Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Changin' it up!

After hopping for the BSBC over the weekend, I realized that my cutesy curly Q background was waaaaay too widely used amongst the bloggers these days.  I needed something different.  I needed something easy to read, and easy to access the links.
So what you're seeing is what I THINK we're going to try living with for awhile.  I'm actually open to finding optional easily downloadable blog templates that are even more unique.  Blogger is so limited.  Blah.
Not too much else to blog about at the moment.  I'm grateful to each of you that chose to comment on rant blog - thank you.   I'll be off and about with my mom today, checking out another boutique consigment opportunity, lunching at Ruby Tuesdays, and a final shopping trip for the beads to complete her ALL WHITE ensemble.  Not as easy to find all white (but not pearl) as you might think.
So enjoy the changes - I hope it's easier to read, and therefore - makes you happy to keep coming back.
One more reveal teaser - then I promise you'll have to WAIT until the 25th:

Peaceful, easy beading, (and if that doesn't but the Eagles song in your head now, I don't know what will!)

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