the public - sometimes 1000's over the course of three days - go from house to house SHOPPING.
It's quite the big to-do around here, and in a couple of other communities too.  I've got interior design experience, and LOVE to decorate - so getting my home ship-shape for VIEWING is a biggy for me.
I'm already obsessing about it - and am hoping for a little extra cash flow for new window treatments, pillows etc.  Because even though everyone is coming in for the craft items - you KNOW they'll be a-lookin' at my house - and my stuff!  It's gotta be perfect!  
Here's hoping you have a wonderful day!
Peaceful beading,

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