Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still down - but not out

Still dealing with those internet issues - still no home internet.  Not sure what the next step will be, but somethin's gotta give.  Most importantly, because of the Blog Hop!  I'm gonna need to post that baby at midnight - and what coffee shop is gonna let me in to do THAT!?!  I realize it's a month away, but at this point - it seems as though a solution is that far away too.  Very frustrating - but I'll tell ya - it is SORT OF a blessing in disguise.  So much more time to do other things - I've read THREE books since this thing started on Thursday, and reorganized my entire closet space (photos soon).  It also forces me to get dressed and actually leave the house, which also forces me to get things done that ordinarily wouldn't be.  But it can't go on forever.  I need internet access at HOME.  We're also losing out on our Netflix subscription - no wireless connection - no Netflix.  NO SONS OF ANARCHY.  Horrors!
So having this time of no internet at home has also given me thinking time - and I've decided that rather than KILL my Etsy site again, what with the blog hop getting ready to bring so many faces to my spaces - I'm ramping up the listings instead - once I get the home internet working again.   I may have to do all the photos, cropping, organizing, and make notes at home, and then schlep it all to the coffee shop or the library two or three times a DAY, just to list those puppies (well, in this case, beads) but I'm gonna give it a shot.    The photos began today - I can work on the cropping without internet.  The rest is up to TDS (our provider) and the Universe.  Or Mercury.  Or whatever else may be causing this issue....
I'm also getting major messages in my head, and have a huge urge to seriously check on getting some sort of grant or funding, or financing - somehow - to actually open the brick and mortar store again.  I want my shop back.  I miss it.  I miss the peeps.  It's a thought that pops into my head several times a day - and I'm listening.  Keeping my eyes, ears and heart open to suggestions and ideas....maybe someday....
So in celebration of the big hop coming my way, and the bigger, better Etsy shop - look for this blog site to take on a new look.  I plan to change it up a little bit - and make it an even happier experience (if that's possible! LOL!)   It just takes one thing....HOME internet access. 
Peaceful beading,

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