Monday, August 6, 2012

Missed it !

I've been keeping a close eye on my visitor counter - it was getting close to the 11, 100 mark - and as of just now, it's at 11,117.    I missed it!  But still - I think they are pretty impressive numbers for this babbling little blog. 
So what can I blog about today?  It's a fantastic day outside - but only enjoyed just a bit so far what with BEADING to do.  Spent the afternoon with my friend Sally, who's really just starting out in the design world - still mostly a stringer, trying to branch out - which is where I come in.  Wish I'd have taken a camera along with that plate of caramel pecan brownies!  She has created something quite unique for a mother of the bride, using an enamel flower, big chunky rose quartz, some pretty faceted garnets, lots of sparkly Swarovski crystal, and chain.   Very cute.  She loves it so much (and it looks so beautiful on her) that she is kinda hopin' her client doesn't like it - cuz she wants to keep it for herself!  LOL!  I think we've all been there, but at the same time - she's spent a lot of money trying to create the perfect necklace for this woman with special instructions (choker type to hide a scar), and she really needs to be paid for her time and creativity. 
It's going to be a busy week this week - bookstore hours, and last minute shopping for the little Jedi knight in our lives - Zachary!  Unbelievably, he turns SEVEN this week.  Time sure does fly.  His mom says he's into "everything" Star Wars - so shopping for him (ala Toys R Us) will be the highlight of Terry's week!

This is Zach and his dad at one of our previous family events.

I also had to "unbirth" Rebirth. That focal piece is just so huge - I couldn't get it to lay right with the other large cabs in the collar portion. So now I've got THREE extra yellow/brown/white cab portions to do something different with, and to come up with a plan for the neck strap portion of the original piece. Not sure I can do that today - I think Sally sucked all the creativity outta me! 
Looking forward to our trip to Zach's party on the west side (the LAKE SIDE) of the state on Saturday, though.  Crossing my fingers that I'll at least catch a glimpse of beautiful Lake Michigan again this summer.  My friends all keep posting beautiful Michigan vacation photos on Facebook - I long for a trip to Traverse or to the U.P.  So gorgeous up there, and I bet I could find some boutiques for selling opportunities, too.  Alas - don't see a trip liike that in the future.  Oh well.
Peaceful beading,

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