Friday, August 24, 2012

Fingers crossed and appetites ready

Ok you guys.  Because our wonderful internet provider is giving us spotty service again today - my husband suggested that I get the reveal thing ready and scheduled, so that if I realize at midnight that we are indeed down again (I may have to hunt them down and do some unspeakable things should that happen) I will only have to go as far as the Mickey D's on the corner, and do the publishing myself.
So.  Cross your fingers.  It's done.  It's 'published' and it's scheduled.  YAY!  I can't wait for you all - and especially YOU, Sally, to see what I've created. 
I hope everyone has fun for the 3rd and final reveal tomorrow.  Lori Anderson - You ROCK our world.  This is an extraordinary task, and one that I know would send me over the edge - before I even had time to bead it.  I bow to you, oh master of the soup challenge....
Quiet afternoon in order.  Have a library book to finish, a new project to start, display pieces to paint (it's all Patti Gasparino of My Life Under the Bus's fault!) and just a day to relax and enjoy.  Ahhhhh....
Peaceful beading,


Sally Anderson said...

Oh, I'm so excited to see what you made. Can't wait. And this reminded me that your beads are still in the envelope right here next to my chair instead of wending their way back to you. Next week. I promise!

Sweet Freedom said...

The necklace is just stunning - what a statement piece! I love the starfish with the little face, and the clasp is so pretty. I wish I could see the sand dollar better - I bet it is gorgeous, too! Very nice work!